When the SHTF How’s it Going To Crash? Part One

The Coriolis Effect is similar to not being able to see the difference between cylindrical and linear.

The Coriolis Effect is similar to not being able to see the difference between cylindrical and linear. Don’t confuse the two or you’re going to be sorry.

One of the top five questions I receive is the following. “So when the SHTF How’s it going to crash” That’s a hell of a good question. The enquiring minds want to know and they’re asking: what’s going to happen and how’s it going to go down. The what, when, where, why and saving the unanimous best seller for last “how do I best protect myself and my family.

Actually there’s a few books worth of writing material to cover so to best provide you with a clear understanding I’m going to make this a two part post. In part one I’m going to attempt to outline the importance of cylindrical thinking verses linear thinking. I’ll be providing some recent examples of why those who cannot understand the differences will habitually keep making the same mistakes… mistakes that will transfer on to when the SHTF.

First off here comes my disclaimer. I’ve never claimed myself to be any type of expert in any of the above so I’m not the right one to be authoring these few books of information. I’m just a trends junkie with well over two decades of dedicated research. A trends junkie that happens to be one who’s positioned himself and his family in a long term sustainable environment. An environment that provides peace of mind knowing tomorrow’s going to be the same as it is today. In fact the same as it’s been for more years than I care to remember. I’m no expert and I never give out information that I’ve personally not experienced myself by having what many survival web sites term: boots on the ground experience. Experience gained by first understanding that the world works in a cylindrical manner and not a linear one.

With the above few sentences noted perhaps a good place for us to start and a fair counter question would be: to date what have you done so far as to best prepare yourself and your family for when the SHTF? For the vast majority even at these later stages it saddens me that this question is so easy to answer. Not much if anything… would be the highest percentage answer by a landslide or a close second might be: absorbing and analyzing what’s on the various web sites. Both which are poor choices as they really add up to slightly more than NOTHING.

As for my readers I know from personal contact the percentage is much higher and that what it’s all about for us. Options for the open minded folks who understand things work on a cylindrical nature rather than on a linear one. I cannot over emphasize the importance of understanding that this is how the world actually operates. If you fail to grasp this kind of thought the rest of the information contained in both the balance of part one and the entire part two probably won’t make much sense to you even though the facts speak volumes of factual truth.

Many wild cards equals many possible events

Many wild cards equals many possible and different pathways.

There are so many un-played wild cards that hitting how the events will unfold is nearly impossible. Even for the so called experts out there who’ve been for the greater percentage wrong over the last three years. Still it seems apparent most of them can’t swallow ego’s bitter pill and at least admit their projected time lines for events to unfold and values for certain commodities were way out to lunch wrong.

It’s always the same excuses. Another cartel hit another fix better get it while you can and so on.

If markets happen to push these commodities up in value even just a bit… and once again they’re screaming at maximum volumes we’re off to another galaxy. Hang on for the vertical ride to insanity. Same ending for the last three or more years keeps occurring though. A couple of days (even hours) later and it’s back on this never ending launching pad. Paper metals or cartels and the price fixing it’s the same old rerun act one two and three. No its linear thinking is all it is. I don’t feel anyone is purposely trying to misinform you.

By understanding the world’s markets function in a cylindrical fashion and not a linear one would open your mind to understanding that G& S are not going to be the only commodities soaring while most others are falling. In a deflation scenario almost everything loses value but still necessities cost more. WHY because even currency is losing value.

Still doubt what I’m saying is true? OK if you say so… but first show me the money. Facts don’t lie. Have you been pricing groceries lately? While I’m composing this post silver is sitting at 18.76 an ounce and as much as you want is just waiting for the taking. Heck the US mint just removed rationing on the amount of silver eagles minted and is now striking as many as the market demand calls for. All because there’s this sup posit severe shortage of silver. Sure they’ll be a shortage at 18.75 one day but they’ll be unlimited amounts available at 19.00. Then a shortage will develop at 19.00 but unlimited supplies at 19.35 and so on. Stop thinking linear people or you’ll end up losing your shirt.

Timing crucial in everything. The best idea but at the wrong time fails but a mediocre idea at the correct time will prove positive every TIME.

Timing crucial in everything. The best idea but at the wrong time fails but a mediocre idea at the correct time will prove positive every “TIME.”

That doesn’t mean I don’t believe G & S will not have their day it just won’t be today. Things have to first crash then reset. It’s on the flip side when these hard assets will come to fruition and it won’t only be G & S that’s shining as almost all commodities will be bright investments.

