Canadian Expats Trade Their Snowshoes For Sandals In Cabrera Dominican Republic

claudebeachsnow-300This Canadian expat surely qualifies for the longest commute to work. Our latest video interview of French Canadian expats, Claude and Marie Josee, is interesting in a lot of ways. They have proven that you can get to the tropics if you want it bad enough. In the process they have also started their own little B&B in Cabrera Dominican Republic. Claude has to be the poster child for one of the longest work commutes. As a flight trauma nurse working up near the north pole in northern Canada, Claude is on duty in the snow for 28 days then off duty in Cabrera on the beach for 28 days…. commuting back and forth. How does he do it… you will need to watch the video below.

Claude and Marie Josee share there reasons why they came to Cabrera and why they decided to stay after exploring the whole island. They explain what life in this little tropical village means to them. In this and future videos they also share a little about their B&B and what it is like to have a teenager in one of the local international schools.

Now it is not hard for me to understanding why a family would want to leave the frozen northern extremes of Canada where temperatures can drift down to minus 40 degrees on occasion…. seems obvious. But it was not really leaving the cold that led to their exodus to Cabrera. They got here and they just loved it and we are lucky to have them as part of our growing expat family.In this first video interview of Claude and Marie Josee, we explore their WHY and learn a bit more about their life in their new adopted home.  They share almost four years of experience in living in Cabrera and are a great resource for all families considering a move outside of their homeland.

In their next video interview they will share some ideas about what it will take for an expat to succeed in their own business in Cabrera Dominican Republic.  Claude offers so great common sense advise that too many expats seem to forget.  Also in a future video we will hear about the education system from a high schooler’s perspective and finally we will take a quick look at their little B&B.

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Willy December 11, 2013 at 3:25 pm

Fantástico video, esas son personas que viven aquí, conviven muy bien con los dominicanos y ya son parte de la comunidad, es una realidad la que ellos exponen en la entrevista y es así como se vive en este pedacito de tierra, felicidades para ellos….

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