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The Sun  is Always Shining Above the Clouds.

No Matter what Happens… The Sun is Always Shining Above the Clouds.

It is gratifying to know that we are making a difference down here.  The stories we get back from the expats that have discovered Cabrera and made a change to their lives have been nothing but inspiring.  Take this email I just received from Paul and Kathy, originally from Ohio.  Kathy has suffered from debilitating pain for several years and the traditional course of treatment seemed to offer little hope for any sustainable relief.  When they started to consider their options for retirement they discovered what we have to offer down here on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.   Along the way we were able to introduce them to a wholistic physician that we have recommended to many expats and locals alike.  As you will read in Paul’s email, things are looking brighter for Kathy than they have in years.  Whether it is a combination of a change in lifestyle, a change in perspective or just a change in approach to healthcare, we routinely hear similar stories from our expats.  This place really does offer hope for a brighter future for many expats.

Here is what Paul and Kathy had to say in their email:

Hi Barry

” It’s Paul from Ohio, Kathy and I just got back from the DR and With the Help of A Dr. Augusto found and had a visit with Dr. Franc.

Kathy is returning  to Costambar next Fri (11th) and will see Dr Franc daily starting the 14thy next week then leave Tues (22nd) Kathy’s spirits have picked up and she is very excited to hopefully end this three year hell. She wanted to call you but I don’t have your phone # any  more so..??. I told her I would email you and ask you to call  her if you have a minute. I’m sure she wants to thank you since if not for you this would never have come to pass and she would have spent ?? years in sever pain

From me there is also a heart felt THANK YOU. In situations like this words don’t/can’t convey the true feelings

Say Hello to Liane and hopefully next trip we can take you two to dinner and we could talk about that farm land you found

So Again Thank you 


From all of us at DR Escapes. It is our sincerest wish that you are happy with your life, but if you're not, that you acquire the strength to change it.

From all of us at DR Escapes. It is our sincerest wish that you are happy with your life, but if you’re not, that you acquire the strength to change it.

I know this kind of experience inspires me and I hope it will give you that little extra nudge to at least come explore our wonderful region.  Who knows, maybe you will find your life changing event down here too.

Perhaps, if you have been suffering from some form of chronic or debilitating condition we could introduce you to Dr. Franck too.  We have seen expats literally turn their lives around and undo years of suffering and ill health through his treatments.  Maybe there is something there for you to.

For now, it’s Barry in DR.

johnsteven October 7, 2013 at 5:33 pm

Just thought i would add to that.As someone who knows frank personally and some of the numerous people he has helped i can not agree more with what Barry is saying.
Also in the last week i have had to go on 2 occasions to private clinics for myself and my wife as we were both not well.Blood analysis,medication blood pressure analyisis and observation over a 4 hour period split over 2 days 85 dollars for both of us.jOHNSTEVEN

Barry October 8, 2013 at 10:58 am

Yea still amazes me to. Just had a friend have both of his kids fitted with braces came out to 690 USD and that was for BOTH!!!!

regis cooney October 8, 2013 at 12:39 pm


What happened to the Thrive information that you had posted it was very informative and up lifting!

Hope all is well.


Barry October 8, 2013 at 6:23 pm

Hi Regis, All is very well thanks for asking. Not sure what you mean about “what happened to the Thrive information” Just to be sure I went onto the post where I placed it and it’s there. I’m not sure I understand what you’re referring to. Please follow further up so I can assist. Thanks Buddy hope all is fine and you’re cooking on a high flame.

Dave October 9, 2013 at 7:31 am

This story is truly inspiring! I can’t wait to see the results of Kathy’s treatments with Dr. Franc. I keep hearing more and more stories about how good the healthcare system is in the DR…the private system anyway. It’s such a huge contrast to what we’re currently going through here in the US. Thanks for sharing. See you all soon.

Barry October 9, 2013 at 12:42 pm

We’ll be doing a video with Kathy. She will be talking about the whole experience. During the later part of her treatments we’ll be heading down to Costambar and meeting. See you soon

Denise October 14, 2013 at 3:49 am

Also as one who lives here and has an insurance plan, I really appreciate that if you do go with the private clinics or hospitals in the country, you get great care. Also, the process and costs are so transparent and so the system is more stable. As was discussed, no one knows what damage Obamacare will do to the the US healthcare system, but we do know the lack of transparency, insurance reform and lack of personal responsibility will continue to degrade the US health system.

