Does Our Government and Economy Have Your Mind is Traveling in Circles?

The world is not actually spinning any faster. You're just running on the outside of the spectrum. Turn towards the center, and you'll discover it's barely even spinning.

The world is not actually spinning any faster. You’re just running on the outside of the spectrum. Turn towards the center, and you’ll discover it’s barely even spinning.

It seems over the past two months I’m seeing a sharp increase concerning Government and the economy woes of the world come into culmination. Many of the DR escapes folks are expressing their views and feel things are soon about to break out to the negative. I can say with certainty that those feelings are accurate however when it breaks and to what extent still remains a mystery.

Personally I don’t think anyone can actually put a date and future occurrence together in one sentence and ensure any kind of accuracy. However I will say that the higher one flies, the harder one crashes. That statement holds true whether you’re speaking about the people the nations or their Governments. Let what’s mathematically impossible to avoid commence and rebuild from that point moving forward… there really is no other way. Since no amount of darkness can diminish the light of a single candle… in fact it only serves to amplify it then the only real question left unanswered is “how dark will it fist get before starting to correct”.

The western nations are really showing the signs of comming apart. Both on the inside as well as the outside. Stress is taking its toll and in a big way.

If you’re trying to make sense of all this you’ll end up driving yourself crazy. That’s exactly what they’re banking on and they’re doing a damn good job of it.

That could range from a mild economic adjustment to an all-out deflationary Mad Max scenario. But the universal laws are what they are you’d be well served to understand this will eventually pass and yield the darkness to a brighter light. When you’re feeling down and think things can’t get much worse it always helps to remember that “you can’t fall off the Floor”. From that perspective the only way one can move is up.

Some of the subjects our DR escapes family have mentioned are what follows. There are definitely tighter measures when trying to either transfer or move your metals from one nation to another. The general consensus is that anyone who still thinks that the US doesn’t exercise forms of currency control is just not willing to accept the facts and probably won’t till it’s too late. Secondly since last year several countries have added changes to their immigration procedures and modified some existing laws.

This appears to be nothing more than adding one or two more hoops to jump through in efforts to entice some applicants into saying “what’s the use anymore” and just give up. Trust me when I say it will do precisely that as many still feel it’s their right to be able to enter any other nation just because they were born in the so called land of the free.

What do I do NOW?

Account locked till further notice. What the hell am I supposed to NOW?

It’s become apparent now what was once a simple task has taken on a different image. For example wiring funds, into different nations is not as cut and dried as it was just a few months prior. This holds true for many nations and is not only limited to western nations. Ask anyone who lives in Spain, Italy of Portugal and listen to what they might have to say as their money is basically locked into their hosting country.

What about the mess currently happening over in Argentina? Citizens can’t even exchange Argentinean pesos to any other currency. They’re stuck and at the mercy of their Government. I’m also aware of the fact that everyone is tired of hearing about Cyprus but it does warrant mentioning one more time as this is coming to a theater near you sooner that you think. You’re already watching the previews of the coming attractions as I write this very post.

Ever increasing amounts of information required just to wire funds YOUR FUNDS! People’s discretions are being invaded at levels previously unheard of… transpiring this once simple to perform task and altering it dramatically. Consider relocating and possibly saving a portion of them now or risk confiscation later the choice is for at least the time being still yours.

For most I agree there’s not a thing to be concerned about as of course this is all being done in your best interest, RIGHT? Picture this, while your exercising your best attempts to remain composed at the service counter just to complete an electronic funds transfer. As you roll your eyes back in frustration while simultaneously those nine deadly words keep running through your mind… “I’m from the Government and I’m here to help”. My question is how does that make you feel? Do you begin questioning what living in the land of the free really means? You really ought to.

What the hell does security clearance mean. IT'S MY MONEY!!!

What the hell does HLS security clearance mean. IT’S MY DAMN MONEY!!!

Look beneath the false surface covering the US and you’ll soon find out currency controls in several forms already exist and have for some time now.  It’s considerably more difficult obtaining a tax I/D number on a self-directed IRA for the purchase of Real Estate in a foreign country. Whether it derives from restrictions of moving your metals or moving your currency makes no difference as these are all forms of currency control and the most important thing to consider here is it’s YOURS to begin with. Don’t fool yourself as this just might be the second most costly mistake you’ll ever commit. The first costliest mistake is and always will remain the same… which is owning a closed mind as that over time will cost you everything.

Just because Governments haven’t confiscated your pension or 401 YET doesn’t mean you’re not being check mated in a move by move master plan. I’m confident they’re saving the easiest items for last which obviously would be digital confiscation.  Digital funds will be by far the easiest to confiscate and replace with SDR’s or another form of a bond. It would be in your best interest to remember that these funds only exist in digital form and are nothing more that data entries on a spread sheet.

Checkmate: Who Has The Better Plan For Lifestyle

Only a few more moves remain and its game over for those still holding digital paper assets. CHECK MATE

While I’m a believer in real assets, assets that are in the form of land, PM’s anything that is actually real I don’t feel that having them in the US is the safest way to go. All who believe that the nation is heading into revolution and having your PM’s by your side will be your saving grace may be mistaken. Others will know and people will do anything to prevent themselves from watching their children suffer a slow painful death brought on by starvation.  The most God fearing noble man will turn into a raging lunatic long before he watches his family starve to death. The masses of people are still not listening when I mention that food is the commodity to be most concerned about.

