Texas Expats – Judy & Richard – Give Us An Update

Texas Expats Update

Texas Expats Update

Some of our most popular Youtube videos were the series we did last year with Judy and Richard, the Texas Expats that came to Cabrera and bought one of the most beautiful pieces of land overlooking the ocean and the mountain ridges.  Well, its time to catch up with Judy and Richard and see how they are liking life in Cabrera and find out what they have done with their land.  Along the way, in this year’s Texas Expat video interviews, we will hear about the healthcare system, the incredibly low healthcare costs, the prospects for small businesses in Cabrera, real estate and even learn a little about some of the construction methods popular in the area.

If you saw last years interviews with Richard and Judy, you already know that they tell it like it is and are a terrific resource for any family considering a move to the north coast of the Dominican Republic.  Turns out that Judy has built a real reputation homeschooling expats to learn Spanish the fast way and is a real asset to our little Cabrera expat community.In this video, Richard and Judy catch us up on what they are doing with their land and share their firsthand experience in the healthcare system in the area.  You will probably be amazed at how cost effective quality healthcare is here compared to what you are used to back home.

Richard and Judy are in the planning stages of building their home on that breathtaking piece of property overlooking the ocean.  In the next video Richard will explain some of the construction alternatives in the area and will share his opinion about what he thinks might be best in the area.

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mike January 9, 2014 at 1:19 am

Way to go for Richard and Judy… Hurrahhhhhh!

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