Dollar Collapse Freedom Vaporizing, Air and Food and Water Contaminated, WTF is Going On Here!

By design it's getting to much to comprehend. Remove yourself and get out of the game while you still can.

By design it’s getting to much to comprehend. Remove yourself and get out of the game while you still can.

Not a day goes by now that you’re not being bombarded with news reflecting the following subjects. The inevitable death of the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency is getting closer. Sporadic senseless violence being an everyday occurrence and is spreading across the nation. Violence by police on the citizens is now considered the norm and barely being reported. Freedom has all but collapsed in the nation and rounding out the positive outlook you’re being told that the air, food and water are poisonous. Has anybody been asking WTF is going on? How can this all be happening at the same time?

The once Disney like nation now appears to be mirroring a closer resemblance to Gotham city from a Batman Movie. Am I the only one realizing all this at the same time can’t be by coincidence? It’s coming from all angles… all at once. Any chance this is a method being implicated in efforts to get people so confused they don’t know which way to turn. I don’t know but judging from the more than 100 visitors over the past year I think so and it’s working damn well. For some denial my be a wonderful option… that is until one ounce of reality kicks in then it goes to hell in a handbag.

Throughout history its always been a revolving door. You had better start preparing before this door closes and does not reopen for a long period of time.

Throughout history its always been a revolving door. You had better start preparing before this door closes and does not reopen for a long period of time.

What might amount to be a large rusty nail in the coffin of the western nation was made public earlier this week. China recently announced on their local news medias that it’s no longer in their best interest to continue purchasing U.S. debt. To amplify matters worse they have petitioned undermining the petrodollar by pricing oil futures on the Shanghai Futures Exchange in Yuan.

I’m confident their first attempt will be met with failure but it does send a very important message. They’re getting ever closer to being able to back their bets in gold and thus starting to flex a bit of muscle. I’m confident most of my readers already know it’s only a matter of time until this happens. One should understand this is a normal occurrence as no nations currency can remain the reserve forever. It’s only a paradigm shift that has been repeated all thought history.

Those prepared for this shift might even flourish but for those who are not I honestly expect to see carnage on a biblical scale… and I encourage you to be thinking about food when I mention this expectation. These paradigms don’t kill wealth but instead merely transfer wealth to the minute percentage on the masses that were prepared for the shift. As they say tomorrow is going to be an interesting day as the lifestyle adjustments are going to be mind boggling… and so many just won’t be able to cut it.

Welcome to Long Beach California. Is this what lies ahead for the Pacific Coast?

Welcome to Long Beach California. Is this what lies ahead for the Pacific Coast?

Let’s move on to the next catastrophe that’s making a lot of noise. It was finally admitted the fall out was much greater in the Fukushima disaster. Dr. Shunichi Yamashita was kind of spreading the shita little bit (just a matter of a little spacing that’s all) when he first released the information about the amount of radiation fallout from the site over in Fukushima. Now the pacific has become almost a no swim zone for its inhabitants as so many are dying off from the toxic fallout. Fish bleeding from eyes, gills and several other areas. Dolphins, whales actually all mammals in the sea are facing similar issues. Crustaceans in fact all arthropods should now be avoided when it comes to being consumed for fear of this radiation. Tuna forget about eating it now. Several sailors who routinely take the cross Pacific voyage have reported what used to be teaming with life is now annulled of marine life and taken on a sort of apocalyptic appearance.

Currently the most dangerous of all operations is underway. Removing the fuel rods and if anything goes wrong lookout California as you’ll be evacuating your state. So again I bring up WTF is going on?

Wonder Why You Can't Even Think Straight Anymore Just Look At What You've Been Exposed To

Wonder Why You Can’t Even Think Straight Anymore Just Look At What You’ve Been Exposed To

I sure haven’t got all the answers… nobody does but one of the best ideas is being self-reliant as much as possible. Owning good land suitable for growing is perhaps the best way to survive what lies dead ahead pardon the pun. Growing and then bartering for what others grow.

