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"War": Armored Freedom, sword raised and cape flying, with a helmet and shield reminiscent of those on the Statue of Freedom, tramples Tyranny and Kingly Power;

“War”: Armored Freedom, sword raised and cape flying, with a helmet and shield reminiscent of those on the Statue of Freedom, tramples Tyranny and Kingly Power;

It’s becoming undeniable that the vast majority of citizens are unaware of what’s really at stake when it comes to tyranny. History has proven on countless occasions as long as people’s basic needs are met, change will remain simmering indefinitely on the back burner. If people have enough cold beer and snacks to outlast the white flag lap or the final quarter all is well with the nation. Tyranny, what tyranny they’ll be chanting? I’m living in a free nation. I get to choose what I want to watch. It’s I who choose what poisonous snacks I ingest into my body while watching what I want.  Later on we’ll all decide what GMO latent restaurant we’re going to as we live in a free nation. We’ll simply all take a vote on which restaurant we want as the majority always wins in a free nation… and as I mentioned we live in a free nation.

The Constitutional Convention, 1787 Strengthened the national government but imposed the separation of powers and a system of checks and balances to guard against tyranny.

The Constitutional Convention, 1787 Strengthened the national government but imposed the separation of powers and a system of checks and balances to guard against tyranny.

So I ask you is it any wonder why less than 10% of Americans are challenging tyranny. Even with its undeniable presence fewer than 10% are questioning what seems to be developing right under their noses. If ever there was an analogy that best describes the boiling frogs scenario I’d say what’s presently happening may be the Super Bowl of all events.

Whether you are a parent or not doesn’t matter as we’re all equally affected by the abuses caused by tyranny. One common bond we share is… we are all people. Almost all of us share at least one or more of the following bonds. We’re connected to mothers, fathers sisters, brothers, children, relatives and close friends. For many the bond that’s shared with friends is actually closer than that of family and all of these bonds are positive and should be considered essential. It’s what serves as the catalyst that bonds us together as people in this interesting race some of us call the human race.

Are you a parent? If so how do you feel about the future that’s being left for your children? Are you still clinging to that stale dated belief that a formal indoctrination is the ticket for your child’s well being? I hope not cause if you are, tomorrow’s going to be an interesting day. Against the forces of tyranny which will affect us all as a parent what are you currently doing?

Really what is you plan for them. Why not at least share it with others. Why not help the others share it and we'll post it. Help the next generation.

Really what is you plan for them. Why not at least share it with others. Why not help the others share it and we’ll post it. Help the next generation.

What’s your game plan? How are you going to protect them and provide for a productive future? I know these are hard and tough questions… questions you’ve given serious thought to on several occasions. Kind of feel a bit lost in the changing abyss of darkness right about now?

It is a tough subject and I’m not coming down on anyone about it not in the least. Actually I feel for you as parents. I wouldn’t look forward to facing such questions and making those difficult decisions. Presently the future doesn’t appear to be heading in a positive direction.

My beliefs are that present and future generations feel as if their economic future has been stripped or stolen away from them. The most effected generations are feeling abandoned…lost without much hope. It’s as if everyone else has adopted an “It’s not my fault attitude” so you’ll have to figure it out for yourselves.  No one is comfortable with that attitude, but at the present time it seems to be all that’s being offered.

People you really need to get out of your comfort zone and start looking at some cold hard facts and begin asking yourself those WHY questions. Ask and act on them NOW while you still can. Again this includes all of us and is not limited to parents only as tyranny affects all of us. We can only be kept in the cages we refuse to see.

 America’s current placement worldwide compared to all of the other countries:

  • 7th in literacy
  • 27th in math
  • 22nd in science
  • 49th in life expectancy
  • 178th in infant mortality (keep those vaccines coming folks)
  • 2nd highest in divorce rate
  • 4th in labor force
  • 4th in exports
  • 19th is State success
  • 12th in prosperity
  • 22nd in freedom of the press
  • 5th in child poverty (one in five living in poverty)
  • 30th in nocturnal safety
  • 3rd in “liking” the United Sates (behind Japan and Kenya)
  • 15th in “happiness”
  • 22nd in freedom from corruption
  • 24th in “perceived” honesty
  • 39th in income inequality
  • 4th in employees “faking” illness
  • 13th in economic freedom
  • 19th in credit “worthiness”
  • 4th in global competitiveness (falling rapidly)
  • 47th in infant survival
  • 38th in trade freedom
  • 8th in researchers
  • 14th in thriving population
  • 61st in monetary freedom

