What a Different World Nations Claiming Their Broke

Nations Are Finally starting to Admit They're BROKE. When it's in the Mass Medias The Gig is soon up. WHATS NEXT

Nations Are Finally starting to Admit They’re BROKE. When it’s in the Mass Medias The Gig is soon up. WHATS NEXT

What a different world we’re currently living in. Venture into the past, a mere 15 years prior and you’ll soon discover that almost nothing in today’s world functions the same. I’ll provide you with one of the many topics to consider. Use this as a for instance to better understand what I’m referring to. Broke Nations, since this fact can’t be concealed any longer nations are now coming out of the wood work and declaring that their broke. These nations are now looking for desperate options for their very survival.  As history has proven all too often desperate options soon become harsh realities and harsh realities never fall on the side of Government… instead they always land on the lap of the citizens.

What might be termed as a last ditch effort has taken a sharp angled turn towards the peoples assets. Taxes are no longer near enough revenue to support this fragile house of cards. Something is whispering in my ear louder and clearer that there’s a strong breeze right around the corner and when a strong breeze comes in contact with a house of cards we all know what follows.

Watch the Nation's Fuel Consumption

Watch the Nation’s Fuel Consumption

When I’m searching for truth and want to separate gossip from reality regarding a nation’s state of the economy here’s a good tip you may want to consider. Search fuel consumption, electricity usage and logistics. Then compare the results against the past couple of years.

Same With The Electric You Can't Use Less and Have Growth in a Nation. IMPOSSIBLE

Same With The Electric You Can’t Use Less and Have Growth in a Nation. IMPOSSIBLE

If for example if you discover that a nation’s consumption of these critical areas is declining then don’t pay attention to anything you’re hearing from the media. Oh yea almost forgot research volume consumed not value in dollars as prices fluctuate but measurement remains constant. A gallon is a gallon and a megawatt is a megawatt.

You Ain't Growin if the Cargo's Not Flowin!!!

You Ain’t Growin if the Cargo’s Not Flowin!!!

Also sea ports are another great way to get an accurate scope of a nation’s economy. This will vary depending on what nation or country you’re investigating. Since some countries are leaning more towards exporting (china) and others more to Importing (U.S.) you have to monitor both categories incoming Freight and outbound freight. Monitor amounts of freight both arriving and departing. Then same as the previous example compare it to several years prior.

Why do this? Simple, it’s impossible for a nation’s economy to be growing while at the same period of time its fuel consumption, electrical usage, logistics and sea freight are showing a declining trend compared to prior years. Don’t rely on GDP, employment and other various methods that Government tries to distribute.

For troubled Nations Offering one of these for Investors seems to be growing in Popularity.

For troubled Nations Offering one of these for Investors seems to be growing in Popularity.

Another area of interest that might slip by most people’s eyes but should be taken into consideration when trying to determine a nation’s economic health is Immigration perks for investment. Keep your eyes peeled for nations that start offering immigration incentives to invest. Immigration incentive is one key area suffering nation’s use to attract capital inflow. You’ll notice nations that are facing hard times change previously existing laws and start offering what appears to be attractive perks if you’re willing to invest enough into their nation. Don’t confuse this with nations that have had long standing policies dating back several years or even decades. Look around and soon you’ll come up with several nations recently announcing residencies and citizenships for investing. It’s a direct injection of cash dollars into a strapped system. Just something you might want to look for while you make your check list of possible locations.

One thing you may want to consider is this. When you start seeing the major media’s releasing articles of possible confiscation on a percentage basis then time is not on your side. That’s just one post-election plan the Government of the Euro Zone is considering. Why this announcement in the tabloids didn’t cause a major bank run is still beyond me but it does give you information if you’re willing to accept it. That information is this whole thing is farther along than most of us previously thought.

There is however an alternate choice. Why not consider moving back in time and enjoy another location. Consider scouting for a location where natural food is relatively easy to either find or grow on your own. Select a country where enough aquifers provide plenty of usable water for decades into the future. Consider looking at a country or nation where much of its water supply is gravity feed thus not relying on electricity. I would suggest that you consider a place where the climate is not a detrimental factor should a nationwide power grid failure occur. Consider looking for a nation that receives its fuel from sources other than the Mediterranean just in case the straights shut down for a while.

I’m offering only ideas you might want to consider. If you’ve seen the recent videos of the EBT card glitch and how the people are raging after only a couple of hours you getting the picture. Hell if these people aren’t even hungry yet… well you get the point and if not just wait a while and you’ll understand as we’re all right on track for where we’re going.


AMERICA EX-NAVY SEAL Says Government is Creating Conditions to Impose MARTIAL LAW!

