Obamacare Savior – The French Point The Way – NOT

Obamacare... Someone has to pay - you cannot close your business now

Obamacare… Someone has to pay – you cannot close your business now

Hi guys, Barry in DR.  I have been watching all the hullabaloo about Obamacare in the US with great interest.  Of course it is absolutely true that Obamacare will drive healthcare costs for the companies and for individuals through the roof over the next few years.  Many Republicans and other rational people realize that businesses will react with cutbacks in workhours and positions to compensate for increased Obamacare costs, only fueling the downward spiral.  Some entrepreneurs will say “enough is enough” and simply shut their doors, especially if they are approaching retirement age, as so many of the baby boomers are.

But wait!  Maybe the French have found a solution!  It’s simple! Just make it ILLEGAL to shut down your business or retire.  Say WHAT?  That’s right, as you will read in today’s linked article on the Armstrong Economics blog, our friends in France have actually passed a law making it illegal for businesses to shut their doors in an ill-fated attempt to curb unemployment.  Heck, if it works for French unemployment, it will work for Obamacare cutbacks… RIGHT?

France Makes it Illegal to Close Your Company

Don’t you just love the nanny state and the evolution to full fledged socialism.

It is sick when you really think about this.  Healthcare used to be affordable in the US and Canada and European Countries in simpler times, before all the layers of bureaucracy and before all the social programs.  I am talking about affordable healthcare like many of the “third world countries” like the Dominican Republic still enjoy.   Procedures that can cost $40,000 to $100,000 in the US are available for $10,000 to $15,000 in the DR and other smaller countries.  Why do you think this is?  If YOU really had to pay for healthcare out of your own pocket and you knew it, which system would you choose?  If YOU were an employer having to actually pay the tab for these out of control healthcare costs…. would YOU seriously consider  shutting your doors as your profits slip away down the rabbit hole? Would YOU sit by and let the government tell you that you could not hang it up and shut the doors?

Plentiful bounty

Plentiful bounty of fresh organic fruits, vegetables, seafoods and meats

Business owners in major countries will increasingly be facing this kind of screwy bureaucratic meddling, and trust me…. many will be looking for a way out…. and I mean a way out of the whole screwy mess.  We are in the very early stages of a mass immigration out of the first world countries to countries with less intrusive and oppressive governments.  To countries where there is an abundance of all you need to live comfortably without all the overhead burden of government buried in debt.  To a country where healthcare is still affordable enough for you to actually pay the bill yourself if you want to.

For us that was the north coast of the Dominican Republic.  For you it may be here or somewhere else… but I do encourage you to start your investigation because doors are closing every day… who knows…. one day soon they may make it illegal for YOU to close your business or for YOU to move your assets or for YOU to leave.  I do encourage you to read our articles about 2nd passports.  You may find that a 2nd passport is your best insurance policy to freedom.

Thanking you all for a most intresting and exciting year. Barry in DR

Don’t just change your location, learn to change your life. If you can master this you win… if not you’re merely carting the same old baggage to another location. NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

For now, it is Barry in the DR.  Have a great day.

Denise October 8, 2013 at 3:54 am

Great article on Obamacare. What is really sad is that most people because of disinformation and propaganda really believe that it is good that at least they did something. Time will tell as it is already that more and more employers are not wanting to give full time employment because they don’t want to have to provide healthcare or get penalized. Just the tax on medical devices will slow the research and development, but people have such a hard time understanding that this is not about providing healthcare as much as it is about controlling the most amount of people possible.

Living in the DR, I really appreciate the transparency of costs for services. You know before you get anything done how much it will cost and who has to pay.

Thanks for the good work.

Barry October 8, 2013 at 6:26 pm

Denise, keep it up we’re shaking and waking, that’s what it’s all about.

Tom M. January 5, 2014 at 11:24 pm

Is it required to be a right winger to enjoy yourself in the expat community there? I find it so ironic that the majority of Americans are only able to move to Panama, DR, Costa Rica, etc. with their socialist social security checks.

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