The Smart Way For Expats To Buy Real Estate On A Tropical Island – It’s All About Family Connections

Willy Acosta Explains The Ins and Outs Of Real Estate In Cabrera

Willy Acosta Explains The Ins and Outs Of Real Estate In Cabrera

It seems that the majority of the visitors we have on the DYD Discovery Tours are interested in looking at real estate when they are down here. I understand the urgency. Most of our visitors are forced to “squeeze in” their tours in between everything else going on at home…like work, family, businesses, etc. It seems like most of us are programmed to rush through life just to keep up.

But unless you are just looking for a passive real estate investment on a tropical island, I urge you not to put the cart before the horse. Come down, meet the people, taste the food, live a little of the lifestyle…. find out is this really is the right place for you and your family. If you like it and you recognize that this really will be a safer place to sit out the financial crises in the larger countries, then that is the time to start your real estate search.

Amazing Quality Homes

Amazing Quality Homes

As you will hear in the video interview below, we find our best deals for our DR Escapes family through the word of mouth “grapevine”…. local families talking to other local families, where generations of history and trust cut through the hype and gringo hyperinflation. Down here, as in most islands and hot foreign real estate markets, there are typically two or more prices for every piece of property…. the local price and the higher gringo price.

As Willy Acosta explains in this interview… we take this personally.  We are building a family of like minded expats and locals here in this little tropical village of Cabrera.  We want to share what we have discovered here with good people that are looking for a change.  For some it will be a change to a more natural, less developed community that will suffer less during the collapse of the first-world fiat currencies.  For others it will be the adventure of building new friends, learning new languages and regaining that sense of curiosity and adventure that you had as a kid.  And even for others, it will be a second chance to be step back in time a few years to experience a less stressful and lower cost lifestyle.

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And finally, if you have not already participated in one of our free DYD Discovery Tours of the north coast of the Dominican Republic…… WHY? Heck, worst case you get to explore another beautiful part of the world and best case you will fall in love with this little rural village overlooking the ocean that has become home to so many other expats. Click TOUR to sign up for YOUR own Discovery Tour.

mike April 2, 2014 at 8:40 pm

Hi Barry ;

Still cant wait to visit Barry, with sis now and the cancer , shes doin ok and will be ok, and mom wants me around for Easter .

See ya soon , mike.

Barry April 2, 2014 at 9:33 pm

Great news Mike. Glad to hear it.

Denise April 6, 2014 at 3:58 pm

Great video. As someone who has worked with the Acosta family, I can attest to the great work that Julian does but also the importance of having someone taking care of you whenever you purchase property in a foreign country. There are no real laws to protect the buyer, seller or agent and so you should do your research and when you find people with integrity like the Acosta family, be happy.

Thanks Barry and Julian for all your hard work in educating the people on this wonderful place we call home.

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