It’s the way things have been working here for centuries… and working rather well I might add. We trade eggs for other things, our neighbors trade peppers for what they want and so the gears in the community mesh nicely. Future supply chain issues…we don’t have any as the stuff comes from a few miles away. It’s still common to see food arriving to town daily from a horse drawn wagon.  Western nations have an average of 1500 miles from start to shelf. Petrol issues grid issues millions are going to starve make no mistake about this… It will occur.

Systems of the western nations mesh together with precision that mirrors a Swiss watch. Yes it’s an example of exactness at its finest. The problem with a Swiss watch type of system is everything is so precise and the tolerances are so close that if just one tiny tooth fractures the entire system grinds to a halt. That’s gambling at hi odds people, odds way out of my comfort zone.

l want to use a transmission in the following analogy and hopefully bring to light an important point that you really need to grasp. I’m using a transmission because it’s an excellent example of what a “close tolerance functional system” is all about.


A YouTube That’s Worth a Thousand Words (Contains Some Bad Language)

Of course America would have to be considered the planetary gear of this system (at least at the present time). When the planetary gear of a transmission sheers (fails) because of the close tolerances involved every preceding gear sheers (fails) along with it but suffers a lesser degree of damage. The gears of our transmission represent the various nations of the world. All nations of the world are meshed together to a certain degree so it’s that degree of engagement (Location to the Planetary gear) which actually becomes an important factor to be considered.

The planetary gear loses almost every tooth. First gear might be missing half its teeth second perhaps one third of its teeth all the way back to fourth gear which is only missing a couple of teeth. You see the further away from the planetary gear the less damage will be inflicted. You can’t take away something from a person that they never first had to begin with… that’s impossible to do.

For us our location in this transmission of the world happens to be Cabrera on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. Here we’re cruising in over drive the furthest distance away from the planetary gear. For over a decade I haven’t noticed a difference in the local people. That’s how 30 plus years of living boots on the ground has taught me to gauge things.

Look at it as being the oil temp. gauge of your transmission. If the oil (the people) that lubricates the gears (the nations) starts to change temperature and run hot (Changes in mood) it won’t be long before it flies apart with a violent internal explosion (revolution). I’m downshifting for now and settling in for a rum and fruit juice. Till next time this is Barry in DR.

Brian November 25, 2013 at 2:55 pm

Things are not cool and governments are going to get more draconian. I for one will have a foot hold outside of North America and DR is high on the list although having a bugger of a time to get down and pay Barry a visit but we are getting there. However, I thought I would paste a couple of things in here because I think we need to hear some positive stories too.
There was a similar article about the Kensington area of Philadelphia but I couldn’t find it. Down with government, love your neighbor instead and if you in DR or some place else help each other out. Maybe the world is going the way it is because this is what we need to learn.

Ron November 27, 2013 at 6:23 am

I just returned from my visit to DR. LOVED IT, & “THE PEOPLE”. Things were very much as Barry described them. The simpler, more “down-to-earth” lifestyle, is much like what I grew up in, in rural SW Virginia, of the 50`s.
Would love to move to DR, YESTERDAY !!! Time seems so compressed & short, with the rapid destruction of our “perceived freedom” !!! That pure, simple,
“free-way-of-life”, that I was blessed with, as a child, doesn`t exist in America, anymore…….NOT EVEN CLOSE !!! Sure, I would like some more nearby shopping centers, & “modern conveniences”, like we enjoy here & now…….
The key phrase, being NOW !!! As our last freedoms are stripped away,
this way of life won`t exist…& shopping centers, will be the least of our
concerns !!!…….If only, I could say the same for FEMA, DHS, TSA, & several more of “the letter agencies” !!!
“We`re from the government”, & we`re NOT HERE TO HELP YOU, if you know what I mean !!!
Fukushima is another “big flashing red light”, indicating the depravity of
“our government”…Supposedly SERVING & PROTECTING US, they hurt us, at least as much, by the truths they hide from us, as by their constant lying to us.
One-&-the-same, I suppose !!!
I`m quite sure it was “just an accident”, that they took the west coast “radiation monitors” down, 1 month after “the accident”, then increased “the allowable limits” of radiation in our food, by 400% (or, so I`m told)…
Is there really a place behind “The Amerikan Iron Curtain”,
where you(or I) will be safe from that kind of heartless tyrants.
That, my friends, is called “a rhetorical question” : )
Virginia has always been my home…Thomas Jefferson, James Madison,
& Patrick Henry came from my “congressional district”…
If they were faced with the options I face, today…I feel quite certain, they would pick-up-& leave, too !!! IF THEY COULD : )

