The Golden Rule

What's your thoughts when your hear "The Golden Rule"

What’s your thoughts when your hear “The Golden Rule”

The golden rule what comes to mind when you hear that term…“The Golden Rule.”  Keep those thoughts in the back of your mind for now. While you’re contemplating all of the current manifestations developing all over the globe just keep those thoughts tucked away for now. Perhaps by the end of this post you may have a slightly altered thought pattern of the Golden Rule and exactly why it may have an enormous effect on you and your family.

We’ve been so busy as of late I’ve not had time to make the regular amount of posts. As I was advised well in advance by some pretty intelligent folks and I quote “as things heat up so will the amount of bookings with folks looking for possible options” and I have to say the experience we’ve seen proves them correct. Just in the past few weeks we’ve seen folks back for their second visit along with a commitment of partial relocation by May of this year. Just last Thursday I received an email that a family from the U.K. is coming down on the following Saturday to relocate not just to have a look. Three days’ notice and a family of five that just could no longer put up with the lack of personal freedoms decided without ever being here they had enough.

I have to admit I’ve been in contact with them a few times but never even had it mentioned that they’re relocating. Even for me three days’ notice is like no notice at all. The DR escapes folks found a temporary place for them to stay for the month. In under a week we’ve managed to open up a bank account and change pounds to both US and local currency. By the way they made it very clear how much easier it was for them to open this account as a foreigner than it would have been for them back in the UK as a citizen. We’re expecting their 40 FT. container to arrive in about three weeks.

Just a small part of our Motley Crew. Wish you were there.

Just a small part of our Motley Crew. Wish you were there.

Over the weekend they met some of the family and clearly they seem to be pleased to the max. on their decision. I admire their faith but Three days’ notice??? I’ll be doing a very interesting video with the family just as soon as they settle down and I can spare the time. Their great folks and I know you’ll want to not only see their video but ask them some questions as well. We’re steady with new arrivals all through the summer and all of our temporary lodgings are full so the hotel is at least for the next two weeks is all that left as an option. Now back to the post.

So just over a full week and what’s transpired? For starters two major nationwide fast food chains filed for bankruptcy. Sparro’s Pizza and Quizno’s Subs. As recently as three days ago both chains filed for bankruptcy. Two weeks ago Tulving metals joined the club as well. Noteworthy the customers that had purchased within the last 60 days may be liable to actually have to return their purchases with no refunding of their cash. Look into it for yourself but if falls under the bankruptcy act. Others who have been waiting for their orders may also suffer the same fate and it amounts to a lot of customers. There’s several more prominent companies that took the B route but for the purposes of this post I hope you get my drift.

What’s your thoughts on the amount of Banker suicides in the last couple of months. While I’m writing this post yet another one just occurred. A 28 year old Kenneth Ballando has just taken his own life. Another JP Morgan employee commits suicide. The company name might be better suited if it were modified to JP Morgue however what’s most important to understand is it’s telling you something. Knowing whether or not these are self occurring is not the important issue. Rather what is important is it’s telling you somethings changing. The morning breeze has secrets to tell you, DO NOT GO BACK TO SLEEP! These are all major happenings that are leading to a climax you and your family don’t want to be part of.

We're one huge transmission gears meshing together. The question is not will I be effected. The question is TO WHAT DEGREE will I be effected.

We’re one huge transmission gears meshing together. The question is not will I be effected. The question is TO WHAT DEGREE will I be effected.

China is on the verge of what will be the largest and most devastating economic crash the planet has ever seen. Japan, Europe and the US following right along. Russia’s currency is falling like a rock tossed off a building. I fear the Yuan will follow in its footsteps. Copper and Iron ore are two places you might not want to be part of…at least not right now.

Australia’s following suite and suffering the same eventual fate. Re-read my post regarding the world is like one big transmission. It’s a series of gears (nations) that are all meshed together. See the YouTube at the bottom of the post. Problem is most folks still think on a linear basis and can’t grasp that the world is a series of meshing gears. That’s right we’re all connected. Continuing on let’s have a peak at some other world events that are currently reshaping our future.

