Preppers Checklist – Anything Missing From Your Bugout Bag?

And the Fifth One to Crash and Burn IS???Let’s just suppose the SHTF and the dollar collapses. I bet you are missing several key survival tools from your preppers checklist. Have you covered all the bases to keep your family safe in a total financial collapse of the dollar… and the turmoil that will follow? Do you have a realistic contingency plan that responds to a desperate government that will squeeze the life out of you for whatever assets and freedoms you have left in order to perpetuate their control?

Let’s review one version of a simple preppers checklist.

Food – Do you have a continuous and abundant supply of food that you can either grow, buy cheap or barter for easily. I’m not talking about “rations” that will get you through a few months, I’m talking about something that is self sustaining without 18-wheelers restocking the shelves every week.

Guns and Ammunition – Worse comes to worse… can you defend yourself against the angry, hungry people that expect to live off the government handouts that suddenly fizzle out, and the riff raff that resent that you have prepared better than them? Of course, guns and ammunition will do little  to defend yourself against an overzealous first-world government. Your little stockpile of weapons and ammunition will pale in comparison to what can be sent your way if you become a problem… or a honey hole.

Healthcare – Of course you should have your first aid kit packed to the gills with anything you can stockpile for those unexpected emergencies.  But at some point you will need to have access to real healthcare by real professionals.  This might pose some challenges if you currently reside in a country where the healthcare industry owes much of its existence to government subsidized medicine or government reimbursement schemes like Medicare and Medicaid.  Healthcare providers in many of these systems are already desperately trying to shift costs to the few people left that can actually still pay for healthcare.  Costs are already out of control.  Take for example a simple 15 minute diagnostic in the MRI machine… with a $4,000 bill on the other end.  Ridiculous!  What happens when the massive government healthcare subsidies dry up?  Who will be left to maintain the status quo of all those well paid doctors and hospitals.  YOU?

Ability To Live Cheap and Off the Grid – How will you handle a major outage of the power grid for an extended period of time?  How cold does it get in the winter months?  Is your water supply dependent on the power grid somewhere up the pipeline or from your well?  Have you really thought about what a shut down of the power grid really means.  Gas and diesel pumps don’t work.  Water pumps and wells don’t work.  Many heating systems don’t work.  Communications are typically shut down.  Most of the high-tech equipment in hospitals no longer work.  If there ever was a case for living a simpler life…. failure of the power grid ranks right up there.

What if the cost of electric power spikes significantly… two, five, even ten times higher than today’s rates?  Are you prepared to live on 80% to 100% less power for an extended period of time?

Liberty and Freedom –  The most probable response of the government to chaos is martial law.  Are you prepared to be a virtual prisoner in your own home, unable to move or travel freely, unable to leave and look for a better place and unable to access or move your assets?  Ever considered the impact of being denied a passport, or having your passport frozen?  Are you prepared to be subject to extreme taxation of all you own, earn, buy and sell?  After all, someone must pay for the bloated government to trudge along…. why not YOU?

Mobility – Do you have viable mobility options in case the mass transit systems shut down or the gas and diesel pumps fail to work?  How dependent are you on one or more gas guzzling vehicles to get you to your source of income, or your food or your healthcare?

Ok enough questions.  Food for thought though.

The worst could happen you know, and many predict we are much closer to the edge than the bureaucratic “leaders” admit.

Well, I certainly can’t solve all the problems of the world’s economies…. but I can suggest a couple very specific things to add to your Bugout Bag.  These two things are mostly about insuring that you have a foolproof way to get the heck out of dodge… if and when you need to.  Basically a “hall pass” that will give you mobility and will be honored internationally, no matter how desperate the US, Canadian or European governments get.

For many preppers, these two things have been largely neglected and are almost certainly missing from most preppers checklists.  These two things should be near the top of your list for 2014, while you still can do something about them.  There are efforts on many legislative and governmental fronts to shut down these loopholes for normal, tax paying folks like us.  It’s simple, they want to plug the tax drain leaks before they become widespread.

2nd Passport

Dominican Republic Passport for ExpatsValid internationally-recognized passports are an essential tool to ensure mobility into and out of your country and most others.  Your home government can certainly deny or freeze your use of your home country passport, thus preventing you from exiting your country no matter how bad it gets.  But that power does not extend to a valid 2nd passport issued by a foreign country.  Unlike drivers licenses and other forms of identification, passports are universally recognized and honored by virtually every nation on earth and many passports are readily accepted for entrance into multiple countries.  Think of it like this.  A 2nd passport is the most important document you can have if you want to leave your home country or travel across borders…. whether they want you to or not.  They can legally take away your home passport, but have no right to take away your foreign passport.  A 2nd passport may be the ultimate get-out-of-dodge pass in tough times.  There are still a few nearby countries where normal people can still afford to get a 2nd passport, but those doors are closing.

