Florida Expat Starts A Successful Charter Fishing Business in Cabrera Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Sportfishing

Dominican Republic Sportfishing

Are there real opportunities for expats to own and operate small businesses on the north coast of the Dominican Republic?  Short and simple…Yes… there are many small business opportunities for expats relocating to the Cabrera Dominican Republic area.  Over the next couple months, in a series of videos, we will introduce you to a number of expats from all over the world that have chosen to relocate to the Cabrera Dominican Republic region.  We will ask them about their perspectives of whether there are small business opportunities in the area.  Better to hear their perspectives than just rely on my observations.  In the first series of videos we interview a Florida expat that started a successful charter fishing business in nearby Rio San Juan and a B&B here in Cabrera.  Captain Randy settled in Cabrera after retiring from his very successful charter fishing businesses in the Florida Keys and in Costa Rica.  In this series of videos you will hear why Captain Randy chose to settle in Cabrera instead of Costa Rica and why he believes that there are dozens of good small business opportunities just waiting for the right expat owner.

Randy shares some of his tips on making a small business work here on the north coast of the Dominican Republic and also lets us peek in on his little piece of paradise up on the cliffs overlooking Cabrera.

In this first video Captain Randy discusses his charter fishing business and explains some of his reasons for relocating to Cabrera after years of running his family’s charter fishing operations in the Keys and Costa Rica.  Randy also explains why offshore fishing around Cabrera can be so productive and why you only need to go a few miles offshore to tap into big fish that would take you all day to reach in most places.

In the next video, Captain Randy will share more ideas about small business opportunities for other expats in Cabrera.

If you would like more information about Dominican Republic sportfishing Randy would be happy to talk to you.  Just click on the link to visit Randy’s website.

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Randy Rode December 15, 2013 at 5:48 pm

Every day when I wake up, walk out on my porch, and look out over the lush green foliage to the dark blue waters of the Atlantic, I get a very special feeling. I feel privileged to live here in Cabrera. Sure, there are some minor inconveniences associated with living here, but, you`ll have those anywhere in the world. This place is paradise for me! Every day is filled with new challenges, meeting new friends, and going about the day in a cheerful, positive way, that I haven`t ever experienced anywhere else in the world.
My good friend Barry is the hardest working guy I know. Nearly everyday, he spends his time educating people on the advantages of living here on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. He is tireless, and frankly, I don`t know where he gets all this energy, maybe it is in his easy-going manner, and his total commitment to assisting the people, which really isn`t work in the traditional sense. Barry has a job that everyone else can only dream of having. But YOU can live our dream. It`s easy, you just have to let go and take a chance to change your life for the better. Barry did, I did, and we have never looked back. Do you know what my only regret is???……That I didn`t move here sooner.
Capt. Randy Rode……….a very happy full-time resident of Cabrera.

Barry December 15, 2013 at 11:26 pm

Thanks Randy. I guess I am committed to helping the few who are looking for options to better whether the rapidly approaching economic storm.

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