Expatriation Realities – Interview With Gonzalo Lira – Internationally Recognized Crisis Planner

Never Ending Treadmill

Never Ending Treadmill

It is no longer worthwhile to live in the United States“.  This is just one of many no-holds-barred statements made by Gonzalo Lira in our recent skype interview.   If you are not yet familiar with Gonzalo Lire, you should be.  He is a internationally recognized authority on crisis planning and a big proponent of expatriation by U.S. citizens.  Like me, Gonzalo has lived in a number of “3rd World” countries.  I find his observations about the benefits of expatriation resonate with my own.

Gonzalo is a recognized novelist, filmmaker, venture capitalist and economic commentator.  One of the things I like best about Gonzalo is that he does not sugar coat anything.  He tells it exactly as he sees it from his perspective which is based on many years of experience all over the globe.

In this series of video interviews Gonzalo touches on some of the most important trends that Americans, Canadians and Europeans face today.  He makes a very solid case for why most Americans must have a backup plan that includes expatriation and internationalization of assets.  He is absolutely clear in his observations about the shift in attitude of the government against its citizens, expecially in the United States.  This shift makes it even more critical that you have a viable backup plan to weather the most severe elements of the coming financial crisis.

But one thing you will hear clearly as you listen to this interview of Gonzalo.  He is not one of those cookie-cutter, doom and gloom alarmists.  Quite the contrary, Gonzalo is all about making proactive decisions to make your life better by placing yourself and your family in a position to relax and rest easy without worry.

In this first segment of this three part interview, Gonzalo explains that he loves his home country, the United States, but explains why he no longer wants to live there.   We discuss the natural advantages to being the “foreigner” in a new land.  Gonzalo explains why NOW it is not too late, but time really is running out.  I tend to agree with how Gonzalo summed up his perspective of the “new” government attitude in the United States…. “The government is hell-bent on squeezing every last cent out of you for the sole benefit of the ultra-rich oligarchs”.


In the second part of this interview, Gonzalo explains some of the criteria he used to find his new home country and why he ended up where he did.  Although I ended up on the north coast of the Dominican Republic and Gonzalo ended up in Chile, I find that we used many of the same criteria.  Unlimited fresh, inexpensive natural food.  Unlimited fresh water.  Minimal government intervention.  Friendly people.  Great weather and climate.  To name a few.   Gonzalo focuses right in on a BIG question… “do you want to live a paranoid life or one where you can be relaxed and happy.  Seems like such a simple choice, yet so many people struggle over this question.  He asks you… “have you had enough of being on a treadmill where someone else holds the speed control”.


In the third part of this interview, Gonzalo gives some good advice on how to best structure yourself to come out on top of the coming crisis.  He explains what legal structure he prefers as well as his ideas about timing of opening accounts.  He sums up the entire interview by posing a rather direct question to the listeners… “How do you want to live your life?  In fear, worrying about your assets and your family… or in peace and stressfree”


Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.  Are these interviews helpful?  Should I continue to search out the leading thought-leaders for future interviews?

Until next time, this is Barry in the DR.


Dennis May 24, 2014 at 3:08 am

I always like interviews with Gonzalo lira… I haven’t heard him for quite some time. Over the last year he has done very few interviews. Thanks very much for bringing Gonzalo back into the limelight for YouTube interviews. It will be interesting to check back with him at least once a month for updates. In case people don’t know it, he’s been right on over the last several years that I’ve been listening to him.

mike May 24, 2014 at 1:43 pm

Great interview again Barry.

bottom line expiating or having a second place is a no brainer.

the system is goin down. when ? who knows but if one is awake and sees whats really goin on why wait, why live in this police state bs.

The food in the US is all mostly contaminated in one way or the other , beef and chicken is gmo/steroid/antibiotic laced for sure.
Fish ? If not farmed raised has metal contamination or radiation.

Veges are sprayed up to 6 times and grown in questionable soils.

Bread /grains? more gmo crap .
Its everywhere anymore and daily consumption over the years is certain death and premature ailments.

you probably know dead buried people don’t decay as fast anymore because of accumulation of preservatives acquired in foods eaten and harbor in cells of the body.

also expiating assets into an llc is great advice , highly possible the hammer will come full down.

time marches on,


mike May 24, 2014 at 8:06 pm

dear Barry.
Lot of clarity with your interview with Mr. Lira that made sense . again .

I wanted to add.

its not easy for most people. ya know? be patient.

I have 3 days off for memorial day , yes US minnions are celebrating the deaths of our uncles who died in viet fin nam and ww2 and 1 , mourn the deaths .

bankers wars, all for ? tough tough tough I say.

see ya soon,

this is mike notindr and im out.

Christopher May 26, 2014 at 7:27 am

Barry…thanks for the wonderful interview with Gonzalo. I enjoyed his perspective on various countries to relocate to depending on one’s likes. Your philosophy and points of wisdom always put reality into the conversation.

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