Barry November 27, 2013 at 12:30 pm

Hello Ron, Glad you returned and all is fine. Just a note from me personally it was a sincere pleasure meeting you and you deserve all the happiness their is to enjoy in life. I did sense how you love our simple yet sustainable ways here and hope you come to stay soon and all works out well for both of you. Please continue the comments as your wisdom is much needed to assist others who are stuck on this fence post called denial. I’m leaving you with this from me to you. Glad all of us here in Cabrera can call you our friend. Hope you become part of THE FAMILY now that you’ve experienced it.

“I hope you’re happy with your life, but if you’re not I hope you have the courage to change it”

Best Adventures
Barry in DR

Dave November 28, 2013 at 12:56 am

Hello Ron. It’s nice to see a new name in the comments.

I really like the point you make about the modern conveniences being less important as our freedom is diminished.

I spent some time on Youtube last night listening to expats from all over the world talk about coming back to the US. “Make sure you understand what you’re giving up moving to a third world country” “It’s hard to beat living in America” seemed to be the consensus.

I would never be one to question the voice of experience as many of these people had left home years ago. And I understand that a gringo will always be a gringo. You can’t change the color of your skin.

All things being equal I might have to agree with them. But things are changing so fast that in a few years I believe the US will be the last place we want to be. That’s where I think these people are wrong. They don’t seem to be thinking things all the way through.

The collapse is inevitable. Hard to find anyone who disagrees with that anymore. My question for any expat would be “How many armored personnel carriers and hollow point bullets has your current government procured in the last 10 years?” THEY KNOW WHAT’S COMING! Any revolution here will be met with unimaginable violence.

I hate to be so negative but there’s no other way to interpret things in my opinion.
And hey, Cabrera’s not a bad place to live regardless.

That’s my two cents.

mike November 28, 2013 at 2:54 am

Hows The DR going to be when we think all things through?

Dave November 28, 2013 at 4:03 am

That’s a question I bet Barry would be more than happy to answer. Many, many articles related to that.

Here’s my thinking on it:

The DR doesn’t have the huge economic issues that the US is going to have to deal with. Unfunded liabilities. Sovereign debt. Massive government programs collapsing. Pensions disappearing. Retirement confiscation. Healthcare system falling apart. Not to mention the massive police state that’s being set up.

Barry says there hasn’t been a noticeable difference in that area in the last decade even throughout the recession of 2008.

And I have to agree that what it always comes down to is food. History (even recent history) is full of uprisings and revolutions that were incited by hunger.

We’re at the point now where it wouldn’t take much of a disruption to cause a widespread hunger problem in the US. If the grocery stores go empty, even for a few days, most Americans don’t have many alternatives.

Will there be revolution in the DR? That’s a good question.

I think it comes down to a simple question. What percentage of people will be hungry and angry when the big collapse happens?

I used to think I would be better off in the states if things went to shit. Not anymore.

mike November 28, 2013 at 10:17 pm

Great dialogue. I have to get down to Cabrera to look and decide. Arent we ALL SO TIRED OF READING all the SHTF stuff ? We all know its a no-brainer eventual certainty. (to what degree is the question) I have to plan for worst case outcome.

Ive gone to events and places except for DR TOURS yet and met the gurus and teotwaki guys , the Caseys, the others , and I notice I always left hanging, or buy a subscription and its just another lead-on, ever notice? (pisses me off real bad).

I’ve had IT! Pictures of cops beating people, articles of abuse, I quit reading this shit– I didnt read Barrys last post cause I dont want to go there anymore.— Im out!

