French Canadian Family Starts A Business In Cabrera – I Guess They Like It Here

Caroline Toney Restaurant

Caroline Toney Restaurant

We stopped by and chatted with Caroline and Toney, newly relocated French Canadians, that have chosen to move their family down to Cabrera Dominican Republic. Never one to let an opportunity slip by, Toney got the entrepreneurial itch to start his first business in the Dominican Republic when he and Caroline decide to purchase an Open-aire restaurant on the main road through Cabrera. They are already expanding the restaurant to be able to serve more customers and further expand their menu. They already offer some of the best woodfired-oven pizzas on the north coast and great traditional entrees.

Caroline was an attorney in Canada and Toney still operates a number of very successful businesses in Canada. But they wanted a better lifestyle, better climate and a gentler pace of life so they sold their home and headed down to Cabrera.

Low labor, food, facility and utility costs

Low labor, food, facility and utility costs

We talked to Caroline and Toney about the new business and to the whole family about the move. SO FAR… SO GOOD. Actually they are loving their newly adopted home and looking forward to the day they buy a homesite and build their own home… probably next year. The kids are also excited about the move and are enjoying the nearby international French school and the near perfect weather every day. Just one more family that is happy they hopped off the “first world” treadmill an found a better life away from the coming debacle of a collapsing currency and loss of freedoms back home.

In this video we meet with these French Canadians at their new restaurant to hear about what they have planned and to grab a sneak peak at the new construction they are doing at the open-aire restaurant.

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