Confiscation, Taxes, Restrictions – 2014 Predictions

Trapped Like a Rat on the Cheese

Trapped Like a Rat on the Cheese

What is in store for 2014?  You can’t rule out confiscation of your savings, tax increases in every form, limitations on your ability to insure your freedom to travel and move your assets around. Unfortunately, everything points to a not-so-prosperous new year for many of you.

I rarely repost articles by other bloggers, but I thought the article quoted below was especially pertinent for your new years resolutions.  We all have our own new years resolutions, whether it is losing weight, getting fit or healthy, simplifying our lives or whatever.  But the interesting thing about new years resolutions, most of us just procrastinate right through them, only to look back on the year and see that another year passed without meaningful progress.

I know you are probably tired of hearing my perspectives on timing and urgency so I thought I would share this article by Jeff Thomas over at International Man.  Jeff takes another shot at laying the foundation for exactly why your time is running out.  I think his summary pretty much nails it down regarding your fading opportunity to secure a 2nd passport and the urgency of taking action as soon as possible.

This is a “limited time offer” as the old television adverts used to say. Once the laws are in, the offer will end.

Get Ready for Confiscation

By Jeff Thomas / December 23, 2013

This 1901 photo shows what appears to be a group of respectable businessmen.

Some, however, may recognise this group as Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch, who, although by all accounts were gentlemanly in their escapades, were highly successful robbers. It may well be that their success was attributable to the fact that they were quite business-like in their approach to robbery.

Today, we have a clear parallel in the central bankers of the world. Through a close marriage to the governments of the countries in which they operate, the central bankers of today have been elevated to a position in which, if they are not actually above the law, laws are rewritten to legalise their exceedingly unethical objectives.

In early 2013, when Cyprus announced that it had executed a “bail-in” of depositors’ funds, we predicted that the Cyprus bail-in, far from being an isolated case, was intended as a trial balloon, that bail-ins would later be imposed in Europe, then the US.

Now, the EU has proudly announced its plan for an EU bail-in, which will come into force in one year and take effect in two years. Gunnar Hökmark, who steered the legislation through Parliament, proudly stated, We now have a strong bail-in system which sends a clear message that bank shareholders and creditors will be the ones to bear the losses on rainy days, not taxpayers.”

So, there’s clearly nothing to worry about. The problem is solved and only the shareholders, bond holders, and depositors will lose… all of their deposits over €100,000 (US$138,000.) Those who do not possess savings of over €100,000 will lose absolutely nothing.

Quite a relief.

Unfortunately, there are two niggling problems with this wondrous “solution.” First, it assumes that it’s perfectly all right for the bankers of the world, who were largely responsible for the current economic disaster, to steal the savings of its depositors. Second, it sets a date of implementation at two years away—hardly the sort of date that would be set to solve an emergency, which is why the banks claim the theft is necessary.

Essentially, what this says to the public is that, henceforth, no one in the EU will be allowed to keep more than €100,000 in the bank, another way of saying that “wealth” will not be tolerated. “There’s no hurry, folks, we’re just putting you on notice that the middle and upper classes are to be eliminated.”

As we advised earlier this year, Canada has passed similar legislation, but they chose to hide it in their 2013 budget. The news was never reported in the media.

However, US citizens who are reading this may wipe their collective brow and say, “Thank God, it doesn’t include us.”

But, again, as we postulated earlier, the bail-in is intended for the US as well. Once it has sunk in that such a move is perfectly acceptable in Europe, the US will declare its own bail-in policy.

Those who still cling to some hope that there may be some good news here, may say, “Well, at least if I have less than €100,000 on deposit, I can still call that my own.”

These folks will be the same ones who are relieved that they are likely to be left out of a “one-time” wealth tax that is currently being floated as another solution to the exorbitant operating costs of governments.

However, any government that steals your money once is likely to have another go at a later date. And another and another.

“One time only” taxes have a way of repeating again and again.

Once they are accepted at all—for any reason—governments tend to repeat them. They eventually become the norm. Even the income tax in the US started as a “temporary” tax.

Further, governments have a way of lowering the bar as to who is affected. For both the bail-in and the one-time wealth tax, once governments have blown through the public’s savings, they will need another injection of monetary heroin soon enough.

