Florida Expat Teens Loving The Tropical Island Life

Florida expat kids adapting to the expat lifestyle

Florida expat kids adapting to the expat lifestyle

So what do a couple Florida teens and their younger sister think about their family’s decision to become expats in Cabrera Dominican Republic?  The http://DRescapes.com team interview these two teens at their new tropical home to find out about how they are liking their new school, their neighbors, new friends and life in general.  Many American and Canadian parents worry about how their kids will adapt to life in a new land with a different language and a different culture.  What you will hear from these two guys is consistent with what I have heard from all the kids and teens of new expat families during these interviews.  Check out the video below to see what they have to say.

Florida expat teens describe the expat life in Cabrera

Florida expat teens describe the expat life in Cabrera

I always fall back on my old line about this little village…. it is like Mayberry with internet.   There is a lot to be said for kids being able to grow up in a more laid back, friendly atmosphere like we have here.  If you are open to it, you will find yourself surrounded by an extended family that cares and watches out for you and your kids.  You will find a place where your extended family really is your family.  Your kids will find that school is different here too.  The classes are small and the international, multilingual teachers cater to the individual needs and aptitude of each individual child.In this short video interview you will hear the perspective of two older teenage boys that are happy their family made the move.

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Randy Rode January 27, 2014 at 6:50 pm

Having a few moments free to myself, I started thinking of choices, CHOICES. A short, simple word, but yet a word that carries with it profound meaning for us in our lives.
Everyday we are faced with choices, from the everyday routine of living to more profound CHOICES. We choose to do something or we choose not to do it.
Out lives are filled with choices, and how we meet the challenge determines how our lives will be played out.
Specifically regarding choices, almost 10 years ago I made the choice to move to the Dominican Republic, and change my life, forever, and for the best.
My life now is filled with choices of much lesser importance, what I will have for dinner, whether or not I will go out on the town and socialize, but the decision is up to me, and now I have become my own driving force in my future.
My life is now less complicated, easier, less stressful, and much, much more healthy.
I have extended the probability of my living decades longer by many orders of magnitude, I have chosen to live! and chosen to live my life the way I want to, not the way someone else has determined, legislated, decreed, or otherwise forced me to do.
This is what it is like to me to live here on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, and more specifically here in Cabrera, where I have chosen to live out my life in peace and tranquility.
Capt. Randy Rode

Barry January 27, 2014 at 6:57 pm

capt. Very well said and accurate from our families perspective.

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