RT’s Truthseeker, New Polls Place U.S. DEAD LAST in EDUCATION

Yes the Government gets what the Government wants and they Don't want your Children to be educated.

Yes the Government gets what the Government wants and they Don’t want your Children to be educated.

Yet again the nation’s downward spiral gains additional momentum. America placed DEAD LAST in education according to several recently released polls. This news is Not Good for the nation’s future. Why for the most part it went unnoticed for so long (over a decade now in serious decline) remains a mystery to most. Many of the masses seem to focus on other areas of importance and then attach a system of ranking to it. Seems the masses like placing the nation’s most urgent issues in a chronological order that might go something like this.

First might be the economy, Second political corruption, third replacing of the dollar as the world’s reserve and so on.  Toss into that salad the fear of war, loss of freedoms escalating crime and you start to understand why at the very least almost all are living their lives in an endless state of confusion. In fact most are rather depressed about what the future holds not only for them but for their nation as a whole.

There’s an old saying that states “the hand is quicker than the eye”. While eyes are focused on the problems listed above it leaves several other pressing issues tucked away barely being noticed. Hidden in the closet some refer to as the Matrix. Trust me this is done BY DESIGN so don’t be fooled for a second it is a very advanced form of mind control.

Blue Pill or Red Pill:


While I’m in agreement the above mentioned are all major issues it still leaves several others out of the lime light. One in particular is the Education system or better stated the failure of the nation’s education system. WHY has it gone unnoticed for so long? A strong possibility might be it takes about 16 to 20 years to fully realize the effects. WHY because that’s the time frame it takes to indoctrinate one full generation through the educational system.

You need to watch this linked YouTube to fully understand what I’m trying to point out. Understand this video was done in 1985. Now sit back and analyze these four steps of how the demoralization of a nation occurs. From there simply transfer them into the present time frame. Look with an open mind at the nation… try to disagree with the outcome… in fact try dismissing it’s not 100% true to life in the western nations of today. I know this is disturbing but being disturbed won’t change the facts.  Most folks don’t want the truth as most are content living in denial. That is until that military boot is shoved up their ass as described by former KGB Yuri Bezmenov.

KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov 1985 Interview:


Over the past couple of decades the western nation’s educational system has taken on a group thought mentality. No longer is it acceptable for individual thought or ideas to be part of this system. The brightest and most advanced thinkers are now labeled extremist and non-conforming. Conforming to what is the deeper question that’s not being asked. Most advanced thinkers are diagnosed as having one form or another of the many newfangled learning disorders and it’s off to the drug store… problem solved.

Zoloft Ritalin Prozac choose your flavor. Your Mind along with your child's mind are being controlled. WTFU!!!

Zoloft Ritalin Prozac choose your flavor. Your Mind along with your child’s mind are being controlled. WTFU!!!

Let the Ritalin take care of it. Sorry to say this is what’s become of it… and the parent’s just sit back and take it. WHY… your mind is being controlled that’s WHY…occupied on other so called more pressing issues as previously mentioned above. You just don’t or don’t want to see the reality. Presently being in denial is just to comforting to break away from…but you soon will as that boot is right around the corner from being shoved right up your ass. I know I’ll probably get the usual negative feedback as the truth always does but it still is what it is needs to be said. Perhaps now more than ever before it’s what needs to be said.

Communication skills have been replaced by Cell Phones, Facebook and Twitter. Today’s youth now finds it the ultimate to Twitter from table to table so is it any wonder a meaningful deep personal conversation is all but a thing of the past. Progress as with anything else is a double edged sword. The word friend has first been interwoven then substituted with the word acquaintance. Doubt it? Just ask how many actually believe people they’ve never met before are good friends on Facebook and Twitter.  Yes they’re fantasy friends the illusion of friendship in a nation that is all about illusion.

One by one they're falling into the abyss. Facebook Twitter WASup. Your gadgets now control your life.

One by one they’re falling into the abyss. Facebook Twitter WASup. Your gadgets now control your life.

Math, science and even reading the U.S. placed way behind all but a few. Sad but true. One other tidbit I’d like to mention in regards to communication and perhaps it’s the most important to be pondering and that’s language skills. Language skills in all of the other competing nations have their students fluent in at least three different languages. Ever wonder why when you meet people from Europe or Asia they almost always speak some English. You on the other hand have been duped into believing that all the rest of the world relies on English to conduct business. Sorry just one of the many illusions again.

In the DR within our private schools you’ll notice its common by early teens for students to be speaking English, Spanish and French. Several students are expanding and acquiring their fourth language. Mandarin Chinese seems to be their choice. WHY… if you ask them their answer will be to be competitive in what is rapidly becoming one of the most important languages in terms of being competitive in the business world. Click HERE and watch videos of the class rooms in Asia. Asia’s youth begins learning English as early as three years of age. Their English skills are amazing at such a young age. How are your children doing on their Mandarin?

I bet not one Parent reading this post has yet read the radiation warnings on their child's cell phone.

I bet not one Parent reading this post has yet read the radiation warnings on their child’s cell phone.

So thinking from the head and not the heart how do you feel about America’s youth competing in the international multi language world of hi tech business in their futures? It’s not going to be a pretty picture and if things don’t change fast there’s nothing you’re going to be able to do about it either. If your kids aren’t fluent in at least two but preferably three languages they are not going to make it. I don’t care what paper your framing from what overvalued College… most of you are starting to realize in today’s real world they’re not worth the paper their printed on.

To dovetail this subject look at it from this angle. The Government gets what the Government wants and if the Government wanted your children to be educated then they would be.

Hey I hear they're hiring. Only bilingual Spanish-English speaking need apply.

Hey I hear they’re hiring. If we all don’t get it together and FAST in under a decade the sign might read Slave-Made in America. Only bilingual Spanish-English speaking need apply.

Case in point look at the third world nation of Cuba. Castro mentioned several times” while we are a poor country this countries youth will have one of the best educations available anywhere in the world. Our youth will not be ignorant” and they’re not. Cuba retains one of the highest ranking education systems in the entire world. Some of the leading Doctors prevail from Cuba… science and engineering as well. Same goes for India.

So if your Government education system is falling by the wayside it is BY GOVERNMENT DESIGN that it is. Understand this but understanding doesn’t take away the responsibility of taking action contrary to it. That is and will always be you the parent’s responsibility. Till next time this is Barry in DR.


The Truthseeker: America ‘Dead Last’ In Education


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