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Different folks from all over the globe coming together and Sharing. For me it's contentment that seems to last.

Different folks from all over the globe coming together and Sharing. For me it’s contentment that seems to last.

Over the weekend an interesting thought occurred that I’d like to share with you. Over the past year and a half, since we’ve been doing our discovery tour, on several occaisions we’ve been asked the following questions…  WHY are you doing this?  Another similar question, but only after the third or fourth day of the tour, would be… WHY are you doing so much and not charging anything for it?  These kinds of questions are basically soft approaches to have us answer the real underlying question they want answered, which is…. What’s in it for you?

What’s in it for you?  That’s a fair question and I’m going to answer it in detail but first I want to address an important and often overlooked issue. Have you noticed that peoples’ thought patterns have changed their flow over the past couple of decades?  What once was an incoming flow, producing a high tide of optimism and trust has, over time, degraded to become an outgoing current, leaving behind nothing more than exposed negativity, fear and distrust.

Great folks who had the desire to actually change their lives for the better. Sharing and being a small part in this is what's in it for me.

Great folks who had the desire to actually change their lives for the better. Sharing and being a small part in this is what’s in it for me.

What were once highly cherished values have all but disappeared?  Honesty, family values, and quality time, just to name a few that have been all but lost and replaced with shallow, self-serving illusions of temporary fulfillment.  Why have some folks become suspicious of almost everything?  Read on and I’ll attempt answer what might be the underlying cause.  What you are currently witnessing, however, may be the effect.

On a deeper thought level, it’s apparent, at least to those of us who are viewing the box from the outside looking in, how sad it is that people have had their thought patterns altered in such a negative manner.  The Government controlled medias of the western nations have done an incredible job of changing the thought patterns of the masses and if you still doubt it, well… that just goes to prove how successful it really is.  Taking it one step further, it should really be a wakeup call to how demoralized the nation has become.

This demonstrates exactly what’s meant on how to destroy a nation from within. I wrote an article some months past about when it comes down to it there’s really only two ways Governments can destroy a nation.  The first was by traditional war, but that also destroys the infrastructure.  The second is to get the citizens divided amongst themselves and have it destroyed from within.  Divide the people based on beliefs… economically, politically, through religion, or even sexual preference.  It doesn’t matter.  Just keep dividing the masses into smaller groups and allow them to destroy it from within, thus leaving the rest intact.  Just misinform the masses, get them fighting against themselves, sit back and let their newly misinformed destructive beliefs take care of it for you… which is exactly what they’re doing.

Julian Acosta last week celebrating his Birthday with all the grand kids and the families.

Julian Acosta last week celebrating his Birthday with all the grand kids and the families.

One last example of this I know all my readers will relate to.  How many of you have tried mentioning to your closest family and friends what’s really going on behind the scenes?  Ever suggest how the media is brainwashing the masses to the point that they’re in a complete and utter state of denial?   Have you ever tried mentioning that 9/11, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and what’s currently developing with Russia over Ukraine are all staged false flag events?  What about when you mention WW 2, Vietnam, the Federal Reserve, and a host of other examples including the current rash of banker so called suicides that you know to be false truths?  And what happens to that conversation whenever these things are brought up?   Once again if you still doubt it, well… just goes to show how successfully it’s working.

Perhaps the clearest, yet saddest, example of all would be asking yourself: would you have ever thought this way 35 or 40 years ago?  If someone offered to assist you 40 years ago, would you have given it a second thought?  While you might be highly suspect of the motivations today, back then I doubt you would have automatically assumed they’re out to get you with some underlying ulterior motive?  Distrust and division has been cultivated.  You see with your own eyes every day how successfully it’s working.

This cultivated distrustful thought pattern is really starting to have its effects on how the rest of the world is viewing the US as a nation.  The world is starting to wake up and realize the strength of the nation is becoming more of an illusion than a reality.  Just research history and you’ll soon find out this is exactly what the fall of the Roman Empire looked like.  When Rome’s elite knew, several years prior, that Rome had already lost most of its power and was, by most standards, basically broke… they did two things to attempt to keep the illusion going for as long as possible.  First was to try to get into war with any other nation.  Any nation just to attempt to make another false point for the uninformed world to consider as true.  Reread past post: America the once great prize fighter.

The aftermath of a cupcake riot. The grand-kids won.

The aftermath of a cupcake riot. The grand-kids won.

Secondly, about two years later, the Roman Government started levying taxes on any of its citizens holding assets in the nation.  Taxing them to the point most just abandoned their land and handed other hard assets right back to their own faltering Government.  Still, all this attempted reconstruction proved futile as the one thing about the entire event everyone remembers is the nation crashed and never came back anywhere near to the power that it once was.  If you still believe it’s not coming to a town near you, well… it just goes to show how successfully it’s working.