One just has to admire the western nation of “the good ole” USA. A nation that projects itself as having the best interests of so many other nations’ countries and populations. So unselfish is this once great nation that it places this generosity ahead of everything even its own citizens. A nation currently involved in over 70 altercations throughout the globe and all in the interest of helping the other side whether they want it or not. Even after studying the universal laws for over two decades this kind of unselfish giving has never been equated except of course for the Creator which everything emanates from. Nothing short of astonishing and unbiased generosity this one western nation seems to possess!

Really its already well past the time you should have started thinking about "What will You Do"

Really its already well past the time you should have started thinking about “What will You Do”

Imagine for a moment a nation willing to initiate false flag wars throughout its entire history solely for the sake of bringing freedom and a higher quality of life all for other side. Never once considering its own best interests. Now if you haven’t already guessed I’m usually not lost for words but attempting to describe this level of generosity… well it even leaves me speechless.

Just within the last couple of decades the countries benefiting from this single western nations kindness makes an impressive list. Serbia, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and now the latest act of unselfishness Ukraine. Think back just a bit further and this unselfishness continued to Vietnam, and all of Europe. If the creator retained the negative quality of jealousy it most certainly would be tested by such great acts of kindness.

Still after all this kindness the receiving nations… obviously selfish and solely thinking of themselves decided to suddenly withdraw over 50 billion dollars of their own assets. Assets that this kind western nation had been safely holding onto for them… again only with the other nation’s best interest in mind.

Even when Germany wanted all of its gold back this wonderful western nation decided it was in Germany’s best interest to only repatriate 20% of its gold per year. See they wanted to teach the German people what the act of patience is all about. Their kindness continues as they’ve even defaulted on the first reallocation so the German people can fully understand this lesson of patience. But same as with all the other acts of kindness performed by this nation it was meant for the good of the receiver. Similar to giving a child an allowance so they can’t spend it all at once. Once again I’m completely speechless on how to describe such incredible acts of kindness.

From Armstrong Economics. Couldn't have said it any better.

From Armstrong Economics. Couldn’t have said it any better.

So when this good and kind nation decides to put sanctions on other nations like Russia for instance, again only for their OWN GOOD…and doing this in their own back yard right next to their neighbors (and close allies) yard namely China you just might want to open you mind for a minute. Just as with any child too much kindness creates rottenness somewhere. Eventually you’ll start to take notice that the rot moves from the margins to the center, but the disease moves from the center to the margins… and you my friends are living on the margins. This disease is called PAYBACK and is spreads faster than cancer and is just as deadly… perhaps even more.

It's a race to the Bottom.

It’s a race to the Bottom.

While all currencies will continue to race to the bottom and by the way your neighbors also know this…it brings me back to what is The Golden Rule. Do you view it as he who has the gold makes the rules? Well China and Russia might well believe that as they both certainly have the gold. Does your nation?

Perhaps you view the golden rule as do unto others as you’d have them do unto you. You best pray with all your might that the other nations don’t view the golden rule from that perspective. Yet another way of viewing this golden rule question might be giving so others might be able to one day reciprocate with similar acts of kindness aimed back towards the initial giver.  Choice A, B or C the results are the same and it doesn’t look promising for such an unselfish and kind nation.

However for you and your family there’s one or two more golden rules you may want to consider. “You can be ignorant thus reliant or you can be informed thus responsible.” Get it? It’s you who has to take the helm and yet still be the rudder at the same time. Sure it’s a tough thankless job that places you below the waterline where it’s cold (family arguments) but it does eventually lead the hull (the family) to safer harbors. Which direction are you and your family heading towards? Only you have the answer to that one.

After many years of living in foreign countries, living through two revolutions and being even being shot twice I’ve learn’t from on the ground experience. The golden rule I’ve lived by for more than 30 years is the rule of flexibility. All plans have to be flexible for if they are ridged they break instead of just bending with the trends. For us and a whole new group of great folks that safe harbor is called Cabrera. Perhaps it might be for you to. Until next time this is Barry in DR.


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