There’s Nothing in Everything and Everything In Nothing

It's all about surrounding yourself by the conditions you to be in. Your cell react to the environment that their placed in.

It’s all about surrounding yourself by the conditions you to be in. Your cells react to the environment that their placed in.

It’s a lazy Sunday and I was just pondering some rarely understood spiritual thoughts. I’d like to share a couple of them with all of my readers and hope in turn they pass it on to some other cared about individuals. I woke up early and took care of the chores around the house and since I don’t have any DR escapes visitors arriving till mid next week it allowed for some spare time. Spare time that I now donate to help inform and enlighten others who possess an open mind… or at least partially opened and looking for the WD-40 to unseized the hinges.

One of the universal laws state the following “There’s nothing in everything and everything in nothing.” Sounds rather paradoxical doesn’t it? Really it’s not as we all come to know things by their opposite. We learn joy through sadness, light through darkness, prosperity through poverty. Even the concepts of good and bad can be explained by understanding that good would have no value if it were not for the existence of bad. So back to my original example “there’s nothing in everything and everything in nothing”

Notice how the western nations have almost every convenience at their fingertips. Need a supermarket there’s Publix, Coles, Albertson’s, Super Target, A&P, Kroger, Safeway, Winn-Dixie and the Bad mother of them all Walmart. Yet with all this at your fingertips how many of you ever paid notice to it other than when it’s time that you need something. Even if it’s drizzling a bit most have to make a negative remark about having to go out in the rain when your spouse asks you to pick up something… that for one reason or another are going to die if they don’t receive it within five minutes or less. So is there any perceived value there or is it taken for granted… There’s everything but still it represents nothing… at least this is how it’s interpreted by most folks.

Your Free Will allows you to be correct in both cases. I can live this way or I can't live this way.

Your Free Will allows you to be correct in both cases. I can live this way or I can’t live this way.

Need an item in a hurry any time of the day or night. Isn’t there 24 hour quick marts on every other block? 7-11, Circle K, Family Mart and Lawson’s are usually within ones eyesight. Let’s say you need a drug store in a hurry… what about CVS or Walgreens. You’ll find them next to each other all over town. But not to worry the convenience stores and the supermarkets all have various lines of products so it’s basically coming out of your ears from every direction. Most are now open 24 hours and all feature an overload of the same products.

BUT WAIT!!! You now have the option to drive all over town to see who undercut who and provided you the lucky one with the savings of a few cents. I can just hear some of you now thinking a FEW CENTS!!! I had a coupon and saved a dollar nineteen! So I guess he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. That maybe very true but I’m not the one thinking my nations gone to shit you are. Secondly I understand clearly that no matter what price you sell yourself for it NEVER represents the total cost.

Over the last four decades It’s gotten so out of control yet most still take it as normality. Gosh the last time I paid my mom a visit I wanted some breakfast cereal only to round the corner of this huge Publix and see over 100 brands staring me in the face. I got so confused with the amount of choices after looking at five or six brands actually lost my desire for the damn cereal. You see when you have everything it represents no value. You simply can’t have an appreciation for anything without first experiencing scarcity of the same thing. There’s nothing in everything.

112 years old and still living on her own. Does her own laundry, cooking, cleaning and doesn't even need a cane. So really who's the wealthy one. You in your world or perhaps her in hers. ONLY CHOICES

112 years old and still living on her own. Does her own laundry, cooking, cleaning and doesn’t even need a cane. So really who’s the wealthy one. You in your world or perhaps her in hers. ONLY CHOICES

Now let’s take a look at the other side of that universal law. Let’s examine the second part “there’s everything in nothing.”  Believe it or not a higher percentage of the world actually functions in this fashion. Before you jump to quick conclusions about how much better off your nation is by having everything at its fingertips consider what follows in the next few sentences. See if the WD-40 is really working to open the sticky hinges of you mind.

We too have choices! However choices in a ratio that still remains in balance with what the vessel (humanity) can comprehend and therefore appreciate. Examples might be fifteen brands of cereals instead of over a hundred. Perhaps four grocery stores instead of over built cities bursting at the seams with food stores on every corner.  Drug stores that have what you need without being present everywhere you look. It’s all about being in balance and to quote another universal law “to much or too little of anything is still out of balance”. We human beings require balance in our lives. For human beings to experience what we truly desire from life which is really the desire to receive spiritual light and by doing so create lasting contentment and gratification. We are all seeking contentment and gratification that does not fade away with time.

Being the vessel it is our nature to want to receive and that’s fine. Sure we all want to experience the gratification of closing the big deal. Buying the dream home or purchasing that fancy sports car but does the gratification or contentment ever last?  How long is it before you’re itching to close the next deal? You see the latest sports car zoom past yours and suddenly you’re left in the dust. You’re still driving the exact same sports car that you swore would be the last one, the one you’ve dreamed about owning for years. A mere few seconds later and your contentment and gratification from owing the car vanishes completely. Why does this happen more times than you’d like to remember?  In other words the contentment or gratification just doesn’t seem to last. Have you ever wondered WHY? I sure did and have been studying to understand it for over two decades.

