An End To Broken New Year’s Resolutions – Save Yourself, Save Your Family

If You Continue

If You Continue Doing What You Have Always Done… How Will It Ever Get Better

Don’t miss this opportunity to finally break the cycle of broken New Year’ resolutions… and save your family from the not-so-slow destruction of your freedoms and wealth.  This one thing may finally take care of many of those pesky New Year’s resolutions that so many Americans make and break each year.  What am I talking about?  More about that in a minute.

But first lets talk a little about the most popular American New Year’s resolutions according to USA.GOV.


  • Lose Weight
  • Volunteer to Help Others
  • Quit Smoking
  • Get a Better Education
  • Get a Better Job
  • Save Money
  • Get Fit
  • Eat Healthy Food
  • Manage Stress
  • Manage Debt
  • Take a Trip
  • Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle
  • Drink Less Alcohol

Basically they fall into four major camps.  Get more healthy, make more money, enjoy life a little more, and make a difference in someone elses life.  It is interesting that almost all of these resolutions reflect a desire to overcome excesses of one sort or another and many of those excesses contribute to other challenges on that same list.
 In fact, they are often tightly interrelated and are a direct result of the increasingly complicated and stressful lives we either choose or are forced to live these days.  Like hamsters on a treadwheel, many of us are chasing the tail in front of us just to keep up.  We need the better jobs and more money  just to try to have enough to try to tread water as our dollars are worth less and hidden inflation creeps in.  The pace of our lives makes it far more difficult to eat right and stay fit and healthy.  Stress is killing us day by day.  For many our lives are hollow and unfullfilled.  We no longer make a difference.  True happiness and fullfillment, when we do occasionally taste them, are but fleeting moments for many.

So, on January 1 each year, many wake up from their stuper and decide that now is finally the time to turn it around.  Time to change their lives and their circumstances.  Time to put these problems behind them.  Many of these well intended people even take some action.  They head to gyms, or toss out all the “bad” foods filling up their shelves and head to the grocery store to restock the shelves with “healthy foods.  They swear they will spend less and rest more.  They resolve to break bad habits and finally get healthy.  And these are the people that still have enough initiative to even get started.  There is a whole other group that never even gets off the sofa to try.

Never Ending Treadmill

Never Ending Treadmill

Well unfortunately for most of these folks, life does not take a hiatus or even a short break.  Deadlines await.  Stress is just around the corner.  The Jones’s have acquired even more for you to keep up with.  Time waits for no one and .  Within 60 days 90% of those well intended New Year’s resolutions are on the shelf waiting to be rediscovered next year.

I am about to share a way to break this harmful cycle once and for all.  I am going to give you a back door to hop off the killing pace of the treadmill once and for all.  Yeah… for many of you what I am suggesting may seem uncomfortable… but what you will find if you try it is that you will feel like you have experienced a total rebirth.  You will discover that not only is there light at the end of the tunnel, you will find that the tunnel itself has disappeared.

You will find that you can live much better for much less.  You will find that there is no reason to feed the bankers to maintain excesssive debt.  You will find that you can eat the healthiest, best tasting organic foods straight from the nearby farms for less than the cost of fast foods.  You will live a better, less stressful life than “the Jones’s” for a small fraction of what it costs them to live.  You will find as much purpose in your life as you could ever want.  You will discover that healtcare alternatives can be more effective and cost a small fraction of the system you are stuck in now.  And best of all, you will be able to achieve all this in a tropical paradise where everyday can rival your best vacation if you choose.

So what is the solution to broken New Year’s resolutions.

It's not Eden but Hey It's not bad either.

It’s not Eden but Hey It’s not bad either.

Simple really.  Change your perspective, change your surroundings and change your life for the better.  Get off the neverending treadmill.  Stop chasing and start living every day like it is the first day of a great adventure.  Take yourself and your family out of harms way to a place where you can live simply, yet comfortably.

For our family, and an increasing number of other families, we were only able to achieve this level of freedom after we moved our family outside the borders of the US, Canada or Europe.  For us, that move took us to the north coast of the Dominican Republic.  Others have discovered similar lifestyle changes in Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Guatamala and other countries.  Having visited and researched all of these offshore havens we believe this north coast area of the Dominican Republic offers the best alternative, but only you can decide for yourself.

You will never know whether a move like this is best for your family unless you step off the treadmill at least long enough to explore it.  See it with your own eyes.  Sit down and talk about it with people that have taken the step before you.

And that is the life changing New Year’s resolution I really want you to make today.  Resolve to check out at least one other country as a possible home for your family.  I am so convinced that if you follow through with only that one resolution, you will position yourself to eliminate the need to make all those other resolutions forever.

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johnsteven January 2, 2014 at 4:04 pm

Well said Barry ,what is important for those still on the fench is that there are many options in this life but time is very short.As an expat who had the opportunity to relocate and start a business here i can concur with the above.
Since 1999 until 2011 i have been spending my winters here and summers in the US ,now i am here full time which is a blessing.I bought a small piece of land many years ago and now i teach English as a second language.
After almost 3 years of not travelling to the US or the Uk where i am origanally from i realised that i made the right choice.Why?
Over the last year i have met many expats scared about the next step , which is understandable,we are however taking about survivial and this place has all the above.What would you choose?
I have just watched 2014-2016 ITS WORSE THAN YOU KNOW.On youtube.People get out fast.I am leaving my email,we are here to help.God bless .JOHNSTEVENPESC@GMAIL.COM

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