While I’m a believer in the right to bear arms and feel everyone should have at least one weapon to defend their family don’t feel that’s a logical way to go for what lies ahead in most western nations. If you feel that you need to arm yourselves to the nines for a false sense of security the better question might be why would you even want to live that way?

How could you even consider placeing your children and family members in that kind of atmosphere? After working in an air conditioned office or performing your trade for the past ten to twenty years do you really think you’re going to transfer overnight into real survivalist? Really think with your head before your heart or it’s gonna get real ugly real.

The best place to view a war is from a good distance and after all who says anything has to be permanent. When this settles and is all is over with if you still feel the western nations are where you have to be then why not just return there. Nothing has to be permanent but remember this is NO prize fight in other words you don’t want box seats for this upcoming event.

One Of Two Best Places To View A War From. The Other Is From a Great Distance.

The Best Place To View any War Is From a safe Distance.

Perhaps some reader’s think your education or endeavors are what will secure you in revolution or all out madness? Perhaps it might but why not first do a bit of your own research and see how that fared out during past histories. I’m confident you’ll have a complete transformation of your thought pattern fast. Quickly you’ll come to find out the highly educated were some of the first martyrs to be made examples of. This holds true in almost all revolutions, wars and Government coos throughout history.

From the wealthiest nobles in Rome to the Jews in Europe. Examine citizens with the higher ranges of education and holding substantial amounts of assets. They were all made to be the primary martyrs as it sets a strong example for the rest of the population to fall into line. Besides who else have assets worth pillaging… certainly not the common person. Once again I mention “You’re assets quickly become your liabilities when a nation collapses” and your stuck in that nation.

Better Have All Three Parts Or You're In For a World Of Hurt

Better Have All Three legs securely in place Or You’re setting yourself and your family up For a World Of Hurt

You just might want to go back into the archives of DR Escapes and re-read the article titled “The pitfalls of a three legged stool”. Hopefully rereading it one more time might jog your thought pattern into really grasping what’s at stake here… because no matter how strong and well prepared two of the three legs are without the third solidly in place it still helplessly topples over. In the book of life you don’t want to be the one that’s heading up the chapter titled “Don’t let this happen to you”.

As hard as this will be for most to believe you still have and have always had the world in the palm of your hand. We all do but some how over time we’ve been convinced that we didn’t so most of us have lost the vision. Ask yourself this question… since we all live with Governments and economies why is it that some flourish while most fall apart and you’ll soon realize it’s all about your perception of the environment. Depressions do not kill wealth they merely transfer wealth the the few that took the correct precautions and acted accordingly.

Microscope or telescope, which has the grander view. Both lead to infinity.

You really do have the world in the palm of your hand. It’s up to you to live in such a manor and really believe it.

One of the most important questions we all have to face is the following: Do I live in a friendly or hostile universe? Depending on how you answer this question will be one of the strongest determining factors on how your life will flow. I hope you like your life but if you don’t I hope you have the courage to change it.

This is a world of form and ACTION. Until you gather the strength, courage whatever it takes for you to take ACTION to bring about the desired results nothing will change. So if your feeling that your mind is spinning in circles and traveling at Mach speed may I suggest you turn and head towards the center of this circle. Once there you’ll find out it’s barely spinning at all. Until next time this is Barry in DR.

The pitfalls of a three legged stool:

Chris P September 25, 2013 at 3:33 pm

Another good read Barry, but I wonder about the comment regarding owning at least one gun for protection. How do you transfer it to the island? Perhaps in a shipping container which I thought may have been the way to move there until you explained how little stuff is really needed to move like furniture etc. Just moving my cookware, electronics, clothes, and tools I may want to use there would not be feasible as far as I know…… let alone a gun and some ammo. Perhaps you could start a moving company which puts a few peoples belongings in one shipping container so we can share the expense? Then we could move some toys to the island too! A bike or motor scooter, wave runner or whatever you like could be there to use and or rent to others for a business on the beach.
My life has just changed drastically but perhaps in a good way in the long run for my best friend Whisky needed to be put down and I am now single and free to travel. I am interested in replacing her in the future with a very special Doberman bloodline( mine was wonderful and very much missed) which would be my best friend again but also my business on the side…… selling pre- trained personal protection Dobermans. Are there any on the island? My Whisky was a beach dog who never peed or pooped on the beach and swam like a lab! My dream is to have at least two that will be beach puppies as well and to be somewhere safe and comfortable to enjoy the freedom I got away with for 25 years …… now hard to do here because of laws restricting my freedom to do so because of idiots who do not train their dogs right. I pay property taxes here but can be fined up to 2000.00$ for having a dog on any public beach…. even on a leash without pooping or doing anything to disturb anyone!! Talk about unfair ….. just like our taxes and hydro rates getting totally out of control!
Regarding out talk about silver….. can you still bring in silver maples at face value to the island?
Hope to see you soon…….

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