Of one thing we can be assured: Governments will not, under any circumstances, decide to decrease the size of government. Nor will the legislators decrease the emoluments and benefits they receive. Once the people of the European and North American countries have been downgraded to a single class of serfs, they will not be allowed to rise up again to the point that they have the economic power to be self-determining in their lives.

Regular readers of this publication will be very familiar with the many responses from their peers who write in, saying, “This internationalisation idea is fine for those who have wealth, but what about me? I don’t have enough to finance my relocation. I’m stuck here, no matter how bad it gets.”

Quite so. For those who are already in the serf class, an exit from the system may well be economically impossible. Once the middle and upper classes are eliminated, the collectivist pen will be complete, and the sheep that are captive within will be ready for the shearing.

The bank robbers of a century ago have been replaced by the robber banks. And their partners, the governments, have unquestionably rolled out the red carpet for them to steal your wealth with impunity.

For those who still reside in such countries, there are essentially three choices:

  1. Accept your fate in the new collectivist state
  1. Imagine that some sort of citizens outcry or revolt will dissuade the robbers
  1. Opt out of the system for greener pastures elsewhere

This is a “limited time offer” as the old television adverts used to say. Once the laws are in, the offer will end.

Editor’s Note: When you are dealing with a desperate government, it is always better to be proactive than reactive. Internationalization is your ultimate insurance policy. You can find specific guidance from Casey Research on this critically important topic—so that you can take action before it’s too late—by clicking here.


I couldn’t agree more with Jeff’s assessment.  The major industrialized nations have spent and borrowed their way into a corner that leaves little wiggle room.  Like the feudal lords of past, the central bankers have rigged this game totally in their favor and their collateral is you and the ability to suck up your assets and freedoms in a sort of serfdom.  I wish it wasn’t the case, but it certainly appears to be.

My wish for you in this new year is that you take this threat seriously, get off your duff, and implement a sound backup plan.  Arm yourself with a legal way to get out of your country if you choose to( 2nd passport), find a place to live a quality lifestyle where you can live well for a lot less (even as backup) and prepare your family for the changes coming.  All I can do is suggest it and hope you take it seriously.

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mike December 28, 2013 at 12:58 am

dear Barry;

the water is getting noticeably hot for us here in the usa.

still unfathomable that this place goes all the way over the falls , ill have to see it before I believe it but the dang trajectory is spot on for a high degree of annialation of all facets of usa lifestyle to some degree or another.

and to quote you ; “why be here , watch it from a distance”.

im on a small project I told you what I do on the phone, will be done in march and book the dr tour trip immediately after. (figure id make a few more frns before the end , (playing with fire I know).

my idea in dr is start a business , improve the lives of a dozen locals and have a life to yaknow?

need high tech advice on things, moving etc. hook up with you in dr.

thanks, mike

Barry December 28, 2013 at 2:42 pm

Take it easy and first see it this area appeals to you. I understand what you mean about still hard to fathom this happening but once again look at history, China, Greece, Rome ect. all of them at their specific times were the powers of the world. It’s a matter of sustainability at such levels not what we believe can happen. You’ll see in my new post about education it’s the same thing. Parents refuse to believe that their children are not even employable in the next generation all because they feel NOT IN MY COUNTRY kind of attitude. People in fear never want to hear the truth when alternate choices such as denial are available to provide a false feeling of comfort. Gosh not to even mention these other children are fluent in at least 3 languages it’s not going to be pretty however it is TRUTH. Hope you see where I’m coming from. Thought from the heart before first going through the head is very dangerous. Thanks for the comments.


mike December 29, 2013 at 9:09 pm

dear Barry,

My girlfriend and I will come down . shes not so awake as we are.

also , the people I know closely in the USA are COMPLETELY into denial. I have been told by them ” I don’t want to think about it”.

also, in amerian-us society breeds a mentality of ‘all is fine’ , get a life, football, also “have to believe in a better future and quit being ‘negatve’ “. Life in the food chain here is -” who has the latest $60,000 diesel pickup” ? digusted.

ive observed a credit card- feel rich, shop/ get more- attitude has filled the void of any searching for reality anymore.
the dozen people im close to have an all agenda to make more money and manage there debt , no time or energy to contemplate world /financial events.