If you’re still continuing to doubt what I’m saying is true then you have a problem. You can’t separate fact from fiction and you probably still are hanging onto to the belief that your 37.00 an ounce silver was a great purchase two and a half years ago. Still clinging onto how smart you were even though today the fact is the MARKET will give you 18.75 an ounce for it. I know I know your answer is but I’m not selling any of it!!! I understand that but you still completely missed my point my linear thinking friends. Keep that kind of thinking up and you’re right on track for where you headed when the SHTF too and it may cost you a hell of a lot more than a few bucks.

On the other hand if you only had thought about this from a different perspective (viewing the Box) you might be buying DOUBLE the amount of silver at today’s prices. But wait! You were led to believe there wasn’t going to be any physical available for purchase remember? What a snow job you bought into. Oh yea almost forgot you’re going to make it up with volume right?

Stop falling for the same  illusions placed before you. Don't mistake whats flat for whats not. Stop thinking linear when the world operates cylindrical

Stop falling for the same illusions placed before you. Don’t mistake whats flat for whats not. Stop thinking linear when the world operates cylindrical

Stacking is the term I see being used most often for increasing volumes held by an investor. So if that is how you choose to view the box stacking is the way for you to go. OK I get it… then let me let me ask you a question. Wouldn’t you have been better off with a stack TWICE the size? Buy right and get out and sell right don’t get emotional when it comes to investing. Ah! the difference between cylindrical and linear thinking amazing isn’t it?. Funny thing is there will still be some folks who will choose to not see this reasoning. Ego is the most powerful of opponents and will even challenge logic.

You better start learning to understand how the world works or you’re going to end up broke and residing in a neighborhood full of hurt. Open that mind or when the reset does occur you’ll continue your linear thought patterns and fail to realize it’s time to sell. You’ll not recognize that it’s now time to start dumping what you’ve treasured so much. You just won’t see this curve in the cylindrical ways of the world and realize this is now the time to rid yourself of possessing it…the time when you should have SOLD…like when it was just under 40… only to be repurchasing at a time like now at around 18.75 for all you stackers out there this would have doubled the size of your stack.

One more time the: should a, could a, would a movie replays with the same damn ending. ONE MORE TIME! You must learn to how to think Cylindrical and not linear. I wouldn’t keep hammering at this point so hard if it wasn’t so important for you to understand it.

Same holds true when it comes the death of the US Dollar stories. Let me ask you seen any shortage of death of the dollar stories out there? Naw… didn’t think so and you can follow them back as far as the early 70’s. All you seem to read about is how nations are looking at moving away from the dollar and that’s their sole catalyst for destroying the dollar.

Now I’m no huge fan of the dollar but once again for the most part what you are reading is still linear thinking. Case in point why is it that almost no one is talking about the flood of PRIVATE foreign investors flowing into the dollar for protection. Protection from what you might be asking. Protection from their nations own currency as the confidence in the Ruble, Euro and yes even the Yuan is not there for the private sector living in those countries. While I do feel that China is the future world’s largest economy… last I checked we all live in the present and China’s got to suffer some serious correction first before anything will happen.

Time may be running out for the nation in many ways but as far as the dollar goes still got some sand left in the hour glass. Still there's no viable replacement.

Time may be running out for the nation in many ways but as far as the dollar goes still got some sand left in the hour glass. Currently there’s still there’s no viable replacement out there.

These deeper pocket investors understand what it is to reallocate part of the wealth in other nations and are doing so by purchasing hard assets like Real Estate in dollars and in foreign nations as a means of escaping their own nations devaluing currency and spreading out possible risk. Huge volumes of Russian, European, Chinese even folks from the UK are pouring into guess what the good old American Dollar and for good reason. But you won’t hear much about it except for possibly one or two sites. They got you thinking linear again.

While all currencies will eventually be at the bottom of the harbor STILL the vessel “ SS US Dollar” appears to have the smallest hole in its hull. WHY it’s the only currency that can handle the volume of world trade and it still boils down to having confidence in a currency. Confidence by the public is all that makes any printed note worth a shit to begin with and therefore acceptable in the markets. Linear the nations are fleeing away from the US dollar (nothing new there though) cylindrical nations are steering away but the masses of private investors are flowing into the dollar like never before. Starting to perhaps make a bit more sense as to WHY we are where we currently are in prices and events.

For some good reason a hefty percentage of the foreign folks with deep pockets still for now HOLD CONFIDENCE in the US dollar. WHY simply ask yourself what other currency can currently replace the dollar as reserve? In today’s market even the Yuan amounts to only 8% of world trade and doesn’t hold nearly enough volume or convertibility to be a reserve currency.