The universal laws of force, flow, light, resistance ECT. Your Free Will can either live with them in flow or fight them with force but in the end you and everyone else will live within their laws. That is the extent of your free will nothing more.

The universal laws of force, flow, light, resistance ECT. Your Free Will can either live with them in flow or fight them with force but in the end you and everyone else will live within their laws. That is the extent of your free will nothing more.

I’m asking you to try this little test. Ask some of your family and friends the following question. Ask them what is it that they truly desire out of life? Not what is the meaning of life and why they’re here that’s for another post. Ask them what they really desire out of life. I bet you 95% or more will answer it in one or several of the following ways. They’ll tell you that they want: Health, Happiness, Freedom, Control, Contentment, Financial Security, No anxiety, Peace of mind, No fear, Love and Wisdom. There’s a couple more but see if this isn’t correct of almost 100% of the people you ask.

So here’s the deal. Have you ever even noticed not one of these choices can be held in your hands? None of them can be measured or located on a map or by GPS? You can’t weigh any of them or even define their coordinates for that matter. None of what we really desire is of a physical nature but yet we keep trying to find it by acquiring more and more physical things. Is it any wonder why the contentment or gratification doesn’t last? We’re looking for spiritual satisfaction but in a physical form and that my friends will never happen. Understanding this is it any wonder why so many miserable people are located in the best parts of town.

Ah… but you my friend have your free will. As we’re all the vessel called humanity we’ve been blessed or cursed with free will (I couldn’t resist the paradox approach sorry). Well let me share a little secret about free will… everyone’s free will. You have the free will to agree or not agree with universal laws and that’s the big deal about a person’s free will. Universal laws are not bound by the restrictions of any religions or personal viewpoints. They’re simply laws that apply to everything that composes the universe we all exist in. Gravity is another universal law. Again I’d like to reinforce just how free will works and why it’s not as big a deal as it’s made out to be. You have the free will to believe or not believe in gravity. You can argue with an opposing view all you want to about whether the universal law of gravity exists or not but either way you’ll both be arguing within its laws.

Everyone’s free will amounts to little more than your choice to believe or not believe agree or disagree. Sorry to disappoint if you thought it was a much bigger possession but that’s basically the big deal about one’s free will.

For all those who say it can't be done. Please be courteous and don't interrupt us while were doing it.

For all those who say it can’t be done. Please be courteous and don’t interrupt us while were doing it.

For us and a growing number of open minded folks the correct balance between the worlds of force and flow reside around the region of the DR’s north coast in a town called Cabrera. For many it’s become a desirable PH balance keeping the clarity on the how we might relearn what we really desire in life.

It is my sincerest desire that through this relearning curve that we all stand a better chance of surviving the upcoming storms of the world. If you agree great and if you don’t great as in both cases you’re correct. It’s simply that free will gnawing at you once more but in the end we all still have to live “within the laws” the universal laws. Until next time this is Barry in DR.

Randy Rode April 21, 2014 at 12:47 pm

Barry………….I enjoyed reading your comments early this beautiful Monday morning in the Caribbean. As I looked out the window of my office at the hazy early morning light reflecting on the blue waters of the Atlantic, I once again, as I do everyday, gave thanks for the privelage to be able to call this beautiful island paradise my home.
It is not that I HAVE to live here, or need to, the point is I WANT TO LIVE HERE. It has been my dream, starting more than 10 years ago to have a home and business here in the DR, and now I am living the dream, and keeping my perspective regarding what I have, and trying hard not to take anything for granted.
Living in this country will help anyone keep their perspective on what you actually need to be happy.
We think we need this or that, or absolutely can`t be happy without all the “I can`t live without…….things………..sometimes forgetting what is most important to be happy, a stress-free environment, friendship, tranquility, natural beauty, a healthy diet and climate.
My life has changed so much for the better since moving here to Cabrera, I wouldn`t trade it for anything in the world. It only takes a short visit back home to realize this.
I have made choices, and made them work, and it is all good!!
My only hope is that all of you out there reading this will take a chance to let Barry and his team “Show you the Way”
It is all here waiting, it is up to you now.
Capt. Randy Rode
North Coast Sportfishing and B&B

Barry April 21, 2014 at 1:55 pm

Great thoughts Randy. We and a growing group of open minded folks feel the same way. I’ve got to tell you though that FREE WILL is killing many as it’s an incredibly tough opponent. Free will and EGO are close relatives and for most almost impossible to tell them apart… and for those who doubt what I just mentioned it just goes to show you how tricky this opponent really is. Chock up one more for the EGO and the opponent and most don’t even know they’re being played like a card.

john April 21, 2014 at 3:22 pm

Everything you have said Randy is so true.Just like you i made the choice many years ago to call this my home.We are truly blessed to live in this place.Regards john

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