Now back to the question what’s in it for me? I have to briefly take you back in my life’s history to truly answer the question so please bear with me as I really want this to be out and in the open.  Throughout my life I’ve been blessed in so many ways, however, there was something that’s always eluded me. That something was lasting contentment. Sure I’d get my dose of contentment when I obtained something that I wanted or when I scored the big deal but it never seemed to last for any length of time before fading away.  My personal wakeup call came when I had 8 real estate closings in one day and by mid next week was already wondering where the next one was.  At that moment, Liane and I looked at each other and said something is really wrong with this picture.

Pig roast two Sundays ago. Just another Birthday under the shade trees at one of the beaches. 50 plus folks all doing just one thing...Sharing good times together.

Pig roast two Sundays ago. Just another Birthday under the shade trees at one of the beaches. 50 plus folks all doing just one thing…Sharing good times together.

My True Lasting Contentment

Much of my life was spent in various and exciting careers, and to be honest, I’ve enjoyed them all, but never felt inside that lasting contentment.  I guess you could say I had the right ladder and kept climbing it to the top, but the ladder was leaning against the wrong wall.  Being somewhat thick-headed I would climb back down, pick up my ladder, and repeat the same process only on a different wall.

About two year ago we met a couple in Cabrera and together started chatting in the town. They were here on vacation and discussing some business and somehow we were introduced.  Being the trends person that I am, obviously it came out in our conversation.  Little did I know it would eventually lead to the formation of what is now DR Escapes.  See, this person had a vision that the way I’ve lived my life in these various countries would be of value to others looking for possible options for their family’s best interests.

In other words, I would be taking on the role to assist and to be of service… just helping others with the skills and expat knowledge I’ve acquired over three plus decades of international travel and living.  Sure, we make a profit if someone happens to purchase real estate, but more importantly, it allows us to spread the benefits on an international lifestyle and to help the town of Cabrera.  It takes thousands of hours, but here’s what’s important and why I’m doing this.  The contentment seems to last.  It hasn’t faded in almost one and a half years.  So now let me ask you a question… can you say the same in whatever it is that you do?  If you can then you’ll know how I feel and I won’t have to continue any more about answering this question.  If you don’t, it is my sincerest wish that sometime in your life that you will get to experience this feeling.  Frankly, it is quite blissful and everyone should be blessed enough to experience that same kind feeling.

Being of service and knowing we are all trying our best to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Bringing back lost values and becoming part of so many other families lives leaves me in a state of constant contentment.   Sure I make a living out of it, but that just amplifies once again how and why I say that I’m blessed.  I’m confident that I could make more money investing my time in other areas but it’s not what DR Escapes was ever about for me.

Beach the sea music great food and best of all great people. This is how I can best answer what's in it for me.

Beach the sea music great food and best of all great people. This is how I can best answer what’s in it for me.

All throughout my other careers I’ve met so many miserable folks in the best parts of town that I now have surety it’s not all about money, currency or whatever you choose to call it. For me, it’s that lasting feeling of contentment I have every day inside of me and I hope our team continues forever.  When things settle down and people in the major countries no longer have an opportunity to make a move out of their home country (and that is not just idle speculation) , I’m confident there are other ways we at DR Escapes will find to make life just a little bit better for those that want to experience an international lifestyle.

I hope this answers what’s in it for me, and while I can only speak for myself, I’m confident the other team players feel just about the same way.  Sorry if I took too long, but it’s an honest answer and expresses how I feel.  You all deserve to know the WHY which led to the original question of what’s in it for me.

Now in closing this long post I’d like to ask the same question, only reverse it back towards your side of the court.  What’s in it for you? That’s a question only you can answer.  I encourage you take the time and really think this one out… but don’t take too much.  Time is not a replaceable commodity and is way past being in your favor.  The best times in the leading nations is past, much the same as it was preceding Rome’s decline.  It is never coming back to what it once was.  At this juncture it may be one of the most important questions you ever ask yourself,  but if it’s not, don’t fret about it… it just goes to show how successfully it’s working.  Until next time this is Barry in DR.

johnsteven April 10, 2014 at 2:42 pm

As a society we have become so paranoid and so distant from our fellow man.
On so many occasions i have heard from visitors on the tour this is how my childhood was when we were younger ,we knew and shared with our neighbours.
Our doors were open all the time.This is what makes this place so amazing.
People have also said to me the same thing WHAT IS IN IT FOR YOU.?

mike April 12, 2014 at 10:42 pm

I agree with you John Steven. Its a nobrainer, hope to see you real soon.

Yaknow Barry and Johny — things keep getting in my way to expat or even visit DR.
Theres another job op?, or a family issue , or a property issue?, I don’t like that except for family to hustle me ya know?

Seeya soon — DR in april 2014.

all the dang flights from Denver are like 16 hours to 20 hours to POP? Im not going to south CHILE? why?

Mike, and Im out…..

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