Relinquishing US Citizenship If It Were a Stock BUY IT!!!

The Tytler Cycle in History

Cycles are circles. One of the universal laws state circles with in circles. Care to guess what phase we’re currently in.

If giving up US citizenship was a tradable stock on any exchange I would have to suggest buy now and go long. Check out the stats for yourself on Google Analytics. You’ll discover it’s one of the hottest search terms and has been for over one year now. As the saying goes “you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Here’s a snapshot of what I’m saying. In 2009 a mere 742 Citizens or green card holders applied to have their status as citizens or residents relinquished. Since then it’s been on a steady uptick and on a graph chart begins to take on the appearance of a stable bull market trend for the foreseeable future. 2010 was up by a healthy margin over 2009 followed by 1781 in 2011. We’re up a healthy 33% in 2012 which tips the scale at over 2400 applications.

By late 2014 this button gets pushed and there's no going back. The cycle has to complete before it can reset.

By late 2014 this button gets pushed and there’s no going back. The cycle has to complete before it can reset.

I expect once released you’ll find that 2013 was up but even at a higher percentage. Taking into consideration the domino effect (Pardon the pun but I do live in the DR) over the next few years these numbers are set to soar! For me the most astounding part of it all is nothing’s even changed yet. All the conveniences are still present in the nation.

People are still running big numbers on those deadly little plastic get now pay later cards. Yes still charging what they can’t even afford in the first place. Anyone can still pull up to the drive through and order their number 2 with extra cheese and double pickles… Presto 30 seconds later “Pick Up at the next window please” and it’s ready and waiting.  A colorful bag filled with piping hot genetically modified savory delights. Every grocery store is still fully stocked, Power grids are still functioning. That so called cyber-attack we’ve all been warned about hasn’t happened as of yet. The internet is still spewing out the same half-baked garbage it always has been. Nothing’s change YET!!! Yep all still appears to be pretty much as it always was. But soon it won’t be as the iceberg is getting closer.

What are you letting them do to you. You do have choices but you have to choose them.

What are you letting them do to you. You do have choices but you have to choose them.

Besides for the few alert that see what catastrophic train wreck lies ahead for the masses nothing’s changed. Rarely do I ever include dates and times in the same sentence. I’ve learned valuable lessons in the past from doing so… but the time is right for a rare exception. Watch out for the last quarter of 2014!!! Might want to have your plans well in place before that time.

Expect the tide to change. America will follow suit by taking on a mirrors image of what’s currently happening over in Europe. Europe’s violent protests are escalating rapidly.  Now most of Europe is but a mere step away from full scale revolution and in 2014 (last quarter) will be arriving to a town near you. Bet on it! What’s currently happening in Europe is due to arrive last quarter of 2014. You’ll be witnessing a sharp uptick in violence across America. Just because the mainstream hasn’t been reporting much of what’s currently occurring doesn’t mean it’s not actually occurring.

Expect that trend to flow over to the US by third quarter of 2014 and progressively get worse from there. We’re heading into what’s termed by Martin Armstrong as the cycle of war. A 72 year cycle that’s been spot on with its accuracy. I’ve purchased and read The Cycle of War and it’s not often I suggest you do the same however this is one exception as its outstanding reading well worth the 75.00 it costs to download it.

I want to shift gears now and mention something I established while watching Mike Maloney’s video featured below this post. Mike mentions two sources of information one of which is called Free the World.Com. A site sponsored by the Fraser Institute. The site contains pertinent information on a wide variety of subjects regarding personal freedoms. The site evaluates personal freedoms based and is based on several different countries. I found it to be very interesting and I’m confident you will too.

USA’s Economic Freedom-Fall To Collectivist Nightmare – Mike Maloney


One particular point of interest that caught my eye was the category of size of Government. The DR ranked 12th and the US ranked 59th. Interesting point as it proves once again it’s not the amount of rules which is important. What’s important is can they be enforced? I’ve mentioned this several times prior and I hope you’re starting to get this important message but if not don’t worry you soon will. More or less in a couple of years you’ll understand exactly what is meant by it.

Some other points that raised a brow were found in the section called sound money. I found it a bit strange since for the present time the US is and should remain the Reserve currency for a while… but here’s what I found so interesting. The US ranked 37th and the DR ranked 36th in the category of sound money. That was a surprise since we have a floating currency and not a base currency. Makes one wonder just how you can have the reserve currency and place in 37th in a section titled Sound Money??? If fact over all DR placed (61st) ahead of many other countries including Costa Rica (63rd) Panama (67th) Paraguay (89th) and Thailand (94th) just to mention a few that might come as a surprise to you.

