Michael Ruppert “I Think it’s A Mistake” His Quest For The 100th Monkey

Michael Ruppert

Michael Ruppert

Ever heard of Michael Ruppert? I’m sure most of my readers already have. I was just reviewing the full length version of Michael Ruppert’s Documentary: Collapse “A Presidential Energy Policy”. While I’ve seen it before after about twenty minutes of non-stop time proven factual events that have since come true I decided the following. My readers need to watch this for their own benefits but also for the benefits of their family’s survival. The recipe for survival takes on the following order: watch, listen, learn then act. Oh!!! how you better act and I’m not necessarily referring to relocation when I make this statement.

Every day I hear from good folks like you who ask me a lot of questions. The majority of these questions revolve around how can we best prepare for what’s coming. I’m fielding these questions from all four corners of the world…America, Europe, Canada, Asia just to name a few and my answer never wavers. My answer is always the same I don’t know.

A challenge is similar to solving a puzzle. There are several ways to arrive at the same solution.

A challenge is similar to solving a puzzle. There are several ways to arrive at the same solution.

After the initial sticker shock (pause) wears off I continue to explain. I don’t live there so how can I have any on the ground experience to correctly answer your questions. This is not a one size fits all subject. Survival and preparedness will vary greatly depending on where you live. Certainly there are some commonly linked areas to surviving in all areas of the world however the greater part of survival and preparedness will vary greatly depending on where you live and that means you have to have boots on the ground experience PERIOD! This is no different than mentioning one country having it all so that’s the place everyone needs to head out to. It just doesn’t work that way and I would caution anyone whose heading into a courtroom with a Lawyer that’s never seen the inside of one or waiting for a triple bypass while their surgeon’s holding an instruction manual.

A second point I try to caution the good folks about is being careful when it comes to trusting the accuracy of Useful Information you receive from statistical data. WHY? Because they generally don’t ask the right question to begin with so while you will render information is it Useful Information for your purpose?

Someone once asked Einstein’s thoughts on how he would go about solving the following hypothetical situation. Supposed you had one hour to solve a situation but if you couldn’t you’d perish. How would you choose to spend the time solving it? Einstein replied I’d spend 55 minutes figuring out the right question to ask. Once I’ve figured out the right question I can solve any problem in less than five minutes. That’s the problem with statistics usually they’re not asking the right question.

Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater. (Albert Einstein)

Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater. (Albert Einstein)

For instance take using a nation’s population density as an example. It’s based on population per square KM. or per square mile. OK it provides some basic information I’ll agree but is it really providing accurate information for what you really want to know… which is will this area hold up as a place I could safely survive when the current situation changes and supply lines could be disrupted.? Now think about this before you just jump in and say sure it does… think people!!!

Some would think so and perhaps there correct but for me the precise question that would provide me the information I really want is this. What percentage of the population is involved in some form of agriculture? A second and even more precise information yielding question might be…What percentage of the population is growing their own food and in what regions are they doing it? Those questions would reveal exactly what I’m trying to find out.

You can live in a country or nation that has low density but hardly anybody farms or grows their own food what good will it serve if supply lines get cut off and that my friends represents a huge potential problem even in low density places. Take a country with population density of 600 per square mile. That’s on the high side if your trusting population density as your guide line. Now what if you asked the right questions and found out the 18% of that population is in one way or another in agriculture. Kind of puts things in a whole new perspective. Now what if you found out the 65 to 70% of that population density grew some of their own fruits and vegetables and had a few dozen chickens to boot. That’s where I’d hang my hat every time because if you’re depending on availability of obtaining food when the SHTF as one of your most important bases to cover you had better start asking the right questions.

Mama Grey Displaying her two new chicks. Currently she's sitting on six more. Chickens eggs Fruits Veggies Meat and fish. Best part of it is NO ONE'S telling us we can't DO IT!!! Ask the right questions your survival may depend on it.

Mama Grey Displaying her two new chicks. Currently she’s sitting on six more. Chickens eggs Fruits Veggies Meat and fish. Best part of it is NO ONE’S telling us we can’t DO IT!!! Ask the right questions your survival may depend on it.