Offshore Homebase

organic too.So if you are going to be prepared to leave your home country, either temporarily or forever, you need a safe place to land.  And why not pick a place that helps address some of the challenges you may face back home.  How about a place with abundant fresh and inexpensive food nearby.  And a place with almost unlimited gravity-fed water supply.  And a place with a mild temperate climate year-round where you don’t have to spend a dime on heat and air if you choose the location of your home to take advantage of trade winds.  And a place where property taxes are so low it is laughable.  And a place where healthcare services can be first world quality at a low third world price.  And a place where you can actually afford domestic, farming and property maintenance services because they start at only $12.50 a day.  And a place where the government is much less intrusive and leaves you alone to live your own life.  And while you are at it, you might as well pick a place that is only a few hours away from your home country and offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, not to mention virtually unlimited outdoor activities of every imaginable nature, from mountain climbing to scuba diving and everything in between.

I’m sure you have figured out that I am suggesting that you seriously look at the north coast of the Dominican Republic to check off both of these items on your prepper checklist.  The rural coastal area around Cabrera Dominican Republic fits all of these criteria, and a lot more.  But you shouldn’t take my word for it.  Get off your duff and get down here and see for yourself.  If you want to see the area from an insiders view and talk to others that have already done their homework before you then you will want to take advantage of our free DYD Discovery Tour.  It is the fastest way in the world to seriously check out an offshore haven for your family.  You will probably see more and learn more in a week than you could expect to learn in a month on your own.  Do it.  You will not regret it.  No one before you has regretted their visit.


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johnsteven December 9, 2013 at 7:50 pm

Very important what Barry is saying, to all out there there are options to getting out.I made my move a few years ago.From what i can see it is not getting any better in my homeland England or the States.Here i have an abundance of food, plenty of water and a strong community.People here live simply.That is the key folks,one more important thing the government does NOT control anyone period, people here would go crazy and you would see many a politician beaten to a pulp.
Remember this country survived Trujillo that is only just over 50 years ago.When things are simple life is less complicated,that is how we live here everyone knows everyone, we all help each other with many different things.As an expat who took the decision I know there are still many sitting on the fence post.Feel free to contact me if you need any advice about what it’s like living or relocating to the DR as I’ve done it. Email me at JOHNSTEVENPESC@GMAIL.COM. Great article Barry

Tim Conley December 19, 2013 at 3:21 pm

We returned from our first DR Tour a few days ago. Even though it cut into our hoarded escape resources, it was the absolute best thing we did. The Tour is all, and so much more than, Barry describes. The North Coast people, land, and culture drew our tired, oppression-weary souls as nothing we could have imagined. Even as well-informed as we felt we were, and being out-of-the-box thinkers as a whole, to physically step outside the box, far removed from the influences that bombard our minds and bodies incessantly, was an unexpected shock. But it was when we stepped back INSIDE the box that the greatest shock wave of reality hit. Even “well-informed” people are numb- and often mis-informed. There is a time for thoughtful consideration. That time is gone. Do not hesitate, do not vacillate. Just get out.

Mikal December 24, 2013 at 11:38 pm

I’ve been thinking hard about the importance of a realistic contingency plan, that would actually work, here in the U.S.A. . I’ve also listened to and read some pretty decent info, on the subject over the last 2 years.

My Conclusion:

It’s not a feasible thing for me to do. When the Sh*t hits the fan, anyone that has something of real value, like stored food, generators, water, solar panels, etc., will be a bulls-eye just waiting to be hit. And all of that stuff about using firearms to protect what you have, isn’t reasonable, especially if there’s a hungry mob coming down the street. And the big cities here will probably be hardest hit, since there are higher concentrations of people. It’s a great recipe for disaster.

Not to mention the fact that according to what I’ve read and the recent changes in the law, over the past few years; the government has the right to seize anything that they deem necessary to take from so called citizens.

Prepping on a large scale, and planning to stay here, is a waste of time money and energy, in my opinion. Oh and I forgot to add the stress factor, of it all.

That’s my 2 cents.


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