I was pleasantly surprised at the comfort I feel in regards to medical options in the DR.

Randy Rode October 15, 2013 at 10:28 am

I have been a permanent resident of the Dominican Republic now for almost ten years, and I can attest to the fact that the medical care here is very good. I broke my arm a little more than two years ago, while out on the boat fishing with a charter, . I didn`t know it at the time, but I had a hairline fracture, and the strain of grabbing the leader on a big marlin was too much and snapped my humerus, and it wasn`t funny.
Upon arrival at the local clinic, I was attended to immediately, and my pain issues were dealt with, while I waited for a specialist to be brought in from another neighboring town. Fast-forward to major surgery, a four and a half hour operation to align the bones, it was a displaced , twisted fracture of the upper arm bone, the humerus, still not that funny! The post-operative care was excellent, with frequent visits to the orthopedic surgeon. During the operation he had placed a four inch long titanium bar and four screws over the break, eliminating the need for a full cast, something that would really have impacted my active lifestyle.
After a few months of physical therapy and care, I have recovered nearly 100% of the range of movement and practical use of my arm.
Here`s the real good part, the entire procedure came in at a fraction of what it would have been anywhere else, only a few thousand dollars!!
I was so happy with the way I was treated, that I decided to have the plate removed a year later, in another full-anesthetic operation of an hour and a half.
Right here in Cabrera, I didn`t even have to leave my own home town.
At our local clinic an office visit costs 500 pesos, which is only a bit more than $10.00 US. I have my cholesterol and other blood work checked twice a year for such a small fee, it hardly is worth mentioning the cost.
How has life on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic been for me personally? Besides the unfortunate breaking of my arm, which, thankfully has healed 100%…………….I am off my high blood pressure medicine, I have lowered my cholesterol by 100 points, that`s right… one hundred points, I have lost a significant amount of weight, my diet is more healthy than ever, and I even have health insurance, kind of closing the barn door after the horse escaped, but the arm episode made me think about having some medical coverage, so now a doctor`s visit is covered by my insurance.
All in all I am healthier and more stress-free than ever, what more could anyone ask for?
Capt. Randy Rode
North coast Sportfishing and B&B

Barry October 15, 2013 at 12:48 pm

Capt. Randy I remember when that happened. The perils of matching a medium size Captain with a large size marlin. I’m sure the people are going to enjoy the video were making about you and both businesses Dawn and you started. As expats you both prove what can be accomplished while living in the DR. Wishing you tight lines but from slightly smaller marlin’s :)be seeing both of you soon.

Randy Rode October 15, 2013 at 1:31 pm

Thanks Barry! Looking forward to the filming, we all have a story to tell……a success story! That`s the best kind.

kathy stahl October 19, 2013 at 9:26 pm

to my family barry and lieane,

i have no words in my heart that i can express at this moment to you. i am so filnled with love and gratitude, and thank you god. i hope my testimony reaches more than only one person who has suffered so like i have, and to know the end is coming. total recovery. i hope any husband or wife that is suffering, loves therie spouse, as much as my paulie loves me, is willing to go to any length to see their mate cured. for there is a cure. i know this to be true. my love for my husbaqnd is so , i love him more today than the day i married him. he is the most wonderful man in the world. and the greatest gift i can give him is for him to see me cured and well. i love you paul with all my soul. if anyone wants to email me, barry, please, give them my email or phone number so i can help them with more than a word of encouragement or hope. i am here to be a blessing to others so they know their is good news. love to all of you and see you soon, love , kathy stahl

kathy stahl October 22, 2013 at 6:04 pm

hello barry and liane,

today is oct 22, 2013. i am staying a couple of extra days for treatment with dr. franck.
he is now calling me kathy, the cathenator……….
i can walk, bend over, cross my legs, turn my neck, i have gained 6 pounds since being here. and the pain is subsiding each day.

i resigned from my job, they were not willing to let be off anymore time. my life is worth more than a few american dollars. i guess after almost 4yrs, people can still show their true colors. i am writing a book about my testimony and cures for so many sick nesses that people think they have to live with. not true.
so much will be in the book. i am taking another radical leap of faith and my best is yet to come. no more being a sheep. no more ba ba ba , i am going to roar like a lion, and soar like the eagle. pauls and our future, our best is yet to come, thanks to you, and the beautiful lianee being messengers from god, and for us being blessed to have you as our true, true friends. people that really care and you guys make a difference.

love to you both and see you soon.

kathy stahl

Dave October 24, 2013 at 7:53 am


I am amazed at what Dr Franck has been able to do. You have no idea how happy I am for you and Paul. I think a book is a great idea. Hopefully you can share more of your story while the book is being written. I don’t think I wanna wait that long 🙂

By the way…unemployed and healthy beats being miserable with a paycheck any day.

