Florida Expats, Internet Entrepreneurs Make The Move To Cabrera

T Le Mont Homesite

T Le Mont Homesite

You have to meet this family when you visit the Cabrera area.  T Le Mont, with his wife Karen and their three school aged kids, packed up and left Florida, ultimately landing in their newly adopted home in Cabrera Dominican Republic.  An internet entrepreneur, T Le Mont already knew that all he needed was a reliable internet connection to run his successful business over the internet.  But they were looking for more.  They wanted a place to fit in where the government would keep out of their business and where freedom was still alive and well.  For almost two years T Le Mont and Karen researched and traveled the globe exploring different expat enclaves and hotspots looking for just the right place for their family.  They checked out all the usual prospects including Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Chile, etc.  There was no doubt in their minds that they were leaving… but question was where.

T Le Mont Homesite 2

T Le Mont Homesite 2

As you will learn in these video interviews with the T Le Mont family, they had just about settled on Guatemala when they discovered Cabrera DR.  They tell us that they really would have been satisfied in all of these countries but what made Cabrera so much different was the fact that they had a ready made support group and family as soon as they entered Cabrera.  In their own words they will explain why that is so important to a smooth and pleasant move.

I’ve always said that Cabrera is a little like Mayberry with internet.  I think the T Le Mont family would agree with that assessment whole heartedly.  They liked the area so much that they ultimately did decide to purchase a piece of property on which to build a house next year.  You would not believe the views they have from their future homesite.In this first video interview with T Le Mont and Karen, they will share their story about how they ended up here in Cabrera and what they are experiencing so far.

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