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Coming to a town near you. If you don't think this latest play over in the Ukraine won't set off martial law??? Food For Thought!!!

Coming to a town near you. If you don’t think this latest play over in the Ukraine won’t set off martial law??? Food For Thought!!!

We were all set to celebrate a birthday at the beach today but the weather had other plans for us. I’m currently spending some time with a great family here for their third time. They’ve decided to make Cabrera their home and as of this trip revealed to us they’re moving here this June. This was yet another time it was brought up to us how good and nutritious the local food seems to be. Food for thought… can all these folks be mistaken? Let’s delve into this a bit deeper and see if we can find out.

It’s been brought to our attention more times than I can remember. Seems like a lot of the DR escapes visitors comment how good they feel from the local foods. After the third or fourth day they’re noticing that their digestion seems to be as regular as if it was set on a stop watch. Read on further and you’ll see why these good folk’s remarks are certainly worth taking into consideration … food for thought.

False flag events, over 70% of the population on at least one mind altering substance, borders closing in other countries, currency controls and STILL YOU SIT AND WAIT.

False flag events, over 70% of the population on at least one mind altering substance, borders closing in other countries, currency controls and STILL YOU SIT AND WAIT.

Because I want to keep this post to a reasonable length I’m going to mention only a couple of examples. Dozens of families have made positive remarks on the food here. About 4 months ago we had a family from mid. US that came to pay us a visit. Their open minds were seeing things occurring in their home nation that they no longer felt comfortable with. These folks, for the most part, live off the land producing much of their own food. Milk, eggs, butter, seasonable fruit and vegetables, along with poultry, are just a fraction of what they produce. One of their sons actually was in charge of a 100 plus head dairy farm. What these folks forgot about farming most others never even knew.

Still some of their family felt under nourished even after eating as organic as possible from their own land. The mother routinely felt stomach pains and digestion issues continued to plague her. She would eat as minimal as possible and a very select diet was always the norm. Please follow along with me, as these good folks paid more attention to diet than most would ever consider.

Stop wondering why you're hungry an hour later. Second thought perhaps you had better START wondering why you're hungry an hour later.

Stop wondering why you’re hungry an hour later. Second thought perhaps you had better START wondering why you’re hungry an hour later.

They were approaching their fourth day here when she started to notice how good she felt and almost all internal pain had subsided. She commenced to eat three meals a day and was worried as most women do about gaining weight. That’s when Liane mentioned to her, don’t be surprised if when you return home you’ve actually lost a couple of pounds. Personally, we didn’t think she believed Liane, but never the less was thrilled she was eating so well with none of the ailments. Her husband was floored and mentioned that the cost of their Discovery Tour was worth every penny just to see her eat so well without any after effects. About one week later she called Liane, flabbergasted about how she actually lost two pounds while eating so well. As mentioned before, these good folks know farming well. They are now totally convinced that it’s the soil from the constant chemicals and the neighboring GMO all around their region. They also seemed to believe the constant chem. trails they’ve witnessed play a huge part in affecting the soil.

Soft Kill, Look it up. You're being set up for a nasty ending.

Soft Kill, Look it up. You’re being set up for a nasty ending.

The second family I’ll mention has made several trips here. They too try their best to eat only the best foods obtainable. They also do their research so they’re informed about what they’re buying and consuming. As mentioned, they are informed, so they know all about the trick marketing being carried out all throughout the western nations. As an example, they informed me that if the label says 100% natural, run away as fast as you can. They know all about the misleading marketing done by several chain food stores all to justify charging their customers more for their products. Organic, for the most part, is NOT organic any more. On this third trip they commented on how their 16 year old son seems satisfied with just eating his base meals. Back home he’s constantly looking for something to fill a void. I asked their son if he liked the food here and with no hesitation he mentioned that he loved it. Probing further I had asked then why, according to your parents, are you eating less. He replied because my body feels satisfied. It’s receiving the nutrients that it requires. I don’t feel that I am lacking something like I experience when I’m back home. All three seemed to be very satisfied with what they’ve witnessed.

Continuing the conversation, it was brought to my attention that the same sensors in the brain are triggered for both hunger and lacking nutrients. This might explain why so many feel hungry an hour after they’ve just finished their meal, especially a fast food meal. It’s not hunger, it’s lack of nutrients that is triggering the sensation of being hungry. I’m no expert, but it makes sense to me as to why so many are overweight when you begin to understand this fact.

Ask yourself. How can the US place 172nd in infant mortality? Keep injecting them and wonder why they have personality disorders, asma, a.d.d. and a host of other issues. If you not part of the solution you're generally part of the problem!!!

Ask yourself. How can the US place 172nd in infant mortality? Keep injecting them and wonder why they have personality disorders, asthma, a.d.d. and a host of other issues. If you not part of the solution you’re generally part of the problem!!!