Im gonna go to DR and see. You can only read this B.S. Inernet so much– gotta get out there it appears. Dr’s worht a look to me and think!!! If its bs Ill let ya know.

Happy Thanksgiving!! LOL— Im out M

Barry November 28, 2013 at 10:46 pm

Hi Guys thanks for tying to get others to think a bit. I know it’s hard for most to do something they’ve forgotten how to for so long. That’s the whole reason why I’ve never had any type of sign up fee or any of that so called crap I agree with when Mike says what he does. No ass kissing or hand holding with me as a few visitors can already attest to. We don’t drag some whining ass kid for his first trip to the dentist so to speak and there are a few who know exactly what I mean when I say this. You’re gonna live (or possibly die) by your own choices in what lies right around the corner. Past histories make a great teacher for proving that. Now ya want to figure things out figure this out.

“How can anyone take something from someone that they never first had to begin with”

You can’t … The western nations have been spoiled beyond belief and it’s gonna bite back big time. Somewhere between the third and fourth quarter of the 16th game if you can read between the lines.

Gobble Gobble


mike November 29, 2013 at 12:15 am

1 Million Native American Indians, in tribes that ocupied the lower 48 USA continent died in the occupation.

Its just a number.

If the Chinese occupied the USA area 2 million would of died, europe, soviet Union– millions of Native Indians in N america would die.

The native American Indians were going down regardless.

Heres an observation:
Back in the day when I wanted to start a business or do a venture , that venture was something I had a little experience in, so I could jump in and know what was required .
So I started small and went forward and always kept my feet on the bottom. all went well and the business took off , and all by reputation and refernces.

SO NOW ; I need to expatriate , I have no experience, know -no one that isnt selling something.

And I speak for the thousands of us.

I dont and will not be an expat that makes a living off selling tips , passports and insider info.

I think a new generation of support will be available to wana be expats after this sucker /bubble faze ends and I hope its soon. Im out — MIKE

Mitchell November 29, 2013 at 12:30 pm

Barry- here is a parable that sums up the 99%. This is not something that’s news to the 1% and DR Escapes family however but rather serves as a warning for folks still sitting on that uncomfortable fence. For Kevin, Barb and I this was one of the more pleasant Thanksgivings as we are really enjoying our return visit to Cabrera and breaking the Thanksgiving bread with you, Mouse and Tal. Enjoy this short read:

The Black Swan Theory is used by Nassim Nicholas Taleb to explain the existence and occurrence of high-impact, hard-to-predict, and rare events that are beyond the realm of normal expectations. One example often put forth by Taleb is the life and times of the Thanksgiving Turkey.

The turkey spends the majority of its life enjoying daily feedings from a caring farmer. Weeks go by, and it’s the same thing day-in-day-out for the Turkey. Free food. Open range grazing. Good times all around.

The thinking turkey may even surmise that the farmer has a vested interest in keeping the turkey alive. For the turkey, it is a symbiotic relationship. “The farmer feeds me and keeps me happy, and I keep the farmer happy,” says the turkey. “The farmer needs me, otherwise, why would he be taking care of me?”

This goes on for a 1,000 days.

Then, two days before Thanksgiving on Day 1,001, the farmer shows up again.

But this time he doesn’t come bearing food, but rather, he’s wielding an ax.

This is a black swan event — for the turkey.

By definition, it is a high-impact, hard-to-predict, and rare event for the turkey, who not only never saw it coming, but never even contemplated the possibility that it could occur.

For the farmer, on the other hand, this was not a black swan event. The farmer knew all along why he was feeding the turkey, and what the end result would be.

The very nature of black swan events make them almost impossible to predict. The point of this parable is to put forth the idea that sometimes we are the Thanksgiving turkey and understanding this may make it easier to begin to, at the very least, contemplate the possibility of far-from-equilibrium events.

This year, when you enjoy that drumstick or Turkey breast, give thanks to the latest victim of the black swan for being non-contemplative, otherwise, he may have bugged-out long ago and you’d be eating a chicken instead.

