Ohio Expat’s Medical Miracle – Part 2 – Cabrera Dominican Republic Success Story

Kathy's Healthcare Miracle

Kathy’s Healthcare Miracle

This is part 2 of Kathy Stahl’s medical “miracle’ story.  In this video interview, Kathy describes her experience undergoing only 5 days of treatment by Dr. Frank.  At times Kathy you will see that Kathy is a bit overwhelmed with the progress she has made in such a short period of time.  That is understandable since she has been battling almost 16 years of unbearable pain as a result of a very serious auto accident.

She simply was not getting lasting relief despite the intensive treatments by multiple doctors and at one time over 32 active prescriptions.  At the time she and her husband, Paul, made the trip down on one of our DYD Discovery Tours, Kathy was bedridden in pain for several days of the tour.

I suspect that Kathy felt she was desperately grasping at straws when she heard stories from various expats about this physician called Dr. Frank.  But, what did she have to lose.  She was headed for confinement to a wheel chair if her pain continued unabated.

Kathy shares her experience trying to get on Dr. Franks schedule and the unorthodox diagnostic methods she observed.  You can see the results of only 5 days treatment in her face.  I would have to agree….For Kathy the treatments by Dr. Frank seem like a miracle.  I have seen her spirit and energy restored and if I had not seen similar results with other expats, I would say it looks like a miracle to me too.  But Kathy is just one of many expats that have had a positive experience under Dr. Frank’s care.

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mike December 19, 2013 at 2:17 am

Barry, what about setting up a local in a business ? And give opportunity to them they otherwise wouldn’t have? That would be worthwhile to me.

Barry December 19, 2013 at 7:28 pm

Sure it can be done. I would recommend that you get used to things first. Would go a long way for allowing success and seeing what’s needed in the area.

Brian December 23, 2013 at 2:52 pm

This is a very nice story and are very happy this is very nice lady is living life better and released from dehabilitating illness. We are Canadian and were in the Canadian medicare system for 25 years and know of the short comings of that system. There are many mis-diagnoses in Canada. WE KNOW THIS from the inside. The stuff behind the scene is incredible. We are going to the DR and look very much to meet Dr Frank as well as Barry to check out the Cabrera area. We concur that you should open your mind and listen to health treatments outside of the main stream. Listen to what you are told and be discerning about the info you receive and make decisions that you feel comfortable with.

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