What a brainjob the fed and the corp/fascist have accomplished. destroying a whole society with time.

Barry December 29, 2013 at 11:27 pm

Mike it’s fine who ever comes down with you. Please understand we’re not going to sugarcoat anything as with experience we know that people have to live by their own decisions. The sad truth is nobody did anything except to themselves WHY because we all allowed it to happen. We allowed ourselves to be preoccupied with entertainment sports false news what ever else you care to add on to the list but WE OURSELVES allowed it to happen. Until people start to realize this important fact nothing will change. The mortgage fraud, bank corruption, wars in the false name of security all can only happen if WE THE PEOPLE allow it to happen. I can write a novel on this topic but I’m confident at the frequency you’re vibrating at you already understand exactly what’s meant. As long as your friends keep playing the game without knowing the rules they’re eventually gonna get slaughtered. The only way to win the game is get out of the game as much as possible. Shit who play cards when your opponent stacked the deck. Sure they’ll allow you to enjoy the illusion of winning a hand or two but at the end of the game we both know who wins.

mike December 30, 2013 at 3:35 am

dear Barry;

“share the illusion”—

my sis has started 1 of 4 chemo , getting 2nd this Thursday.

this is mike and Im out

Barry December 30, 2013 at 12:46 pm

Mike I’m very sad to hear this news. If you ever need someone to talk with and just vent out you always know how to reach me. My thoughts are with you and your sister. Stay strong for both.

johnsteven December 30, 2013 at 3:02 pm

Hi mike john here, sorry to hear that.I hope everything goes well for you and your family in the new year.We look forward to seeing you and spending time with you.
Drop me an email anytime.Regards john

mike December 31, 2013 at 1:26 am

Thank you so much Barry and Johnsteven for heartful generous concern.
May wait on calling you Johnsteven as Barry advised ; ‘come down and first see if dr appeals to us’. thankyou….

Ya know Barry,as Im on a gasline project in Texas , it appears the mentality here is “we are gonna stay and fight those damn Yankees”. Went to a gun show and it was hardcore belief that Texas will survive.
I don’t know if its relevant that governor perry was at the Bilderberger meeting 3 years ago? were they vetting him?

Its so dang massive chaos ! does make for order out of change?

and you have rawles on preaching to million believers to bug in and prepare? well I did that do I feel better? hell no.

At least life is interesting and/or im just paranio , (like pacino used the word in scarface)
this is mike and im out,

Paul January 16, 2014 at 2:27 pm

Elizabeth and I (Paul) made the trip and did the DR Escapes tour….. Wow simple paradise…. We fell in love and are now in transition, looking for land, applying for residence status and planing the move before it’s too late. More Taxes, confiscations, new laws to subdue and control are in progress.

BE CAREFUL… I am fully convinced of the darkness thats coming and I still have to remind myself daily of the truths and facts to keep us moving forward. It is all to easy to sit back and think it will be alright until it’s too late. Too late in my opinion is coming soon!!!! Thanks to Barry & Liane and the DR Escapes friends and expats for hospitality and support at every turn… It’s a family

Paul & Elizabeth

Barry January 16, 2014 at 3:18 pm

Thanks Paul and Elizabeth, We’re all pleased that you’re both part of it. Seeing you soon.

Dave May 9, 2014 at 1:40 pm

Hi Barry.

I don’t know if you had a chance to listen to Simon’s latest podcast but I thought this one would be particularly interesting to the DR Escapes people who are from the US. Jeff Berwick keeps talking about how difficult it may be to move money out of the US after July 1st, 2014. Well, it looks like some banks may be blacklisted from receiving wire transfers from the US after that date. Simon gives an excellent breakdown of it in this podcast.

It’s long. Probably too long. The FATCA part starts at 28:00. 33:30 talks about the blacklisting.

If you get time I’d like to hear your thoughts on it.

Hope all is well. See you soon.


Dave June 5, 2014 at 7:29 am

“Publication of the registration list was a key step in the long process of implementing FATCA because it lets firms see who is and is not signed up. The list will be updated monthly as more firms register, said the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.”

Any bank not on the “registration list” may be blacklisted.

Dave June 9, 2014 at 1:29 am

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