All I’m attempting to get you to understand is to think as if everything is connected sort of like gears in a transmission that are all meshed together but function as a unit. Sure one day into the future something will replace the dollar… time waits for no one … but not tomorrow or the near future.

Processing this information correctly is it any wonder the high end Real Estate market is currently booming in America while the mid and low range market is stagnate. This also may serve to explain why expensive sports cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini are setting sales records while ford Toyota and GM are barely alive. Smart people are getting some of the funds out of cash and parking it into real assets for later on. Same reasons they’re looking at the metals… but for foreign investors who are getting out of their nations own currency nothing today can compete with the US dollar. You going to by bonds in Russian rubles??? Naw didn’t think so.

The same holds true for Argentina, Brazil and Cyprus just to add on a few more nations that are flowing fast towards their citizens having a strong appetite for the US Dollar. I never really understood the rationality of why people would think that the US dollar would be the world’s reserve currency forever… It won’t but it’s not going anywhere in the near future either. I feel a better question to be pondering over is: Will I be able to move my dollars in the foreseeable future? That’s just one more book in the mountain of information mentioned earlier but again I’m not the author.

After all who can say with any certainty what will be in store for the future. I can’t that’s for sure. It’s only my opinion but perhaps a world currency separate and solely used for international transactions might be the next generation. I imagine it would be a crypto type of currency solely for the reasons that by doing so would eliminate any transaction from evading taxation. A separate second reserve currency would also allow for all competing nations to hold onto the form of currency they’re presently using. It would also allow the dollar to eventually be replaced as the reserve as that too is inevitable over time. Just a few points that may make sense. One world reserve currency I can see but a one world Government not a chance. Damn just introduced another subject for one more of those books I keep referring about.

The dollar would merely revert to being one of the many currencies that would make up a basket of currencies that are all adjusted and then pegged to the international world currency. This change if it were to happen would also allow all nations to value their currencies accordingly. This way there’s no actual default. Remember I mentioned that this was how it’s been done many time throughout history. Currency is measured in units therefore by devaluing the value does not change the amount of units owed. Only slaughters those foolish enough to be storing those units as a means of wealth.

This is where I’ll be ending part one and will pick up on part two in a few days. I know how urgent understanding these principals are. That’s why I’ve taken my time to compose this post in two parts. I recommend that if you still have any doubts reread it and look at what’s been said. Email any questions to the site and I will do my best to answer them. Don’t confuse fact from fiction. You must for your own self-preservation learn how to think in this cylindrical manner or you will lose!

Look at it this way an expert is an expert. They’ll know tomorrow why the things they predicted yesterday didn’t happen today. And what truly makes them experts is they’ll have the masses believing the same shit over and over. That’s the true mark of an expert. Accurately describes what Governments do doesn’t it? As they say the world is a stage. Till next time this is Barry in DR.

Rod June 4, 2014 at 1:30 pm

Ecclesiastes 1:9
9 The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be;
and that which is done is that which shall be done:
and there is no new thing under the sun.

The quote above is from the wisest man to have lived in all of history, King Solomon. Studying his other writings, the ancient scriptures, and other historical accounts show that man (countries / civilizations) is on a certain course that is both linear and cyclical. I think this relates to cylindrical thinking in that individuals must take their own knowledge and experiences and compose a worldview. We are all doing this whether we realize it or not. Some are cognizant of what is going on in the world and are intentional about working out their worldview based on evidence that they observe. Others are very passive and their perspective is based on whatever happens, happens, essentially allowing the circumstances of life to dictate their existence.

I think there is a healthy balance between the above two ways of thinking. There are certainly pitfalls in living by the extremes in the above two. I think the balance is realizing the truth of a linear cause and effect relationships that works into the larger cyclical nature of how the world works. Both are observable principles scientifically and historically. Here is an easy example:

Let’s take a grape vine. There are still wild grapes in places all over the world. They flower and fruit from year to year with only nature as their gardener. Some grapes are eaten by wild animals and birds, providing sustenance and energy. Many other grapes rot, eventually falling off the vine, returning energy to the soil. But is it all solar energy. Without the cyclical nature of the sun “rising” and “setting” grapes would not grow, nor would anything else.