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In these 40% plus people’s minds it up to the Government to feed them and their families. Talk about a slave mentality or what. I’ll repeat it one more time. At exactly the right time they’re ready to introduce martial law that food stamp program is the ticket. Close the EBT food stamps program and within a couple of hours it too late you’re stuck as martial law is put in place. Done, game set match it’s over.

Get Out From Under The Hand While You Still Can... I'm Telling Time is NOT ON YOUR SIDE.

Get Out From Under The Hand While You Still Can… I’m Telling you Time is NOT ON YOUR SIDE.

After that happens now you’re going NO WHERE!! So that you clearly understand what I’m telling you I mean crystal clear understand what I’m saying once this EBT program hits the iceberg FROM THAT POINT ON less than 24 hours later YOU my friend have only one choice left. NOW you just slide the W over because you’re NOW  HERE!! GET IT? At that point finally it hits your family like a ton of bricks… and when you NEED to exit this life-threatening total chaos brought on by the stampers guess what? All you get to do is slide that W right back over again… because you’re going NO WHERE!! GET IT!!! How much longer are you going to sheep out and take it? I’ll be out over the next 10 days filming several new videos. Be sure to watch for their release. Until next time this is Barry in DR.

Kevin S. October 16, 2013 at 4:12 am

Another excellent article Barry!

As one whom has been to the DR 3 times in the past months exploring my options, I can agree without hesitancy that the DR provides an incredibly positive option compared to the ever-increasing dangers of living here in the U.S.

It’s amazing to see just how fast things are unraveling. I’m encouraging others on a regular basis to immediately explore – and the DR is certainly one area worth exploring.

Kevin S.

Barry October 16, 2013 at 5:22 pm

Keep on helping others is what will come to eventually be our greatest path to success. I know the universal laws pertaining to attraction will be coming into you life… perhaps they already did????

johnsteven October 16, 2013 at 5:06 pm

Those who listened and understood the problem acted.In the late eighties and early ninties William cooper warned many of what was coming,The great Ron paul has been saying it for years too.This gonna get ugly.Already by the 1st of november there will be no money for veterans of war in the usa.5.1 million veterans if it continues.
It is disgusting that this shutdown is continuing but as we know this is the plan and those who are blind will not see the disaster which is coming

Barry October 16, 2013 at 5:41 pm

At one time I was really angry at some people’s low frequency responses to me being a coward for leaving the states. Not knowing it was over thirty years ago and even more surprising that I’m Canadian didn’t even enter their narrow little minds. Over the past year with meeting so many on our discovery tour have grown into changing my mind on how I view this. No longer do I feel anger toward them instead I FEEL SORRY FOR THEM. Many of the vets I’ve met are inflicted with serious injuries of all kinds but the most severe of all is still thinking with the HEART before first going through the HEAD. They’re all excellent folks but given the for-mentioned I now know if they knew what it was they were really sent to do… well I’d say after asking many of them would have made alternate choices. God will bless them as their hearts are pure… they simply forgot to ask that all important question I keep mentioning in my posts WHY. These good folks just forgot to ask why before REACTING to a regrettable decision. I don’t view what i did at all as being a coward but in fact going all out to assist these great folks is rather a noble deed. Anyone can criticize as words are a cheap commodity however action speaks volumes. Thanks to all who assist in our one little request of MAKING COMMENTS. You never know who you might shake loose from the fencepost called procrastination. HELP OTHERS or these bastards already won.
Sincere Thanks to you all

Carolina October 29, 2013 at 7:31 pm

Good article Barry!
After reading article like this one , I’m so glad that my husband and I decided to leave Canada with our two young sons to live here in the DR. Barry and his team are awesome, they really helped us relocate here. It was a smooth process, easier than I thought. People who wants to escape the madness needs to act now!

Thank you Barry and the DREscape team,

Barry October 29, 2013 at 10:12 pm

Thank you we love you and you’re whole family. Your restaurant in Cabrera has just raised the bar in Cabrera for every other restaurant. The food is GREAT and everyone needs to try it while in Cabrera. The relationship is just beginning. The smooth transition and you’re children’s happiness is our greatest gift. Please continue to help reach others.

Best always

Eric kentucky February 12, 2014 at 7:02 pm

Barry I am a war veteran seeing big time for change! I have sacrificed greatly for my country with no returns. I’m seeking life without our new ideology of the US. My goal is to heal from wounds of war with peace in mind. I’m skilled and educated in many aspects for a move to the DR. Need guidance! Thank you.

Barry February 12, 2014 at 11:15 pm

Eric, If so desired when ready reach me by email.

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