National Geographic’s American Blackout

When They Pull The Plug What Will You Do. What's Your Back Up Plan

When They Pull The Plug What Will You Do. What’s Your Back Up Plan

I’d like to bring your attention to National Geographic’s recently released American Blackout. For decades National Geographic has earned the reputation for nothing but the best when it comes to photography, videography and reaching the most unique themes. From all four corners of the globe National Geographic is considered top shelf and I concur. However I have a question I would like to pose to you regarding the story line used in the filming of American Blackout.

Do you believe that’s the way it will unfold in the end? Stop and ponder this question for a few minutes before continuing. I’m not even asking you to consider this docudrama was based on a TEN DAY PERIOD of TIME. In the end of the show do you really feel that’s the way it will play out? While some points of this docudrama I can come to an understanding with… others I can’t even when stretching my imagination to its limits.

I would like to go on record mentioning that it was a well assembled thought provoking production. Providing a sensitive to bring up yet serious subject that all families need to sit down discuss and provide a plan for. For me the most real to life and perhaps most important part of the broadcast were the scenes dealing with the well informed Prepper family. I’m asking you to pay close attention to the Prepper family in the documentary. While they were well set up for such a scenario it does go to prove a point I’ve made several times in prior posts. “Your assets will become you liabilities when an overpopulated nation starts to crumble.” What you need to be asking yourself right now is what will I do?

Exclusive Clip: American Blackout:”There’s Someone At The Fence They Want Food”

Obviously by the way we live I agree with prepping and stocking all of what’s necessary to survive but again pay attention to what played out for that family. Think yours will favor any better? Is your family even one twentieth as prepared as they were? They will come in great numbers and remember this was ONLY TEN DAYS imagine what two or three years might be like.

Many Who Have Not Prepared Will Become Violent and unpredictable. Are You Willing to Chance it With Your Family's Safety

Many Who Have Not Prepared Will Become Violent and unpredictable. Are You Willing to Chance it With Your Family’s Safety

While The Preppers were able to watch the many intruders from inside their bunker they were not able to do much of anything else in terms of securing their supplies. When the numbers of un-prepped armed folks started showing up witness what took place. I feel that was perhaps the most accurate part of the entire production. Quote from the American Blackout: Damn there’s too many of them. THEY FOUND OUR FUEL!! That’s going to cripple us. Damn that changes everything… there’s so many of them!

A couple of footnotes I’d like to make; you would have figured that such a well-informed person would have at least thought of being on night watch and sleeping during daylight hours. Obviously he has far more experience than his young son. Secondly he would have camouflaged the fuel tanks better possibly hidden below ground as we have. (Just a couple of notes that’s all.)

While I feel sorry for the other folks trapped in big cities and suburbs, it still boils down to, it was their choice. To my knowledge there had never yet been a violent revolution or war without its number of casualties. Don’t you be one of them! I have to say I’m very confident that almost all of my readers are already well past that point of awareness or you wouldn’t be in this site. At least I hope so.

All Over The Nation. Gangs will begin to merge. This Is No Longer About Turf Wars. If Anyone Understands This logic It's the Gangs. Seems funny that when needed gangs can put aside differences but we the higher frequency one's still can't

All Over The Nation. Gangs will begin to merge. This Is No Longer About Turf Wars. If Anyone Understands This logic It’s the Gangs. Seems funny that when needed gangs can put aside differences but we the higher frequency one’s still can’t

Below I’ve created a check type format of some of the reasons WHY we chose to live in the DR. Again I mention that several other countries can and will meet these same requirements. However none will offer the families we’ve meshed together to be an instant resource making your relocation as seamless as possible.