Couple this to the dozens of folks arriving with their dietary disorders that for some reason just don’t seem to affect them here. Lactose intolerant people are eating yogurt, cream sauces with their meals, even coffee with cream. The ice cream seems to have no side effects so one has to start wondering. Is it dairy that’s the cause or what they’re doing to the dairy that’s the culprit? Same goes for Pork and Beef. I myself can attest to that one as for several years I thought I was unable to eat pork products. Years later I found out it was the liquid smoking chemicals added to produce that hickory flavor that was causing the problem and not the pork itself.

Will someone please explain to me how you can have a wood flavored roasted chicken coming out of a metal rotisserie? A rotisserie located in an air conditioned environment using NO WOOD? I really want to know. So I ask you … food for thought. What are they doing to your food? Pleased with the chem. trails? Are you OK with fluoride in your drinking water? What about the never ending meds? Labeling your kids hyperactive for showing just a bit of self-thought. Self-thought that once was praised and now has been labeled non-conforming. That’s right non-conforming. No right or wrong here Only Choices so please share your thoughts.

No rose colorded glasses here. It's not perfect just one hell of a lot better.

No rose colorded glasses here. It’s not perfect just one hell of a lot better.

In closing once again, I mention that NO PLACE is Perfect including here. However, I might suggest you consider getting ready for what seems to be fast approaching. I mentioned for a while now that you all need to keep your focus on Ukraine, not the Mideast. As of this week, the borders are closed, currency controls have been set in place with the maximum amount of withdrawal  limited to slightly over 100 USD per day. YET AGAIN,  The US  is about to meddle into something they have no business in as the US sixth fleet is currently on the way to the region. Of course it’s all about resources, but again another false flag event has the curtain rising in the latest play. When will people learn!!! Corruption is the root, Government are the branches and you the people are the fruit that in the end always get consumed. Just came to mind “Food for Thought” might make an excellent title of this latest staged act. A performance you don’t necessarily want front row seats for your family. Until next time this is Barry in DR.



johnsteven March 3, 2014 at 4:22 pm

So very true.we are so blessed to have organic produce everywhere here.The cost is next to nothing. Last week we had a get together with some of my students and expats on a day trip.We had food and natural juices ,all organic produce. The people were fed twice over for around 125 dollars. Amount of people TWENTY.

Barry March 4, 2014 at 1:35 am

Like the title says Food For Thought. Most still keep emailing me articles as if I still need convincing of what’s happening all around them. Hundreds a week at times. Oh well if it makes them feel better?????

Randy Rode March 14, 2014 at 1:20 pm

I just read with great interest the excellent article concerning food, a very important subject. Not being one to surmise or take anyone else`s word for granted, I have some uniquely personal facts to share, concerning what has happened to me in the last seven years I have been living in the DR, full time.
First, let me explain that these changes I have experienced are not something that I planned, they are just due to an overall change in lifestyle and diet since moving here. What I am about to describe has, undoubtedly has added untold years to my life, and increased the quality of my life, everyday I give thanks for the new person I have become.
1) I have lost 80#`s!!! Not by dieting, not using diet drugs, and not by starving myself, just by eating the locally grown and distributed foods that are available at a very economical cost. My diet changes really started out by buying and eating more vegetables, because they are very affordable here.

2) I have dropped 100 points off my combined cholesterol!!! without using statin drugs!!!

3) I have cut my high-blood pressure medication by 3/4 ……..I take only a half of a half of a pill every morning, and I probably don`t even need that now.

4) I used to have to take two Prevacid AC 30 mg PPI pills every day. These pills are proton pump inhibitors, which block stomach acid production. Without this medication, I would suffer severe acid re-flux every night, waking up in the middle of the night, choking on my own stomach acid. Left un-treated this condition can oftentimes lead to esophageal cancer.

I am now 65 years old, and feel much healthier than I did ten or even twenty years ago.

Here`s another interesting observation……. I am eating so healthy and preservative-free and free of chemical processing, that when I go back home to the U.S. and go back to eating “normal” foods, I can actually feel the difference, due to all the chemicals used in the processing and preserving food. Not to mention the fact the I always gain ten or more pounds in a week or two.

There you have it, a real-life, actual personal account of what good, positive changes can happen to someone who has the courage to break out of the mold and make a serious lifestyle change.

I also quite smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol too……….I still go to parties, but now I have twice as much fun than ever.

If you don`t have your health, what do you have?
What could possibly be more important than LIFE?

If anyone wants to verify any of what I have talked about here, please feel free to contact me anytime for FREE ADVICE!!

Capt. Randy Rode
North Coast Sportfishing and B&B
Cabrera, DR

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