Barry November 29, 2013 at 1:30 pm

Mitchell, I was a nice time getting together. While none of us celebrate the holiday in a traditional sense it’s always a good time to have a few rum and passion fruit juice drinks together. Kind of funny how we’ll all be eating CHICKEN today isn’t it. Going to have some fun and see if I can get a Black Friday deal in some veggies off of one of the farm trucks. I know it will be just another one of those “Los Gringos es loco” kind of answers The gringos are crazy. In the region Black Friday is not even heard of but what would be even more entertaining is if they actually knew that people line up in freezing weather sometimes camp overnight just to buy some Chinese crap to keep their brains stimulated a bit longer that’s when I’d hear “DIOS MIA ELLOS ESTAN TODO LOCOS” My God they’re all crazy!! and I for one could not agree more. Really glad to see with repeating visits you’re comfortable getting all around the area on your own even with minimal Spanish.

Mitchell side bar for you remember our chat last night “You don’t need to see the entire staircase to take the first couple of steps” New ideas and different paths will emerge as you’re climbing the stairs. I wish more folks would be able to understand this as they’ve already been living it their entire lives just the medias over the past decades have convinced them it can’t be true. In closing it just reminds me of one more of the Universal Laws I study almost every night before retiring. The universal law of Gravity. Weather or not you believe gravity exists is not important. Either way you’ll be arguing your point WITH IN it’s laws… you’re part of the universe. “Paso a paso” which means step by step. Just consider walking a little faster. Last night all together we discussed most precious commodity of them all… TIME!! Once spent it can never be repurchased not even on a Black Friday.


mike December 1, 2013 at 9:42 pm

“You don’t need to see the entire staircase to take the first couple of steps”.

New ideas and different paths will emerge as you’re climbing the stairs. I wish more folks would be able to understand this.

Barry; You nailed it there.

” Last night all together we discussed most precious commodity of them all… TIME!! ”

Barry ; lest say someone didnt want to be rich, didnt want to be a businessman, whos core wasnt about making money . but just needed a place to get out of the way , hitting america? (small a).. .

See ya soon. mike

Mikal December 1, 2013 at 10:34 pm


Thank you for a great article. Once upon a time, I lived in my very own little world of denial. And although I’ve been painfully aware of everything you covered in the article for the last four or five years and constantly monitoring the increasing noose as it tightens here in the USA, it’s still all a bitter pill for me swallow. It’s kind of like watching a Science Fiction Movie.

I remember when the Fukushima situation all started and then bloomed into a radioactive disaster. No one did anything to contain the situation, other than lie about what was really going on, all the while dumping the reactors waste into the Pacific. I think its been about two and a half years now. And you are 100% spot on. The fish in the Pacific is all poison, as well as anything that swims through the Gulf of Mexico.

Lots of land on the West Coast had been initially contaminated within weeks of the disaster, by the fallout that was sent over in the winds and rain, which contaminated and affected grass, dairy cows and crops grown in those areas.

Overall, consumers here in the USA, depend on the West Coast for a large percentage of certain food crops. I think its around 30%. But, when you combine that with all of the GMO’s they’ve dumped into the food supply, it just one big toxic stew.

Starvation was mentioned earlier but as far as I can see, some Americans could benefit by losing 50 – 60 pounds or maybe more.

I’m not sure when the bottom will fall out on the U.S. Dollar. But there is some sort of collapse on its way. And the police state isn’t gearing up, to take on Mikey Mouse or the folks at Disney Land. Most people I talk to are sadly clueless or in denial, as to what’s going on, or what this will sadly, all come down to.

I think the DR could be a great place to live, if I could sustain myself. I spent lots of time in Sto. Domingo over the years, but not enough time in the non-touristy areas. I never thought of the DR as a place to live full time, for me back then. I really look forward to the visit to Cabrera. I think I’ll see a completely different DR.