  •   Food; Food is plentiful throughout the entire region. Those of you who have visited us know this to be absolutely true. It’s either living or growing everywhere you look. Livestock is all free ranging and requires no feed, hay, or any other bundled food source to rely on. Fish is in abundance and caught by small wooden boats that are equipped with small sails so fuel is not mandatory.
  •  Water; Water is for the most part gravity feed in the areas we recommend you place your family. No electricity is needed and some might have to install a pressure regulator (as we did). City pressure runs approximately 45 PSI ours was coming over 55. Water sources come from up the mountains and the amount of pressure it builds is amazing.
  •  Aquifers; Just in case the region is located above several aquifers. Conservative figures places the amount available water (would need to be boiled) exceeding 150 years at present population. Note; would need electric pump for this. Recommend solar powered pump with cistern of minimum 8000 gallon capacity.
  •  Population; Sparse population in the entire region. Worst case scenario, taking into account the population of the three largest cities in the country Santo Domingo, Santiago and San Francisco de Marcoris. Close to 80%!!!! Of the people working in those cities have a relative who owns a farm or farmland. FOLKS THIS IS HUGE FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND!!! When TSHTF here, what do you think might be one of the first statements family members would offer. Perhaps “Come back here we’ve got plenty things to eat”. Sit it out and see what happens, but you won’t go without. Care to guess what that percentage is where you’re currently residing?
  •  Backup System; All homes are equipped with battery backup systems and inverters. This is not something new to us. Recommend at least small secondary generator and solar powered system. Homes work off the batteries for about 10 hours a day. You don’t even know the difference… this is nothing new for us can you say the same.
  •  Temperatures; rarely dips below 60 degrees. Anybody currently living in freezing climates should seriously be taking this into consideration. Grid failure… you need be well prepped to keep your family from freezing. Did you ever stop to think what the outcome would be if a major grid failure were to happen. Within days several million homes would have their pipes freeze should people forget to purge them promptly following the failure. I’d wager many don’t even know how to perform this fairly simple procedure and still are thinking they’ll just pick up a phone and call for a plumber.
  •   Natural gas; Here we cook with gas. Grid down your electric stove and oven are down. We’ve prepped ourselves with three 120 LB. tanks. We cook and bake every day and just one of these tanks will last Liane for about 7 months. I’m averaging our use over the past four years so this is not something off the top of my head. We have enough gas for just less than two full years without refilling. Total cost less than 600 USD. Including the tanks.
  •   Natural charcoal; we buy and stock 50 LB. bags of NATURAL wood charcoal. Not chemical packed match light briquettes that most western nations are currently using. Sorry it just doesn’t work that way with charcoal. Cost:  currently paying five dollars and ninety cents US for a 50 LB bag. I know it’s current price as I needed to buy last week.
  •  Septic; All homes use septic systems. There are no city sewer systems. City sewer systems will rapidly become dangerous during a power grid failure. Since these systems rely on electric pumps they will become useless soon as they have filled beyond holding capacity.  In as little as two days will start exploding manhole covers as if a land mine was placed under them. Spewing raw sewage hundreds of feet into the air. This is much more dangerous than most ever thought it to be.
  •  Horse and wagon; for us using horse drawn wagons is nothing new. Anyone who visits sees them all the time and actually enjoy their presence. Many remark how it brings them back to their earlier time or being in the country. Point to make here is if and when fuel becomes a difficult thing to obtain we’ll just hook up and go. Pumps don’t work without electricity so good luck when you need fuel. I’ll take my chances hooking up to a wagon rather than trying to hook up a team to a SUV. NOTE; our fuel comes from Venezuela not the Middle East.
  •  Diesel; No one cares if you’re going to store diesel. All over the country you will see tanks that are very suitable for this purpose. Companies also make huge plastic tanks with the same material that 5 gallon jerry jugs for diesel and fuel storage tanks are made from. Easy to put in the ground. Note for safety reasons we only keep diesel stored in any real volumes. Between the diesel and natural gas we can already get by without fuel with only minor inconveniences.
  •  Local population; There is no difference in the local population’s attitude over the past decade that is showing any signs of stress or worry of what will be if western nations we’re to face what now seems to be unavoidable. One more time “currency collapse does not start MAJOR revolutions HUNGER DOES” If the following statement were not 100% accurate the DR as well as many other similar countries would be in non-stop 24/7 revolution and they’re not. In fact it looks more like western nations are heading that way and rather fast. The people’s children are fed and mostly from what they grow themselves. The dominoes continue to hit the table. The rum is still enjoyed. It’s simple but the people are content and happy. With all the so called life’s greatest pleasures can you really say the same?
  •  Traffic lights going out; while the documentary made this to be a big issue… and rightfully so but in this region traffic lights won’t affect us much if any.  As it is they only work when city power is on and for the most part no one really pays attention to them. If it’s clear you go if it’s not you wait. No big deal. For me it’s just one more thing that won’t change things from what they already are… and it already works fine.


