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Fears... or Rejuvination... The Choice Is Yours

Fears… or Rejuvination… The Choice Is Yours

Moving to another country to sit out the carnage of the coming financial collapse of first world countries can be a great survival strategy… but what if you are afraid to make the move?  What if you don’t speak the language, understand the culture, or know the people?  What if you have been brainwashed into thinking that it is unsafe in other countries?  What if you are afraid that you will be fleeced by unscrupulous developers hungry for gringo dollars?

I suppose all these fears may be rational to someone that has never made a move away from the homeland.  But if you can get by those fears, I suspect you will find the same “renewal” that so many other expats have experienced.

I can tell you from personal experience of living in six countries and traveling on extended underwater photo assignments to dozens of other countries… making an offshore move can breath life and energy into your family relationships and give you a new purpose that rapidly wipes away any fears you may have.

Listen to other expats on our many video interviews on the DR Escapes website.  I suspect many of these expats shared some of these same fears before they bit the bullet and made the move.  As a group, the expats coming to Cabrera have settled in comfortably in our little village lifestyle and those fears have dissolved away.  In fact, most will tell you that they actually feel safer and more secure here than where they came from.  There are probably some reasons expats settle into Cabrera so easily.  First, the people are very receptive and friendly to expats.  Second, Cabrera is a little oceanfront village, unspoiled by throngs of tourists.  And third, most of these expats came with an existing family to make their move smooth.  That family is the DR Escapes family.  A growing group of expats and locals families that look out for each other and actively work to make your move a positive experience.

If you have been on one of our free DYD tours of the north coast, then you probably met Willy Acosta, my partner here in Cabrera.  In this interview of Willy, you will discover one of the primary reasons our expat families have adapted so smoothly to life in this little village.  I can assure you that Willy’s comments come straight from his heart and reflect the commitment of the rest of the DR Escapes family to make your move successful.

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And finally, if you have not already participated in one of our free DYD Discovery Tours of the north coast of the Dominican Republic…… WHY? Heck, worst case you get to explore another beautiful part of the world and best case you will fall in love with this little rural village overlooking the ocean that has become home to so many other expats. Click TOUR to sign up for YOUR own Discovery Tour.

johnsteven April 1, 2014 at 1:26 pm

Being from the Uk i was a little scaried myself when i came here in 1999.
My spanish was terrible, but after living here for a few winters and mixing with the locals it became apparent that i could hold conversations, write and read.
Everything is a process and as everything takes time but in the end you will see the results.Willy is one of many people who has done so much to make the transition easier for expats coming here, not just with moving but meeting the locals, making new friends,buliding relationships which i might add is of great importance for the coming future.Regards johnsteven

Randy Rode April 5, 2014 at 11:38 am

I made the big move almost ten years ago now, and have never regretted it, in fact, I have never been healthier or happier ever in my life. I wake up every day with the anticipation of a new day of fun, relaxation, projects and challenges.
My life here is a perfect balance of work and fun, and I like it that way. After having worked hard all my life, like most of us, I just couldn`t retire, and lay down and do nothing everyday, my sense of self-worth would go right down the drain. Quite the contrary, I have plenty of projects to keep me as busy as I want to be, running a successful Bed and Breakfast, running a full-time sportfishing business, producing high-quality smoked fish products, the list goes on and on, and now to add to that list, I am designing and arranging the building of a new sportfishing boat, to accommodate my ever-growing fishing business.
Social-wise, we have a nice circle of friends, that put no pressure on us to socialize, we pick the times we want to go “Out on the Town”, and look forward to our time visiting with our friends, as much as we value our time alone together.
I have come up with some key words to help define a truly happy existence……
More on this in subsequent posts.
Capt. Randy Rode

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