Other grapes are cultivated by man in a careful process of pruning, watering, fertilizing. Clusters are harvested and used for many purposes. Wine is made in a linear process over time with some of the best wines aging for years. So although man has been making wine in yearly cycles for thousands of years, he uses a linear process to do it. King Solomon’s father, David, wrote in Psalm 104:15 that God basically created “wine to make glad the heart of man…” Really the entire 104th chapter of the Psalms is very beautiful and I encourage everyone to read it as it conveys that God is in control of the universe, having spoken it into existence by his own words. Man essentially wastes a lot of time (in linear time and space) worrying about things that are in God’s control. I’m certainly not saying it is a waste of time to prepare and plan, but to be consumed with doom is very detrimental to the heart and soul.

I really appreciate the depth of your article and calling attention to a way of thinking that nearly all of these news and preparedness websites neglect. I look forward to part two and hopefully I can share some thoughts I have concerning trend forecasting and how that relates to historical cycles.

Barry June 5, 2014 at 3:49 pm

Balance is one of the universal laws. All of the above falls into that realm. To much or to little both represent being out of balance. Balance is perhaps something that most western cultures has lacked for quite some time now. Either more is better or the me, myself and I attitude have certainly caused a once balanced nation to become a demoralized one. I don’t blame it on the media as that just is passing the responsibility onto to another area in the form of an excuse. When pointing fingers remember three out of the four are always pointing back at the originating source. We’re wondering if that’s a indirect reason that so many are looking at possible options. Sad to say even a few that have already switched locations have brought the same baggage they were trying to get rid of. They’re learning that all that’s changed is their location. The BIRTH CHIP certainly has it’s effects soon to follow are its casualties. Really enjoyed our conversation together a few day ago. I’ll be looking into what you asked about in your most recent email. Appreciate the time spent in forming this well formatted comment.

mike June 4, 2014 at 11:56 pm

Dear Barry,

How its going to go down? who knows . but for sure it will go down . like they say higher they stand harder they fall?

When will it go down? nobody knows could be tomorrow or 3 -10 years from now. but if anybody dosent see it teetering then they are in DENIAL, ASLEEP OR just plain dumb.

my logic says if its teetering then get the hell out asap.

hows the fallout gonna look? well it comes down to matter of degree. regardless its gonna be a disaster across the board in one way or the other.

I hope theres a golf course close to Cabrera cause I wana play every day.

this is mike not in dr and im out.

mike June 14, 2014 at 2:20 am

Dear Barry, In another example (blue collar way)

please define : cylindrical manner

linear thinking

You nailed it here ; “Man essentially wastes a lot of time (in linear time and space) worrying about things that are in God’s control” ,

In YOUR opinion what is the definition of linear time and space?

Ill be honest with you Barry this path Im on is turning into a treadmill of wasteful death throw into more and more digging into the the death beast that runs things it seems anymore.

I made a commitment here , and cant reneg, still looking at a dr tour.



Barry June 15, 2014 at 8:54 pm

Mike To better understand what is meant.

Cylindrical think of a transmission where everything is meshed connected and functions together to achieve a result.

Linear think of America. It’s citizens have been trained to look at America as separate from the rest of the gears which make up the world.

Markets and the entire world operate in a cylindrical manor. All countries are tied together.

This is exactly why the metal promoters have been wrong for over three years now and still they hold onto their conspiracy theories. Governments love conspiracy theories BECAUSE it keeps people FOCUSED on something other than the TRUTH.

Markets oprate in a Cylindrical fashion and that’s why silver sits (For Now) at under 20 an ounce. Will it boom YES but only after the crash. On the rebound not before even though most metal promoters will still argue it’s worth over 150 an ounce today. Linear thinking… If you want to sell regardless of what they think it’s worth you’ll be getting under 20 an ounce because the world’s markets operate in a cylindrical manor. Think of linear as closed minded and stubborn and cylindrical thinking as open minded and real. Hope this clears things up a bit.

Paul July 3, 2014 at 6:31 pm

Quit worrying about when! It is not If , it is when so start preparing!! Americans, I caution you. We have become so brainwashed thinking that someone is going to take care of you and protect you that if you are not careful, that train of thought will be the very noose around your neck. Social security is dying, unemployment can’t support everyone, food stamps an other government programs won’t be enough. Government programs will all fail because the government has consistently and frivolously wasted your money and soon it will all be gone. It already is gone just nobody is accepting that fact yet and the powers that be don;t want to admit it. Obamacare is listing like a wounded battle ship and who will save you?? You must take responsibility for your future because no one else will and if you wait for someone else to do it, it will be too late. By the time you see it coming or someone can tell you when, it will be too late. When it does come, it will be like a theif in the night and one day you will wake up and everything as you know it will be gone.

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