This has been one of my longest posts but I hope you can appreciate the importance of its content. Please make your own conclusions and either way you see it, provide comments that may be useful to others. It appeared to me after viewing this documentary, the only people looking unaffected after eight days without power, were the same people telling everyone else that was going through living hell to stay calm. The systems are in place (remember where that word system comes from) to handle this, is what they keep mentioning. In case you’re still wondering who these people were. Yep the President and his merry men. After eight days still not one wrinkle on the Armani. Until next time this is Barry in DR.

National Geographic: American Blackout (Full Movie)

johnsteven November 4, 2013 at 4:49 pm

A very well detailed description of this region.It is important that people see how easy it is to adapt to this enviorment.Having the pleasure of living in this area this is such a blessing to live with all these things so easily accessable to the population.
Coming from London England i know that being in one of those big cities is going to be a disaster when it gets ugly.All the points Barry makes are spot on.
Great articule, as an expat living here i am very thankful to all those i have met through Drescapes and have helped make there life a little better.
Regards johnsteven

Barry November 4, 2013 at 6:06 pm

Funny how many are following instructions on how to play hockey from coaches that can’t even skate. Never seizes to amaze me how many opinions arrive by folks who have never even lived out of their own country. The bullet points made in the article are nothing short of fact that will allow for a lesser rate of adjustment. My personal thoughts are people won’t decide to do anything until they can no longer reallocate funds. At that point and not one second before will it hit them like a ton of bricks. It’s already happening in other countries and the testing is now complete in the States. I give it one year if their lucky. After that your locked in and you better be LOCKED and LOADED as Americans like to say. Assets will be come liabilities as they’ve always have in past history. Thanks for all the help you willingly do. All the DR Escapes people are very appreciative of it. Stay well.

Dave November 4, 2013 at 5:40 pm

That’s funny about the traffic lights. You could cut off all the traffic lights on the north coast and I don’t think it would make much difference at all.

One thought I kept having while reading this is that most of the objections that people have to moving to the DR (or any other “3rd world” country) are actually advantages if things start falling apart. We’ve become so spoiled in the western countries. If we can’t keep our current standard of living than we don’t want anything to do with it.

The Dominican people seem to know how to take care of themselves. They know how to make it without all of the government supplied “conveniences” that may not be there when it gets bad.

I believe things are going to get worse everywhere. I just think it’s going to be a “much” harder landing here in the US.

Barry November 4, 2013 at 5:56 pm

Very true what you mentioned. I’ve always said you can’t take something away that you never had to begin with. All comes down to reality or have you been living in reality or the illusion of reality. For me one of the most important things for people to understand is the high percentage of relatives owning and living on farms or farm land. The climate allows for rapid growth as you’ve already witnessed several time. Care to guess what that percentage is in the states… don’t it will only depress you.

Dave November 15, 2013 at 2:34 am
Kevin S November 7, 2013 at 4:51 pm

For those considering making a move to the DR or elsewhere, you may find this article to be yet another good reason to pack your bags:

Kevin S

Kevin S November 9, 2013 at 8:03 pm

I thought I’d share this short article from Dominican Today. It’s another reassuring sign that the DR is steadily evolving in a positive direction, and specifically from an economic standpoint:

Barry November 9, 2013 at 10:50 pm

Thanks Kevin, Always appreciate it when others help others. It’s really the only weapon we have left.

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