Tennessee Expats Explore The North Coast And Land In Cabrera

Tennessee Expats Settle In Cabrera

Tennessee Expats Settle In Cabrera

Families come to the north coast of the Dominican Republic for many different reasons.  Some to retire.  Some to start a small business.  Some to escape the tyranny and loss of freedom in their home country.  And some to do good for others.  This latest set of interviews is with a young Tennessee family that came to help others.  Shawn and Kelly and their family have lived in several different towns on the north coast.  They are very happy to have discovered Cabrera and all it offers to expats interested in making a difference.

Shawn and Kelly started a mission called Three:Sixteen to help kids through athletic programs and to help impoverished Dominican families learn how to become more self sufficient.

One of the more common questions we hear from people interested in taking the DYD Discovery Tours is “what will there be for me to do if we do move down there”.  Well, as you will hear from Shawn and Kelly, you can always chip in and help make a difference in the lives of local families out in the countryside and in the towns.  One of the sideline benefits of helping out is that you will find that the local friends you make will treat you like family making your stay here just that much better.

In this video, Shawn and Kelly talk about their move to the Dominican Republic and how they ended up after several years in the country in the great little village of Cabrera.  You will meet their young kids, an on future videos you will hear about why they think this place is the best place to raise their kids.

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Three:Sixteen Mission

Three:Sixteen Mission
An Opportunity To Make A Difference

mike January 5, 2014 at 11:37 pm

great work in my opinion.
Dianna and I are in our 50’s about to retire . Dianna is a real brain a sweetheart to boot .
When I told her the plans are getting close to visit dr shes all eyes and ears and said; ‘I don’t want to hang out in bars with the drunks’.
She had been surfing the tourist areas of the dr on the web. I told her that no were going to meet barry in Cabrera out of the tourist area. the most beautiful beaches in the world. Shes doing research. I need her to email and talk to Barry on the phone Im hoping .
Barry, our last Skype call was hard to communicate.

Barry January 6, 2014 at 12:35 am

Try again anytime during the evenings. If I’m not out on tour I’m a family man. Look forward to it.

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