Don’t Worry It’s 100% Natural

All Natural and 100% Natural. It's not what you've been led to believe it means.

All Natural and 100% Natural. It’s not what you’ve been led to believe it means.

I just returned from the market and don’t ask me why but out of the blue this thought popped into my mind. You know what I mean as it happens to all of us and these thoughts and ideas are “100% Natural” from time to time we all have them… out of nowhere suddenly a thought or idea comes to light. I was picking up some vegetables and on the way home I suddenly realized as crazy as it sounds my chickens actually eat better than most of you do. Sad but never the less true in what I’m confident is the vast majority living in western nations… and here’s what is even wilder…this comes from the people we’ve met not from us.

Most times when we have visitors at one point of the trip or another I have to stop by the house and the folks get to meet my wife Liane. On several occaisions she’s out feeding the chickens and when they see what their diet consists of that’s when the comments follow… damn those chickens are eating better quality food then we are.

Carrots, Sour Orange Garlic Potatoes Onions all from the Farm

Carrots, Sour Orange Garlic Potatoes Onions all from the Farm

Since we want the highest quality eggs we feed them a mixture of left over meat, fish vegetables and some fruits along with free ranging for consuming bugs. All organic and I mean truly organic not what some label at an overpriced pretend to be organic chain store says. You know the grocery chain I’m referring about and if you actually took the time to read it has a disclosure statement in the customer receiving area. Right where you pick up your cart but in a hard to find location framed in an 8X10 size statement… we try our best to obtain the best quality organic foods possible. However when the CEO was receently interviewed he commented that it is literally impossible to run an organic grocery chain in the US of this magnitude. Most of what they’re selling is not or nowhere close to being organic. The labeling is so confusing that even if you could decipher through the legal wording still you would remain in an abyss of confusion.

 No Thanks I think we'll pass. Enjoy!

No Thanks I think we’ll pass. Enjoy!

Last week we had a get together at one of the recent arriving DR escapes families. They experienced first hand that when expecting 15 folks not to be surprised if over 50 show up. We even had a young couple visiting us that we invited and they couldn’t believe how our families jelled with the locals. Like nothing they ever experienced.

Another eye opening experience for the newly arrived couple hosting the party was the fact that the prior day one of our families butchered a small cow for stew meat and made a great Dominican beef and gravy all for just 3000 pesos which comes to 69.50 US dollars! All the ladies brought over various dishes ranging from salads, Cole slaw, veggies and two different deserts… one of which was Liane’s famous cream cheese carrot cake. Three or four gallons of rum and a hefty supply of mix and we’re off to the races… oh yea and almost all of it was truly organic except for some boxed fruit juice. The hosting family took care of the cost of the small cow and everyone else chipped in for the balance so I guess one could say they hosted a party and fed over fifty people for 69.50 and almost all of the foods were organic.

100% Organic Beef and Fish. This REALLY IS NATURAL without the phoney label.

100% Organic Beef and Fish. This REALLY IS NATURAL without the phony label.

I’m saving the best part of the evening for last. The couple got engaged later on during the evening!!! Just in case you’re thinking of it the rum had nothing to do with it. We all sang songs in both English and Spanish since it was also a birthday celebration. What a great time for all with the exception for perhaps one or two folks.

For some reason it seems for a certain type of frequency all they have to talk about is limited to the NWO or illuminati even if they’re attending a pizza party for a 14 year old. Some folks love the Cabrera life style and some can no longer accept it as they’re just too brainwashed and emotionally damaged… however as for the hosting family they’re certainly one family that does embrace the ways of Cabrera and the only way to find out is by experiencing it for yourself.

This too is 100% Natural only coming from a different perspective.

This too is 100% Natural only coming from a different perspective.

I’ve linked a few short articles to this post and embedded a great YouTube sent to me a while ago that explains just how confusing the terms “All Natural or 100% Natural” actually are.  Exactly what it means when seeing these easy to confuse terms displayed on products you think are actually good for you.

This YouTube “the natural effect” is an excellent example of what I’m trying to get across about the legal style use of wording that makes understanding what you are actually buying and consuming almost impossible. I hope you pass this article onto others who think they’re eating “All Natural or 100% Natural” foods. Some are but most are not. Some will accept this and other won’t but it really boils down to the fact that all living souls welcome whatever they are ready to cope with. All else they ignore or pronounce to be monstrous and wrong, or even deny them to be possible at all. It’s only Natural in fact it’s 100% Natural…isn’t it? Bon Appetite… until next time this is Barry in DR.

The Natural Effect:

john May 22, 2014 at 4:31 pm

Being able to buy fresh produce everyday at great prices is a blessing.
Having lived here for many years it still excites me when i go to the various markets and see the wide range of not only fruit and veg but the wide range of fresh meats and fish.We are truly blessed.

tamS janda July 19, 2014 at 4:28 am

hi barry. tomorrow, sat july 19 you will meet peter meyerys & family. I;m godfather of madison & the family’s uncle. looking forward to meeting you in a few months. I’ll be moving with them. I lived for 8 years in sosua. I would like to know basic house rentals & acreage prices. just to get an idea of the local area. my cell # is 386-307-9859, thank you . enjoy your time with the meyers family.

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