This time, I also believe I’ll be seeing the DR through a set of different glasses. I’ve changed a lot… One big difference with me now is that, I accept reality for exactly as it is. No more denial ! And the U.S.A., is not sustainable for all the reasons mentioned in the above posts and a lot more. My blinders are all off now. And this place is going down the tube quick.


Barry December 2, 2013 at 1:55 am

Mikal, Been a bit crazy as of late with folks on tour. Haven’t had a chance to make another post as in between touring I’ve been editing our new videos. I do value the time we have spoken with each other and feel very good that it seems to help with the future choices that must be made. Several people who are currently here or just left have had nothing short of an eye opening positive experience. Today a group of us spent the afternoon eating and drinking with my family and a couple of expat families that have already relocated. Everyone had a wonderful peaceful time together. The visitors had a chance to one on one ask all the questions they wanted to and the visitors received a lot of helpful unbiased information. Thank you for your comments and please continue to assist the others in the same position you are facing, there are better choices out there. In closing a personal thought from me to you. You’re already ahead of 95% of the others in the nation. Take some inner comfort in that as the rest should be looked at as an opportunity rather than as a burden. It’s the space between the bars that keeps the tiger in its cage.


johnsteven December 2, 2013 at 3:34 am

Hi mikel john steven here,as an expat who has been living in this area for many years and who can see what is coming in the future to the US and Europe i can understand the denial.It is like you say a science fiction movie playing.
I am so glad i left and had the chance to meet many good people here, buy a piece of property and start a business.I wanted a simplier life, a happier life, a safer and healthier life.When it is simple there are less problems.We have made our life so complicated in the west.Here i live in a COMMUNITY we remember that this is a REAL COMMUNITY,where people say hello ,invite you in,stop for a quick chat, and even though some of these people might not have much they are happy, that is what is important to me.This place feels right, i can not explain why Mikel but it does and that is why i have stayed and will be staying the rest of my life.I am leaving my email if you would like to chat more.JOHNSTEVENPESC@GMAIL.COM Regards

Hunter & Sherry December 3, 2013 at 12:17 am

Hello – We just returned from the DR, with one week on our own vacationing in Samana and one week in Cabrera. We had a private tour with Barry for 3 days and he went out his way to make time for us in his schedule as well as made it possible for us to meet other expats and his DR family. We truly appreciated this time that he, and those who have already made the move, made for us. A special thanks to Tal, who spent an entire afternoon with us at his beautiful property to help us get a feel for the place. The climate, beaches, food (breakfast at Vivero Flor Cafe/Pizza at Chicos/Steak at Babunuco), friendliness of the people is exactly as described. The insights that I would like to leave with anyone considering a visit is: 1) if you have family members not yet in the same mindframe of a full scale move, do plan a true vacation in the DR to ease them into the culture/food/people. There are different reasons for purchasing in the DR, whether it be an escape location, investment, or a vacation house. 2) renting a car at the airport and driving to other areas of the island is just fine if you have experience in other countries with “flow” driving 3) if you are planning to look at real estate, look at the area through GoogleMaps first so that you can get your bearings as you tour the different properties. It’s a small area, but the terrain, elevation, lots of options can get confusing. 4) the next time we go, we will definitely rent a house in Cabrera through Barry versus staying at the hotel. It will be a much better value and experience. We thoroughly enjoyed this trip, and Barry, Liane and the DR family’s involvement is a big factor in our continuing to look at Cabrera. It is a place where we can see ourselves living a quality life.

Mikal December 3, 2013 at 12:17 am


Keep up all the great work your doing. I am sure visitors would be better able to see the country and area through you as a guide.


When I spent time there, I have to admit that the DR was a place that felt very, very comfortable for me. And I saw that from the beginning, but didn’t know how to quite put it all together and live there, especially since I lived a very complicated and stressful life here in the USA, back then.

I worked like a slave then, and had a hard time trying to hold onto anything, with the cost of living and stressing here, and also thanks in part to the over regulation here. But, I see the light, now….. (Smile)

Johnsteven, , Thank you for reaching out. I will touch base ASAP.

Have a great day, everyone.

Thank You,


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