California Expat On Healthcare And Eldercare In The Dominican Republic

California Expat Describes Healthcare And Eldercare Alternatives

California Expat Describes Healthcare And Eldercare Alternatives

Eldercare and healthcare is a big deal to most families considering a move outside of America or Canada.  We have heard this type of comment more than once…..”Surely we can’t move out of the country and leave our elderly relatives just when they need us most”.  We can certainly relate to that fear… but as you will hear in this interview…..  making the move out of your home country with your elderly relative may just be the BEST thing that ever happened for your elderly relative.

It turns out that for a small fraction of the cost in America, you can have 24 hour loving, personal care for your relative by a caregiver that REALLY appreciates the opportunity to help you and your family and that REALLY will treat you and your relative just like you were a direct member of their family.  Nothing in America comes anywhere close to this level of care for such a small cost.

In this video interview, this California expat describes her experience with both the formal healthcare system as well as the exceptional personal care of her mother, a vascular dementia patient.  As you will hear, she is convinced that her mother received a level of care and personal assistance that is no longer available at any price in America.

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mike March 5, 2014 at 2:32 am

im so proud of this gal and happy to see her success. hope to meet her.

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