Destination Weddings Are Hot In Cabrera – Expat Owned Villas Keep Planners Busy

Wedding And Event Planning At Local Villa

Wedding And Event Planning At Local Villa

In this video we will meet Felicita Garcia, the wedding and event planner for one of the largest villas in the area. Felicita lived and worked in the United States for years before returning to her hometown of Cabrera to start her wedding and event planning business. Many expats opt for villa and bed and breakfast ownership. Destination weddings and events are the primary money makers for these impressive villas.

Felicita will describe the services offered by local wedding and event planners and the villas that cater to those guests. They truly offer world class destination weddings with an almost unlimited range of adventure and recreational activities for the guests.

Destination Weddings Are Hot In Cabrera

Destination Weddings Are Hot In Cabrera

While you may not be the owner of one of the huge villas in the area, there are plenty of business opportunities for other expats to provide B&B facilities and to coordinate and promote destination based activities to people worldwide as an agent or as an owner.
Felicita is also very active in charitable activities and was the founder of one of the most successful international schools on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. While we were interviewing Felicita about the international school, we decided to take a moment to hear about the destination wedding planning business in Cabrera.

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