Diet Questions About the DR. What’s On Your Table Tonight?

Natural Sea Bass Organic Potatoes and Veggies. THE REAL DEAL

Natural Sea Bass Organic Potatoes and Veggies. THE REAL DEAL

Over the past year it seems one of the most shared areas of interest that the DR escapes team is quizzed on has to do with the quality of diet in our region of the DR. All of us agree in the importance of availability of healthy unprocessed fresh foods. The DR team understands how that can actually be a deal breaker for many that are considering relocation to any new surroundings or foreign country. It’s with that thought in mind I’d like to take a few moments to set the table so to speak and provide some facts that might be of value. These facts are especially true for those hailing from the western nations.

We’ve met so many visitors this past year numbering well over one hundred. An interesting diversified group of good folks ranging from all areas of the globe. The only common bond they all shared was they were all looking for options. Aside from that one common bond they were as diversified as it gets but strangely enough it was that one common bond that brought them all together by the end of the tour.

Mama Grey with her two new chicks. Ebony and Ivory.

Mama Grey with her two new chicks. Ebony and Ivory.

Keeping the previous paragraph in mind as it’s with that same “hands on” experience that I’m coming from and what forms the accuracy in the information that follows. It’s become very apparent to us that many who visit are suffering from dietary and or food related issues. The symptoms we’ve witnessed range from allergies to an all-out lack of vitamins and nutrients. All too commonly we’ve sat back and observed folks taking ten or more medicines before each meal. What saddens us the most is that you’ve adjusted your thought pattern to actually believe this is normal.

Out of nothing more than curiosity and making a subtle attempt at possibly raising their personal observation that something just might be wrong with this picture and WHAM! The denial consciousness sets into place like a well-rehearsed play where the lines have been memorized for years. We’ve heard it all over and over “oh no you’ve got it all wrong” my Doctor prescribes all these for me. As God is my witness the next few lines always continue in the same manner following.

The vitamin shop has been replaced with the pill parlor. Quit being a victim.

The vitamin shop has been replaced with the pill parlor. Quit being a victim.

They love to sit there and explain what each and every pill is for. As if it somehow justifies their habits or like wearing some sort of badge of honor they’ll continue on. See this tiny green one’s for my high blood pressure. This red and blue capsule is for my blood sugar. The yellow one is for balancing the numbers on my triglycerides and the orange, purple and multi colored ones are for keeping my weight problem at controllable levels. From there the vast majority continue describing a wide array of assorted mood altering substances. Yep a badge of honor all right… well “we don’t need no stinken BADGES”  

Out of the vast amount of people we’ve met to date by a large percentage westerners have placed first by a large margin when it comes to this type of character acting. What still saddens me the most about all of this is twofold. One as previously mentioned it’s accepted as normality and second almost all of it is being caused by the processed garbage that people now accept as food. ALMOST ALL OF IT!!! Hear me well!

The cause is the CRAP!!! that you're consuming. The effect is whats known as a SOFT KILL. Read up about this term SOFT KILL as you're the victim.

The cause is the CRAP!!! that you’re consuming. The effect is whats known as a SOFT KILL. Read up about this term SOFT KILL as you’re the victim.

So you might be wondering what makes me so confident in what I’ve just stated. Why it’s all of you the good folks who’ve visited us… you’ve all been telling us. Over the past year we’ve seen at least a dozen folks ranging in ages from the teens to mid-sixties claiming to be lactose intolerant. While here all were able to enjoy everything that would normally cause them to double over in pain.

Cheese, cream sauces, cream with their coffee even yogurt and ice cream. Not one person even felt a twinge let along pain. So one has to ask themselves is it dairy that I’m intolerant to or rather what’s being done to the dairy that causes me the discomfort. Folks who normally stayed away from various types of fruits and vegetables enjoyed all without any issues. We’ve even had several folks mention the caned products were way different when they chose Dominican made products. They tasted like the actual product should taste and further comparisons led to the following. In canned vegetables the list of ingredients consisted of the type of vegetable, water and some salt or potassium. Comparing them to US brands (which are also available here) had other preservatives than ran a long list that in some cases continued halfway down the can.

This is what my vision of the milkman should be and is. What's yours?

This is what my vision of the milkman should be and is. What’s yours?

Dozens of folks commenting on how different the beef was when comparing it to what was available in the western nations. The texture and taste were different. That’s what free ranged grass fed beef should taste like. Corn is not a normal diet for beef let alone leaving the animal trapped in a tiny cubicle. Here chicken is the normal size a chicken should be not half the size of a turkey.

