Veteran California Expat Shares Some Of Her Observations From 18 Years In The DR

Veteran California Expat

Veteran California Expat

This California expat has been traveling and living in the Dominican Republic for over 18 years.  In this video interview, Denise shares some of her experiences in the DR and give advise to other families that might be considering a relocation out of America, Canada and Europe.  With many years in Cabrera, Denise is a terrific resource for all of our DR Escapes members who want to check out exactly what it is like to move out of America and live in a quiet rural village on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.

Denise has traveled the world on mission assignments, yet chose the Dominican Republic when it was time to settle into her permanent home with her husband.  As you will hear, there are many things that Denise likes about the Cabrera region, and she believes that the advantages of an expat lifestyle far outweighs any inconveniences.

California Expat Joins DR Escapes Team

California Expat Joins DR Escapes Team

Denise is the latest addition to our DR Escapes family and is now helping to lead some of our DYD Tours of the north coast.  She is very well connected with many of the tradesmen, schools, and helpful families and freely shares those contacts with you to make your move to Cabrera smooth and painless.

In this video interview, Denise shares her story and explains …. WHY CABRERA.

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