These stats are over one year old and you have to ask yourself where the nation would currently place as the decline over the previous 12 months has been steep. America is a nation that just a couple of decades ago would have placed either first or second in the entire bullet points list. Over time it becomes vividly apparent what negative effects tyranny imposes on any nation. Perhaps the greatest negative effect tyranny has on people is it kills people’s enthusiasm to better the quality of their lives and the lives of their families.

The composition is part of a pyramid whose base are the bodies that have fallen in the struggle against tyranny

The composition is part of a pyramid whose base are the bodies that have fallen in the struggle against tyranny

Did you know several states now have suicide as the leading cause of death replacing traffic deaths? The suicide rate in youths ranging from 15-24 has gone up over 300% in the last 45 years! It seems that Americans have become miserable people living in a decaying nation. This is not my personal opinion but actual hard core statically researched data. Much of it was new to me and I have to admit I was surprised at what was revealed.

Further research did uncover at least four areas that America still leads the world in.

  • #1 in drug abuse
  • #1 in citizens incarcerated
  • #1 clinical anxiety disorder (19% of the population)
  • #1 in psychotropic drug use

When it comes to the Divorce rate America currently ranks a very close second just behind Sweden, but trust me they’re working on it. After digesting all these points is it any wonder why so many Americans are literally falling apart like a cheap watch?

The western nations are really showing the signs of comming apart. Both on the inside as well as the outside. Stress is taking its toll and in a big way.

If you’re trying to make sense of all this you’ll end up driving yourself crazy. That’s exactly what they’re banking on and they’re doing a damn good job of it.

Please pay close attention to what follows. I’m certain it holds a high degree of probable cause to WHY most people are being affected in the negative manner that they are. I would like to briefly mention that I am a dedicated studier in several other areas besides trends. One of these other subjects happens to be physics… in particular quantum physics. Quantum represents the study of the minutest known matter. Currently the tiniest form of matter recognized is called a particle. To give you an idea of just how tiny a particle is… billions of them can easily fit on the point of the thinnest pin.

When you break down an atom you have several different parts… protons, neutrons, electrons croutons (just kidding) but eventually will approach the quantum level. The first quantum level of matter are called quarks. To break down these Quarks even further scientist place them into what is called an accelerator. This accelerator rotates at extremely high speeds which crashes these quarks into each other thus breaking them down even into smaller matter. This process of crashing quarks into each other will eventually lead to the smallest known form of matter called particles. (I’m going somewhere with this so hang on)

Now is when it really starts to get weird. Particles by themselves do not create more particles. Reinstalling them into the accelerator and repeating the process again when done all you’ll be left with is a momentary pulse of electricity.

Do the Research if you want the answers.

Do the Research if you want the answers.

That’s origination and it also serves to explain why so much of what we are stems from electricity or electric Impulses. Our brain works this way. The cells in our body, most of our organs, our heart just about everything we’re made of, is affected by electrical impulses. The weirdest part of it all, is these particles react differently depending on how their being observed and by the present mood of the person that’s observing them!!!

Particles change their shape and movement according to the mood of the scientist who’s viewing them. If they’re being viewed by someone who is in an aggressive agitated mood they’ll contract back into a solid particle. If the scientist happens to be in a warm and relaxed frame of mind then they’ll radiate in wave lengths. Like Dr. Wayne Dyer says “if you change the way you look at things the things you look at change” This is a true statement.

Why am I telling you all this? Because it’s important to understand that your cells react to the environment that their placed in. This is why big city folks act differently than country folks do. Why people’s reactions are different in ghettos than they are in suburban middle class neighborhoods and it may serve to explain why most Americans have changed so much over the past 10 plus years… just look at the environment their cells are placed in.

Now you can understand why a prisoner incarcerated for many years is very reluctant to being released. Their cells have learned to react to their present environment it’s all they’ve ever known. Tyranny over time causes the same affect. Animals react in the same way all cells react to the environment their placed in no acceptations.

