Texas Expats Convinced They Bought The Best Dominican Republic Real Estate

Judy & Richard Land

Judy & Richard’s Land For Their Dream Retirement Home

We have to agree that Richard and Judy did pick a prime piece of real estate…. a 3 acre piece that runs along a mountain ridgeline overlooking the ocean and the little village of Cabrera Dominican Republic.  I think you will have to agree that the views are stunning for as far as you can see.  But as Richard and Judy will admit, there are still other breathtaking bargains available if you know where to look.  We have discovered that most of the best bargains are not listed on any websites or listings at real estate companies.  We find ours by word of mouth from our closely connected local families.  They are always first to know who really needs to sell and the back story that lets us find and negotiate the best real deals

Judy & Richard Land2

Another view from Judy and Richard’s property

For many people, like Judy and Richard, finding that perfect piece of property or that perfect home is a way of planting a flag or setting an anchor in what may become their new adopted country.  Like laying a foundation for a house, locking into a dream property lays the foundation for the relocation or retirement to another country.  Not only has this proven to be a great investment for our expat friends, it has given them focus and resolve to finally make the move without regrets.  I always like to point out that nothing has to be permanent so there is little to lose.  If someone buys a property and makes the move then later decides to return to their home country, or chooses not to make the move at all, no problem.  You will be faced with two options.  Either keep your tropical property as a vacation home in paradise, or resell it to the many other expats and locals interested in property in the area, with the likely outcome you have made a solid investment and safely parked some of your assets out of the reach of the bankers and bureaucrats in your home country.

In this short video with Texas expats, Richard and Judy, you will hear their perspectives about the real estate market in Cabrera Dominican Republic.

One of the things you will have the opportunity to do if you take one of our free DYD Discovery tours of the north coast of the Dominican Republic is take a look at a few of the diverse properties that either are for sale or are rumored to potentially be for sale.  We can always check it out with our local families if you see something you especially like.

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