Texas Expats Share Small Business Opportunities For Expats In Cabrera Dominican Republic

Typical Open-Aire Restaurant

Typical Open-Aire Restaurant

As you know by now, we always like to ask other expats what they think about small business needs and opportunities in the Cabrera area.  Judy and Richard have lived in the area for several years now and they have some ideas on businesses that other expats may want to consider if they make the move to the area.  As we have mentioned in the past, the wage rates are very low in the rural areas of the Dominican Republic.  This is perfect for an expat that wants to start and run his or her own business or farm, but not so good if you are simply looking for a job.  That is one reason we are always exploring other businesses that might be perfect for ambitious expats.

Low labor, food, facility and utility costs

Low labor, food, facility and utility costs

Small businesses that can be highly risky and expensive to start in the U.S. and Canada may prove to be quite attainable here in Cabrera.  Take for example starting a restaurant.  In the restaurant business four of the big costs in the U.S. or Canada are facility rents, labor, food and utilities.  Compared to the U.S. or Canada, the labor rates are dramatically lower here and the facility rental rates can be much lower with a little negotiation.  Food costs can be considerably lower if you stick to local products like seafood, chicken, beef and local vegetables.  And utilities can be much lower if you choose to operate one of the popular open-air restaurants, which are common here.

But restaurants are just one example, and maybe not even the best opportunity.  There are opportunities for a wide variety of service businesses and even some retail businesses.

In this video Richard and Judy share some of their ideas about small business opportunities in the Cabrera area.  For Judy, that has turned out to be Spanish language courses for expats and English language courses for locals.

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mike January 15, 2014 at 1:16 am

Dear Barry;

Great videos insightful. Thought came to me watching this series.
What business would benefit the locals there in DR?
Our idea is have a business or enterprise that would give us something to do, make a little income and also benefit the locals and DR as well.
Were old school— if your invited or visit you better bring something to the table.

This project here is winding down and a DR visit for us is a really big deal. and finally meet all the great DR personalities.

this is mike and im out……

johnsteven January 15, 2014 at 1:54 am

Great insight in to one of the many things that can be done here.I invested in an English school in the city of Nagua in 2010 only 30 minutes drive from Cabrera.It is really about what the area needs,there are so many things that you can do it just depends on what you can offer .I have the beauty of creating my schedule to suit my needs and those of my students.I am also giving something back to the community to help the future generations.The goverment is planiing to bring over 10 million tourists in the next few years.Regards johnsteven

mike January 18, 2014 at 12:23 am

awesome John. love to talk with you over how the 10 million will impact parts of dr. .

mike January 18, 2014 at 12:32 am

ya know maybe its the light but Judy and Richard look different than the very first video they did with Barry?

Ive watched all Barrys videos.

I was watching this one and Richard looks leaner and younger and judy has changed , seems more relaxed, younger and even more prettier. (got a thing for blondes).
If its true and Barrys right , maybe the DR is a healthier place???? (pun—- intended)

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