Homeland Security and DR Customs to Keep Close Eye on Trade

This is what you're being told it's all about.

This is what you’re being told it’s all about.

The title says it all DHS and DR to keep close eye on trade. Ever wonder why so called intelligent people refuse to act on accurate information that comes without a price tag attached to it? I’ve often wondered about this. It’s always intrigued me, and soon after this thought commences follows one of my favorite words…WHY? Why is it that the above statement holds true almost 100% of the time? What drives these people to automatically react with thoughts that seem to mirror the pattern “free advice is generally worth the price”?

Perhaps EGO sets into place and for whatever reason they feel they’re beyond the need to pay attention to such advice? I really don’t know WHY but here’s something I do know. It’s going to cost most of them almost everything they’ve worked for their entire lives! Take that to the bank my friends but just don’t deposit it there… at least I wouldn’t but again that’s just more FREE ADVICE. It warrants repeating one more time. The costliest thing you will ever own is a closed mind. From your health to your wealth over time it will cost you everything of value.

This is what it's really all about

This is what it’s really all about

Every good magician knows that the hand is quicker than the eye. It’s what’s allowed  these tricks they’ve been playing on us for decades to succeed so well. All the while we just sit there and watch in bewilderment not even aware of what tricks are being pulled right in front of our own eyes. I’m hopping your illuminated enough to realize that there’s a powerful magician out there that I’m sad to say puts Houdini to shame. They’re so quick you can’t even see them move before their smoke and mirror act of illusion is done and over with. They’re actually already on their next trick before you’ve even started to figure out their last illusion.

Ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages introducing the most mysterious the most elusive the most crafty performance ever witnessed by all of humanity… introducing to one and only GREAT GOVERNMENT!   Watch in utter astonishment as possessions vanish before your very eyes. You won’t believe what you think you’re NOT seeing. What’s taken decades to acquire vanishes before your very eyes. Freedom once believed was present in all great Nations… Presto and it’s gone. Never before have audiences over the world had the opportunity to experience such magical illusion. So just sit back relax and enjoy the show.

Freedom, Assets, Lifestyle POOF It's GONE!!!

Freedom, Assets, Lifestyle POOF It’s GONE!!!

I realize you might be thinking I’m being a bit contentious… but really am I? See they’ve just pulled another rabbit out of their hat and your still sitting there eating your popcorn not even aware of their latest trick.  It’s a done deal, already finalized a couple days prior. TA DA… your accountant has just become your closest informant… and you’re paying him handsomely for doing it!!! Damn are these guys good or what? Look into it for yourself and see what you come up with. Post a comment if you’ve revealed anything you feel might be worth something to others. Time for our members to get involved because if were not willing to help each other this game is already over. As for me I just released more free information so I suppose it’s worth the price. On the other hand many others will some how feel better served paying thousands of dollars just to arrive at the same destination.

I’m going to jump into the next topic I want to cover in this post but before I do consider the following VERY CLOSELY!!! If you still think that you’ve got time on your side I would really think that one out again. Secondly consider the following scenario as there’s a strong point being made in its content.

Go ahead try getting back your fillet with out first sacrificing the ground beef. I wish you luck.

Go ahead try getting back your fillet with out first sacrificing the ground beef. I wish you luck.

Ever see a junk yard guard dog guarding a piece of raw meat? Try getting between him and that meat and see what happens. Just try to get him to release it and you’ll pay a price for being so imprudent. If you want to save that expensive fillet here’s what you must do instead. Throw a pound or two of some cheap ground beef 40 or 50 feet away from him and watch what follows. He’ll leave the quality meat and head for ground beef instantly. WHY? The dog only wants meat and gets confused by thinking I’ll lose out if I don’t grab it fast. Not thinking he can’t hold both pieces at once instead he just reacts. This is a very similar action with most people. Most people have been trained their whole life to be reactive and not proactive and with the events currently revealing themselves as they are those reactive behavior patterns will be a costly mistake.

See your forfeiting the ground beef on order to save the costlier meat the filet.  Where am I heading with this? If you haven’t figured it out already consider the ground beef a one-time tax hit and the fillet your portfolio. Your reactive behavior pattern to avoid a tax hit at all costs will end up costing you both halves in the long run. These are no ordinary events occurring. They not only must be viewed at but also dealt with from a different perspective or you’re going to get slaughtered.

Government Hypnotist "This Paper Has Value, This Paper Has Value"

Don’t take your eyes off the great magicians of the world these guys are good.

The greatest magicians know it and be sure their BANKING on it (sorry I just couldn’t resist). Pay the hamburger and relocate the fillet into another nation of choice preferably in a real asset as once the dog consumes the ground beef he’s coming back for the fillet. At that point in time you can no longer save the fillet either and you’ve just lost them both. Just something that history proved several times but explained in an alternative way so hopefully most will relate to the analogy.

Second subject: Yesterday I received an email yesterday for one of our readers. I always appreciate the time it takes for people to communicate. I only request that they please do it in the form of a comment on the site as it will reach many more people interested in this trending form of information. It had to do with a supposed bank holiday in Panama. The National Bank of Panama is closed until next Tuesday October 1st. While I’m not endorsing it’s accuracy as some of the comments have a sort of fear mongering flavor to them however it’s worth a read. If you’re interested go onto the actual banks web site and check it out for yourself. One comment stated that they did and translated it into English from September 20th that they will be closed on these dates and that the ATM service will be out for just the weekend. Still I’m posting the link at the bottom of this article for all to read and hopefully absorb it’s content.  Take from it whatever possible message you feel might be beneficial in coordinating your plans for the future.

Typical reaction It never seems to change.

Typical reaction It never seems to change.

I’m also posting another article from Dominican Today. Dominican Today is an everyday electronic news site for English speaking folks. The link is pasted at the bottom of the post.

It should be given the same consideration as all public news prints of today. However it does make a strong backup to my first reference point; If you still think that you’ve got time on your side I would really think that one out again. Just one more nail you could pound in your own coffin whenever you can squeeze the time into your busy schedule. Always blessings never losses. Until next time this is Barry in DR.


Chris P. November 25, 2013 at 5:48 pm

News flash : You cannot pay your bills at the Bank of Montreal with cash unless you deposit into your account first. I have been paying cash without deposit for over three years now and all of a sudden ( as of Nov ! , 2013 ) they will not do it anymore!
I was astonished and upset to be told this. If ever audited you have to account for every deposit or pay again, income taxes on all of it. I learned about this from a friend who was audited and it was a nightmare! Gifts, transfers of funds from one account to another, deposits for paying bills etc. all have to have the paper trail proved.
Is this a ploy by ??? to watch every move or is it the bank being lazy and just taking away another service we are used to or is it a norm to come to every bank in Canada?!
BTW , no problem paying bills with cash , no deposit at RBC with only their Visa card and proof of identification.

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