Three Strikes You’re OUT! Understanding National Debt

When weather is like this the chores just have to wait. Time for another post

When weather is like this the chores just have to wait. Time for another post

We’ve just said good bye to a great group of folks and today I was planning to catch up on some of the chores around the house. The weather had other plans so I decided to sneak in a post. I think most of my readers will find the subject of national debt to be a rather interesting one. I hope so because I’ve attempted to explain it from several different angles in past posts. Understanding National Debt and how it will affect you should be on your top ten list of wanting to know the no’s.

Because this is my 3rd and final attempt in getting folks to understand how hopeless it is trying to semi balance the nation’s debt but more importantly what that actually means to you if you’re stuck holding an abundance of notes (currency) at that particular moment of time. I’ve tried explaining debt from a point of numerical value. Secondly attempted to debunk debt by breaking it down into increments of time and my 3rd and  final attempt will be by breaking debt down into distances. As the old saying goes three strikes and YOU’RE OUT!

There comes a point when there's not much left that you can do. Proactive is better than a rebelling reactive. Don't wait till your family's stuck in the herd when it's to late to do anything about it.

There comes a point when there’s not much left that you can do. Proactive is better than a rebelling reactive. Don’t wait till your family’s stuck in the herd when it’s to late to do anything about it.

Very soon the masses won’t have any other options other than being labeled a statistic. Some might prefer to use the word victim but I humbly disagree.  As so often happens I tend to view the box (subject) from different angles than the vast majority. From my angle the only difference that makes one a victim is them not knowing anything was wrong to begin with. You my readers are already way past the point of not knowing… YOU ALREADY KNOW BETTER! Or at least you should.

That’s the only initial difference  as both groups the knowing (informed) and the NOT knowing (uninformed) eventually end up in the same classification of being labeled  statistics. I would venture to guess that the knowing group (informed) would feel much more depressed in the long run than the not knowing group (uninformed)… but that’s just a personal thought and I can’t say with any researched  certainty.

It’s a scientific fact that some of us learn better by sight some by sound and still others by feelings. Bearing that in mind the following should come as no surprise. If you ask the same question to three different people you’ll possibly receive three different answers. For example ask the simple question Isn’t it a hot day today? One might say “Boy I see what you mean” another might answer “ I hear what you’re saying” and yet another might reply “I feel exactly the same way as you do, it’s a scorcher” So what’s the big difference in their answers? Nothing they’re all agreeing with you but they perceive from different senses thus coming from different angles. They’re all viewing the box (subject) from different angles.

Since I’ve already drawn out just how Ludicrous the nation’s deficit actually is by both numbers and by increments of time.  My third and final  attempt will be by using Distances. I’ve copied a paragraph from Understanding National Debt an article posted October 8th 2013 when I used time as an example.

”Centuries ago astronomers understood that most folks cannot comprehend very large numbers. They discovered that we don’t have an emotional feeling for them. Billions Trillions they don’t really mean anything to us because we can’t understand how large they actually are. Astronomers converted “large numbers” into something else that the people could actually understand and converted large numbers into distances. They then changed the long distances into something called light years… the distance light could travel in one year’s time. People then understood how vast these numbers were by how vast the distance was. The distance had a beginning and an end where the number was just a number.”

After this 3rd  post I’m confident that if you want to grasp it you will have. I’ll be happy to address any and all comments or if you would like to see something further on the subject but you should be able to relate to at least one of the three angles covered. If a slight fog still exists just be sure that ever present and powerful sense of denial isn’t clouding your vision. Understand it “see it clearly” or “hear what I’m saying” and yes even “feel this  is an important subject” however you absorb your knowledge best… use it.  Your chances of moving assets and asses are definitely running out soon. Please don’t ask for a time frame as it could range anywhere from a few days away on Super Bowl Sunday to a few years… no one can nail it down… but better to be two years to early than two seconds to late.

In an effort to gain your better understanding describing the debt in terms of distance consider the following few facts. The closest that Mars ever came to earth in the last 50,000 years was 56,000,000.00 KM. 56 million kilometers. For our US readers in miles that equates to 34,796,768.80 miles. Just under 35 million miles away. That’s one hell of a long distance!! Why am I telling you this? Watch the YouTube linked below titled: How a Mission to Mars Explains an Inevitable US Dollar Collapse and you’ll understand what I’m saying. If this doesn’t put the unsolvable debt problem into a clear understanding regardless of how you absorb your knowledge then I simply can’t help you. I serious believe nothing can. In fact watch it twice to absorb how drastic these distances are as my calculator doesn’t have the decimal places to cover such a long number… actually same goes for the US debt number. Perhaps I need a better calculator but never the less this does tell you how big a number it is by how long a distance it is

Your senses are trying to tell you something. You had better start paying attention to the one that works best for you. Time is not on your side any longer.

Your senses are trying to tell you something. You had better start paying attention to the one that works best for you. Time is not on your side any longer.