For me the most valuable lessons gained from reading the entire PDF were the following few points. First off the polling is based on citizens not expat residents. That makes a huge difference which I will expand on in the following paragraph. What is still one of the few remaining advantages of having a US passport is FOR NOW you are still able to enter and exit almost any other country in the world.

Are You Ready For Riots? Future Money Trends


Dominican’s and citizens in most other 3rd world countries can’t say the same. For most it’s hard just to obtain a vacation visa and exit the country just a couple of weeks. You need to make appointments with consulates and have solid reasons for exiting. The most popular reason still is a work visa for a job waiting in another country. That’s still a time consuming difficult process to obtain one.

I’ve seen several times how difficult a process it was with several of my acquaintances who already had jobs waiting for them in other countries.Vacation visas are near to impossible to obtain if you’re not well connected and can show responsibilities back in the country of origin. Home ownership property ownership owning a business are just a few they’ll be looking for at the consulate. To sum it up here’s where I’m going with this.

As an expat you are here by choice and can leave anytime you choose to. Dominican’s and citizens of most 3rd world countries can’t say the same.  Expats for the most part are experiencing a great life style in several of these countries.  You see most expats tend to support local businesses and restaurants pay their bills, repay when given credit as almost any store or restaurant will be pleased to extend you credit once they know you.

The Government knows this and that’s why it works so well for you the expat. A win-win situation always is the best outcome from any deal. From the Governments viewpoint expats are a needed source of revenue because they ease the burden placed upon them and stimulate the local economy. Many countries are now competing for your residency. Look at all the other countries starting to compete for you the expat to relocate there.

Governments are well aware several expats will open their own small business and need local employees. Expats will purchase land or a home which again opens the door to needing repairs, maintenance thus stimulating the local economy. Even if you’re retiring you still need services and various products… and can afford them. Retirees still stimulate the local economy and are welcomed.

If you ever get stopped for traffic violations just show them you’re out of country license and it’s “please be careful have a good day sir” and you’re off without any other hassles. Just ask the DR Escapes folks touring here if it’s true or not as it’s happened while on tour and they shake their heads in disbelief. For us it’s a great way to live and it just might be for you to.

Open your mind and your eyes there’s a better way if you choose to accept it. As previously mentioned you’ll be seeing the tide change abruptly come late 2014. Trust me in this or at least put it in your daytime planner so you can cuss yourself out later for not paying attention to what’s been said. From there it starts to take a sharp downward spiral and the cards are starting to be swiped off the table. By last quarter of 2015 I fully expect you to start realizing that staying and hunkering down may have been a poor decision. It’s better to be two years to early than two seconds to late. Think about it.

If any of this is making sense why not get connected and start meeting others who have already taken the DYD Tour and have made the change. I’m sure you’ll find them to be a valuable source of boots on the ground information. I suggest changing the thought from what if I do and start pondering the thought  what if I don’t… you can thank God for it later . Until next time.

johnsteven December 17, 2013 at 9:04 pm

Exactly,what if i dont is the question facing many in the US and other countries.Having had the pleasure of living here in the Dr for a number of years i believe it is important as an expat to tell those who are curious.
1 The Dr is rich in natural resources.
2 Voted a close second as the happiest country in the world behind Costa rica.
3 Safety recently voted by the world tourist board as one of the safest.
4 One of the top exporters of organic food.
5 Can feed the entire nation almost 5 times over.
6 A lot of people have hardly any money but they are happy.
7 People here are not under the influence of there goverment and will oppose anything they do not agree with.
8 The goverment cannot control the people as they are well aware that there will be an uprising.
9 People do not rely on the state for everything.
10.Laid back, less stressful,happier and healthier place.
On a final note nothing is perfect in life, but this place comes pretty close with regards to the above and the nature of the people, that feeling of a community.Regards johnsteven.

Kevin S. December 18, 2013 at 2:02 am

Count me as one of the past DRescapes tour-goer that was stopped along the highway by local officials. All three of us expats/non-locals. First, they were completely cordial unlike cops in other places, and once they received the license from our driver, they told us to have a nice day and we were on our way.

mike December 19, 2013 at 3:05 am

nice to hear kevin, thanks. me and my Dianna will do the dr trip. cant waitttttttt.

johnsteven December 19, 2013 at 9:17 pm

Look forward to seeing you,johnsteven

Mikal December 24, 2013 at 10:50 pm

Hi Everyone,

The above was a very insightful read. I try and keep abreast of Trends and Daily deterioration that’s been going on around here. It acts as a Barometer for Me and I can see the Storms in the forecast and they are coming real soon.

I too am surprised at where the U.S. currency is ranked and the D.R. currency is a double surprise for me. Can’t wait to get down there.

Keep up the excellent work, Barry.

And Happy Holidays to everyone, regardless how you choose to celebrate it.


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