It’s a strong reality as to why so many people have become depressed, strung out on drugs suicidal… any of the negative traits that seemed to have over time infiltrated their lives. This also includes that never ending monkey on your back sense of hopelessness to as well as the rest of the negative associations that are currently sweeping the nation.

Your Cells React to the Environment their Placed In. You should think about gathering some information about this I’m confident it will answer many of those difficult questions you’re currently wrestling with. Like I always say do your own research then you can make an informed decision? You’ll come up with the same conclusions… and when you do, perhaps that’s the time it will finally hit you. Maybe just maybe you’ll discover it’s time to place your cells in another environment. For us that was Cabrera in the DR and our cells seem to love it here. Until next time this is Barry in DR.





Denise November 11, 2013 at 4:53 pm

It is amazing how many willingly accept tyranny in exchange for what they can get from the government. We see that in Obamacare and now that people are realizing that there is no such thing as free healthcare, now the people are upset. This is just the beginning and as the article brings out if the children are not taught to appreciate freedom and know what it is then it loses its value.

Barry November 11, 2013 at 6:57 pm

Very well put. No matter what price people sell themselves for in never represents the total cost. Regards

Kevin S. November 11, 2013 at 8:44 pm

Very interesting article. I’ve recently read reports that today, more than ever, the 10% (the awakened) are increasingly feeling hopeless and do not know where to turn. Some mention that they’ve tried to stick their head in the sand and go along to get along, but invariably this never works.

I’ve also read reports and articles of how this perspective changes in individuals once they’ve changed their physical environment, and specifically, moved away from the very land which they feel oppressed in.

Certainly one can’t escape most of their issues by simply making a physical move, for most of their issues are those from within – issues that will travel with them wherever they go.

But for the 10%, it makes perfect sense to remove yourself physically and place your cells in a less-hostile environment.

Kevin S.

Barry November 11, 2013 at 11:30 pm

I feel that a large part of this originates from an unanswered craving for the strongest sense we as human require. This is called “The Sense of Belonging” This is our highest requirement for without possession of it we can’t merge into what are called secondary senses. Acceptance, peace, bliss, love, compassion, creation, enthusiasm and perhaps the one that seems to elude so many contentment. Without first achieving that sense of BELONGING none of the others can follow. I’ve often wondered if this answers why so many that seem to have so much are still walking around as if their soles are lost. They lack that all important sense of belonging.


johnsteven November 12, 2013 at 4:28 pm

It is up to the masses to make their decisions,however many are so weak and afraid
Having there comforts met is something so important that they do not want to let go.The conditioning by those at the top has been so carefully orchestrated that for many it is to late, but there are those who are listening and who are taking the necesseary steps to get out.As an expat living here on the north coast and seeing that there still are places where freedom and liberty exsists, i can tell you that here people DO STAND UP AGAINST THERE GOVERMENT.I know this because i have seen strikes when the people are not happy FREEDOM OF SPEECH,.so important still exists.
PEOPLE HERE BAND TOGETHER,that is the way to get through the hard times a sense of community still exists here,this is what will be the difference.
Sadly this is gone by the wayside not only in America but in Europe as well.
All those who are reading this need to understand that there are options and people who are living in a safer,healthier,friendlier enviorment.I am one of many who understands the importance of this and that we are here to help.

Barry November 12, 2013 at 7:58 pm

As I always say NOTHING can replace EXPERIENCE! You have to live it to learn it.

Dave November 13, 2013 at 12:25 am

I just read this article to a coworker. Through many conversations he is slowly waking up to the reality of things. Not long ago he told me “I don’t care about all that stuff. As long as I can watch the game and drink some good beer I’m happy” Exact words.

He’s expressed to me his concern about bringing a child into the world right now. I said “Don’t let this messed up world steal you’re happiness.”

Planting seeds and showing people that there are alternatives out there may be all we can do. But it does make a difference.

Barry November 13, 2013 at 2:28 am

I had a good laugh with his exact words. Let’s see if in a year or two he says the same “I don’t care about all that stuff”
Stay well

Dave November 13, 2013 at 12:27 am

Thanks Barry. Great article.

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