All of you are sensing that something’s wrong…drastically wrong. My latest effort converting debt to distance is my last ditch effort of getting you to grasp the dire importance of allocating funds into other nations. Real assets not phony paper-digital assets as currency, retirement accounts,  401’s or IRA’s. We all must rethink what we think we know or we’re going to get slaughtered. Allocating paper into hard assets… REAL assets in other nations has every benefit going for it and worst case scenario you’ve made a good safe investment.

You’re saving your hard earned currency from being devalued or locked in by just a couple of mouse clicks and converting it to hard real assets in another nation. Get it you’re NOT SPENDING IT… you’re very likely saving it. Let the nation’s crash and settle where they will as this is the ONLY WAY to reset the failed system. There’s no repairing or saving the situation and there hasn’t been for years now.

Need to get your head around this and grasp onto what you need to be doing. From Marvin s view point I can understand from yours I can't.

Need to get your head around this and grasp onto what you need to be doing. From Marvin s view point I can understand from yours I can’t.

Holding most of your portfolio in paper  when the new system of exchange reveals it’s self… just slide the decimal point over a couple of points to the left when things reevaluate. History is an excellent teacher and it’s already happened several times before and YES in the United States as they’ve already been through five different currencies in their slightly over two hundred and thirty five year brief history.

After reading this post, past posts, the attached links and YouTube’s along with all of the other information out there if you still don’t get it… I don’t get it. If you’re still not on board after viewing the debt to mars analogy on YouTube… well you just might actually be a martian from Mars and never knew it. In that case I could at least give one the benefit of the doubt because of language differences. If not perhaps then it’s just the fact that there are a lot of morons inhabiting a sister planet. That planet happens to be earth. Until next time this is Barry in DR.

How a Mission to Mars Explains an Inevitable US Dollar Collapse

mike February 4, 2014 at 2:20 am

Hi Barry;

Under the recent (un) president 5 year stint national advertised debt has increased 6 trillion dollar.
from 11 to 17.

So joe public sees that if the usa has a recovery that 17 trillion can be reduced as fast.

222 trillion divided by 30 years equates to the USA coming up with an extra 7 trillion per year. And I think joe sixpack still thinks that is all mangable.

Throw in inflation, moneyprinting and other shenanigans it sells to the average American moron STILL.
” and besides its super bowl weekend– I want to experience pleasure you know “.

This dillusionary here thruout my travels just rampant denial Barry.

Barry February 4, 2014 at 2:42 am

Hi mike Denial makes for a great drug for most. It’s when it wears off and reality sets in… that’s the bitch.

johnsteven February 5, 2014 at 4:20 pm

If you check the world debt clock as of 2014 the average debt per American is 41000 US,38000 in the UK,and the VERY LARGE SUM OF 2000 DOLLARS PER PERSON IN THE DR.

Paul March 10, 2014 at 2:19 pm

Business, Government or Household….. all three function under the same basic rules of finance save one……. All survive from good money management and there are only two basic ways to improve ones financial position. Increase income or decrease expenses. Everything else directly or indirectly falls under these two. The governments position appears to be to…. NEVER TO DECREASE EXPENSES…. ( sure, you’ll see and hear of little things they do to make it appear as if they are cutting expenses or controlling spending ( thats a laugh) but I think you’d be hard pressed to find any time outside of the great depression where the actual annual expenses as a whole has ever declined from one year to the next. Even if the expoenses somehow went down but the debt increase more, thats an actual net increase in expense) The government solution has always seemed to be raising taxes in one of several ways. This is the difference I noted at the start. The government can ALWAYS increase it’s income at will where a business or household has limitations. The government may simply raise taxes, they eliminate a tax deduction which IS a tax INCREASE of a covert nature, they borrow money at will and adjust the debt ceiling which is another covert future tax that has to be paid over time or in the future and they print more money which devalues every dollar you have. This decreases your spending power which is a very covert tax increase and these are just to name a few. They still can’t balance the budget and we are by all standards Bankrupt times 10 over and don’t have the ability to balance the budget or reduce our debt. In a nut shell we are screwed. What do you think is next??? Hmmm, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe I have heard and read laws, that appear to either dicrectly or indirectly provide the government with the legal ability take, frieze, take control or seize personal accounts, retirements funds etc at their discretion if it is deemed necessary. Necessary according to whom, for what and who could stop them. Is this why one of the largest banks in the world is putting bullet proof glass in every one of their bank branches across the U.S. and taking similar security precautions at their national headquarters??? Do you think they anticipate somethings coming? ( they already started limitng domestic transactions as well as wires outside the country) It all scares me ……. how about you?

Barry March 10, 2014 at 10:44 pm

Paul For any Debt based system to function the debt must always increase or the system fails to function as designed. This as strange as it sounds does work but here’s the catch for a limited time only. History proves this to be 100% true no exceptions. That is until it ran up against the western nation of the United States. Their going to be the first nation to unseat the rules of mathmatics. NOT but at least the fools seem to think so I guess ignorance can be bliss only the same catch applies FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!

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