If chicken is natural it tends to be a bit tougher in texture than some hormone spiked bred in a box version most folks are used to. Bugs, water and some veggies are what most are fed as they to free range. Some folks do occasionally use cracked corn, but if you look around, you can find DR products. Many folks have commented on how our eggs that we use from our own chickens are unbelievably good. I won’t even mention fish and seafood as most of ours was swimming earlier in the day so it’s not even fair to compare the quality and certainly not the price.

So I ask what’s more important to you. Is it living stress filled days in a stressed out environment along with a poor quality processed diet that causes you these ailments? Maybe it’s not having the time to cook good nutritious healthy food for your family because the new normality has you feeling guilty for not slaving away every moment you’re awake.  Perhaps it’s being part of a family that no longer even has the time to sit down and eat together… much less even care to.

People wake up. You're being used as a lab rat. This can't and won't go on much longer. Something's got to break and it just might be you. Choose wisely your family is depending on it.

People wake up. You’re being used as a lab rat. This can’t and won’t go on much longer. Something’s got to break and it just might be you. Choose wisely your family is depending on it.

Or perhaps it’s more important to consider change and start living in a world of flow rather than of force. Maintaining that important balance between work and rest. Quality time and productive time as too little or too much in either direction is still out of balance… restore balance. Maybe you should consider treating the cause instead of handling its effects. Who knows perhaps the money you’ll be saving by not needing all that medication could more than offset the high rent you’re currently paying by living in that rat race style of keeping up with the illusion of normality.

Please understand I’m not saying one is right and the other is wrong. Those of you who’ve been following my site for any length of time know I don’t see these things as right or wrong but instead I see them as choices…. And if you don’t like the choices you’ve made simply make some more choices. Think about it until next time this is Barry in DR.

The Science of Addictive Food

johnsteven January 3, 2014 at 3:22 pm

Well said Barry,the proof is in the pudding.As an expat living here i can say that with all honesty the food is amazing here, 100 percent natural.The fruits are so sweet that it tastes like more sugar has been added but it is the natural sugar in the fruit.I have met so many expats through Dr Escapes myself who have been floored by the taste of the produce,you can see the look on there faces as they can really taste the difference.2 weeks ago i took a couple from the tour through my local market, they bought a 4lb papaya,a pineapple and an avocado all for one dollar and 95 cent.They could not believe the produce,fresh meats,local fish,fruit and veg from the local farms.Thats one of the reasons why i choose this place, come on down and see for yourself.Regards johnsteven

Tim Conley January 4, 2014 at 5:13 pm

My husband Tim and I were that couple, and it is nothing short of amazing, not only the abundance and quality of the local food, but the life-giving goodness that is immediately evident in our bodies! We work very hard in the States to search out the best food supplies that we can – producing and making what we can, doing without some things because there is no good supply, refusing anything packaged or processed. We use no prescription drugs, and do not immerse ourselves in the medical system. Yet, the profound difference we experienced physically during our Tour was astounding. Although the wonderful food is only a part of the relocation equation, it profits and affects so many other areas of the quality of life, it cannot be over emphasized. Betty Jean

Barry January 4, 2014 at 6:07 pm

Hi Tim and Betty Jean, Always appreciate comments from the good folks who’ve already been here. Keep them coming. I’m already looking into things for you. Be in touch soon.

Tim Conley January 7, 2014 at 2:41 pm

Hey, Barry, we look forward to hearing from you. Thanks again.

mike January 5, 2014 at 11:42 am

dear Barry;
I researched the corn industry in the usa having been subsidized be the feds for over 50 years has created yet another fake zombie structure throughout.
millions of acres are planted with an industrial type of corn. farmers (mainly big ag) get 300% of market/spot bushel price subsidy for there corn which dept of ag has determined helps keep end product consumer prices low (wheres the dept of ag $’s coming from?) .

This corn is processed into American diet as filers and glutamates , starches , also into bio fuel, and to finish the cattle in the feed yards to marble them up add weight for slaughter , if the cattle were kept on this corn longer they would die .

I understand lettuce consumned in the usa grown on big farms in California have been sprayed up to 7 times.
what a da– mess.

Barry January 5, 2014 at 5:38 pm

Good information I’m sure it’s only a small part of a larger problem. Please keep me up to date with your sister. Use my email if you prefer. Always appreciate everyone’s input.

mike January 5, 2014 at 9:06 pm

Thanks Barry,

2nd round of chemo was Thursday, this hit harder than #1 treatment 2 weeks ago– feels like the worst flu like symptoms one could have is her experience so far.
had her head shaved 7 days ago to be ready.
hasn’t lost her breasts.
hoping for the best.
had a conversation with an m.d. in the family about the possibility of laetrile and the response was “never heard of it”. (can you believe it?)

after the 4th chemo — take a break and do radiation;; that ought to get it! huh?

disgusted and this is mike and im out.

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