Barry October 29, 2013 at 1:43 am

Hi Kathy, Just finished the filming and now I’m back in Cabrera. When I interviewed you i myself couldn’t believe the difference. I was floored. Stay the course for good would have no value if you didn’t understand bad. Besides if it was easy everyone would be doing it. Stay in touch and all the videos should start appearing in about three weeks. FOOTNOTE: when we were filming at the new hospital in Cabarete as fate would have it a group of surgeons from the states were down here performing operations on the needy people. Watch for it on the video and see what they had to say about the medical system here. BETTER PERIOD but watch the video. Stay well and good luck with your book.

kathy October 28, 2013 at 5:30 pm

Hi Barry & Liane,

Well, im at home. I rested over the week end, pain was minimal, however Dr. Franck said there would be some. I have started putting together notes for my book.
Also, retaining an attorney in reference to the job scenario. I cannot wait to leave this country. NO MORE FREEDOM EXISTS HERE, AND ANYONE WHO THINKS WE ARE A DEMOCRACY NEEDS A REALITY BLAST…. IT IS VERY SAD. PEOPLE JUST DO NOT WANT TO HEAR OR LOOK AT WHAT IS GOING ON.


Barry October 29, 2013 at 1:49 am

That’s also what the US surgeons had to say. When a nation will not let them help people that can’t afford to get ripped off… well the writing’s already on the all isn’t it. They were amazed at the facilities and President Danilo has just announced that the DR is now going full steam ahead with fly in medical and wellness packages for the westerners. YEAH BABY!!

kathy stahl October 29, 2013 at 5:20 pm

Hi Barry,

Today is Tuesday, Oct 29, 2013. 1st day for a 5 minute walk, an I did it!!!!
My body feels bruised, however, no pain, no gain. was to be expected.
I have been sleeping thru the night, all night, for the 1st time in 3 years. I would always wake up with such pain, I would have to take a pain pill for relief, and wait for it to work. Now , still on 1 non narcotic pain a day, but sure beats where I was!!
I find each day, be it there is recovery pain , my body feels stronger, an I can feel
a difference.. Ordered the organic, pure aloe Vera to continue to eat, 2 times a day.
Eating no beef, which, by the way, when I was there, only ate chicken and fish. ITS AMAZING THE DIFFERENCE YOU FEEL AFTER 2 WEEKS OF NO BEEF!
Paul is looking for a bicycle for me to start riding each day. I am being so quiet, I’m as quiet as , alias MOUSE!!!! It is so important to do, what your doctor instructs you to do, otherwise, you are not going to get where you want to be, FULLY CURED, LOCKED AND LOADED, ARMED & DANGEROUS, READY TO ROLL. I am putting together notes on my book, working each day on it.
My best is yet to come. I want to jump up and down, but Dr. Franck would have my ass, literally, cannot do that just yet, however, in time I will….
We take for granted, little things, for example, laying in your bed on your back, stretching out, and feeling no pain. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I still cant believe I can do it. Getting in the shower, without bending over, one leg at a time. I can step in the tub now. AWESOME!!!! Being able to get out of the bed, with no pain. AWESOME!
OK, this all goes in the book, you have to wait for a copy. ha ha!!
Looks like we are looking at making the move earlier than I thought, my wonderful husband is now saying April 2014.
WELL, that’s an update for anyone who may be a non believer, that you can get cured with a mechanical problem with no DRUGS!! I KNOW, I DID, I AM, AND TOOK THE RADICAL LEAP OF FAITH!!!!
If you suffer by your hand, shame on you, when there is more than just HOPE, there is a way with a solution.

Love & Hugs to my D.R. family,
Kathy Stahl

Barry October 29, 2013 at 10:17 pm

Kuddos to you with all our love. We miss you and look forward to seeing you well and often. GO GIRL!!!!!!

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