I’m not suggesting that I’m right as it’s always about choices but however it does make a point. I’d want to stay away from any country where Government is trying to stop personal food growing or worse robbing its citizens of their farm land that’s been owned for decades. I’m not even going into agenda 21 as that’s a whole other subject and I don’t know how bad it actually is because I don’t live there.

Another point to consider about trusting statistics is the following. Statistics are about as easy to twist as a piece of licorice. Take the unemployment figures currently running around 8% and yes I know its bullshit but I’m using it to prove a point. When you focus on the 8% unemployment figure it sounds dreadful but twist that licorice a bit and mention 92% of the population is employed…sound any better? I’m just trying to get folks to open up their thinking a bit so they’ll be better equipped and start asking the correct questions.

I started to list some of the key time slots in the documentary but soon found out there’s too many so you’ll just have to watch it. I’m just listing three key areas I feel are most urgent for you to understand. Ruppert states the following in this must watch documentary:

  1. Local food production is perhaps the most fundamental key to human survival in the collapse of industrial civilization.
  2. No amount of technology and no amount of ingenuity can overturn the laws of physics. The laws that govern this planet are universal.
  3. Whenever you’re faced with an overwhelming life threatening crises you’re likely going to run into three groups of people. The first group are people who suddenly get it but are overwhelmed because they don’t know what to do. The second group are people that say we get it and are willing to change and help out. Show us an option. The third and final group are the people in denial and won’t do a thing.

I’d recommend every person you care for is emailed this article with Ruppert’s documentary attached at the bottom. Have them all watch it if you really care for them you’ll insist.

The only graph you’ll see in Michael Ruppert’s Collapse “A Presidential Energy Policy” and according to Ruppert the only graph that matters is the graph of human population verses available oil and the fact that all us people exist on this planet because of oil.

Footnote: On April 13, 2014, Ruppert was found dead in Napa County at home just outside of the Calistoga, CA city limits. Ruppert died of a single self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. This has been confirmed by close friend and property owner/landlord Jack Martin.Martin is the man who found Ruppert’s body. According to his business partner and last Attorney of Record, Wesley Miller,Ruppert shot himself after taping his final broadcast of The Lifeboat Hour with friend and colleague Carolyn Baker, Ph.D.

Ever notice that the names of the Angels all end with the letters EL? Michael just happens to be one of them. To quote Michael Ruppert “I think it’s a mistake” and I’m adding to this “To have a person’s life with such insight end in this tragic way. Don’t die with your music still in you”. Make a difference and be of service to others. Till next time this is Barry in DR.

David Ruppert: Collapse (FULL VERSION)

john May 9, 2014 at 7:02 pm

What an amazing video.When i saw this i was blown away, even though i knew that everything was so true,.How many times have i told people and those close to me what is coming.All out there please watch.It is all about choices, i made mine many years ago.

Rich & Anastacia May 10, 2014 at 3:59 pm

Thanks for sharing Barry this was an eye opener, I had a feeling something was not right for a while, me and my other half started an online business last year and now we are starting to put money together to take a DR Escapes Tour.

I just sincerely want to thank you for all that you are doing. We have been watching your videos and your blog for awhile, excellent work I might add.

Take care Barry talk soon.

Rich & Anastacia

Barry May 10, 2014 at 4:30 pm

Thank you both for the comment. Be sure to watch the soon to be released interview with famed venture capitolist author and filmmaker Gonzalo Lira. Should be a three part production and what’s most important is He’s from Chile and as well as living in several other countries also live through the Pinochet dictatorship during his youth. Please share this post with all the friends and family you both love and care about. Might be one of the most precious gifts you ever gave anyone. I’ll leave you both with something to ponder about. You’ll find it holds true every time.

Always remember that “the rot moves from the margins to the center, but the disease moves from the center to the margins.” The disease I’m referring to is two fold. One is Gov@#ment and the other is not necessarly being ignorant but instead being uninformed. Hope this get you both thinking a bit.


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