How to Share Difficult Information Without Losing Relationships

The one's you love will be the first to tune you out.

The one’s you love will be the first to tune you out.

One of the most difficult subjects to approach is how do you bring up the complex kind events that are currently taking place to others. It doesn’t make a difference whether it’s a spouse, relative, friend or co-worker it still seems to be the untouchable question. Personally I’ve been faced with this dilemma on several occasions and most of the time it’s ended in a stalemate at best. By the amount of questions received apparently it’s one of the most delicate subjects for my readers as well. Sure wish I knew about this site I stumbled on a few days past. I’m sure it would have saved at least some of these worthwhile relationships…and as far as some of the others… well truthfully I feel I’m better off without them. Toxicity is best taken in small doses if taken at all.

They come in all sizes and styles.

They come in all sizes and styles.

Has it been your experience that friends and family usually take your thoughts for granted especially when you mention such words as conspiracy theory, elitists or one world Government? Mention anything about such events as WW1, WW2, and Vietnam on how they possibly were started by deceiving the masses. Started by staged events and soon after you’re being handed a roll of Reynolds Wrap and told what to do with it?

Heaven forbid even mentioning what’s taking place in the Mediterranean countries and its game over ears shut… you’re a conspiracy theorist. Events dating back for decades… doesn’t matter still it falls on deaf ears. The US currently is involved in over 70 wars!!! Most of the people you care about, the ones you’re trying to shake up a bit for their own good just look at you and at best shrug their shoulders as if their asking… so what’s your point? AGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Take a bit of time and THINK. I say a BIT of time cause you no longer have the luxury to TAKE YOUR TIME. That my friend was over about a year ago. It's closing FAST NOW!!!

Take a bit of time and THINK. I say a BIT of time cause you no longer have the luxury to TAKE YOUR TIME. That my friend was over about a year ago. It’s closing FAST NOW!!!

Trust me when I say I know how you feel. Here’s a question I’d like you to ponder for a couple of minutes. If in 2013 if these folks are reacting to your thoughts the way they are… then try getting through to them back in 1984 when I first started to realize what’s taking place. You can’t imagine what ridicule I took back then when Detroit was motor city and Motown. Mom didn’t need to work and dad had benefits with a well-paying job at only 40 hours a week. The family could have even saved a fair amount on just one salary!!! Screw the Reynolds Wrap I was dodging baseball bats!!! Ah the good old days.

Recently while on the net I happen to come across this site and was quite impressed. Foster and Kimberly Gamble created and actually host the site. Part of the Proctor and Gamble family Foster was being groomed to fit into the role of upper echelon and might have actually even ended up in the political realm. Having grown up with the best of everything including graduating such prestigious institutes as Harvard something down inside of him just didn’t feel right. Having opportunities to meet with presidents and top executives he began to realize this is not the direction that he was intended to travel. His intention was cited for something much more important. That intention from what I feel is the aiding of humanity.

In the first of two YouTube’s is titled THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? (Official Movie).  I highly recommend that you take the time to gather the WHOLE family grab a few snacks and watch it together. In fact anyone that’s important to you should be watching this wonderful production. I guarantee it will make for one great family night at the movies and cannot over emphasize it may be one of the most important nights spent together ever!

The second YouTube is titled: How to share difficult information with friends without losing friendships. Some of the most valuable ideas I’ve heard to date on how to and even more important where to bring up these difficult subjects.  Without a doubt clearly shows the errors we’ve all been making when trying to inform family and friends. I can’t express how much I’ve learnt in a ten minute video as I’ve been making several of these mistakes myself. When explained in its context it seems obvious but unknowingly we’re all making these slip ups. If you want to get through to the ones you love you really need to watch this video.

In closing I want to leave you with a thought “never attempt to teach your wife to ski… higher the instructor”. WHY? Because she’ll listen to the instructor but she’ll argue with you. Trust me it’s true at least it was with my now ex. Why is it that if you tell someone the galaxy has 10 billion stars they‘ll believe you… but tell them that a bench has wet paint and they have to touch it??? Till next time this is Barry in DR.

How to share difficult information with friends without losing friendships:

(Official Movie) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?


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