Road Trip From Cabrera To Las Terrenas – Part Two

aves on Cabrera To Las Terrenas Roadtrip

aves on Cabrera To Las Terrenas Roadtrip

On the next segment of our little roadtrip from Cabrera to Las Terrenas we see more of the roadside and scenery and enter into the little town of Las Terrenas on the Samana Peninsula.  While Cabrera is more like a laid back little rural fishing village with with few tourists, Las Terrenas is more of a tourist destination.  During the peak season in the winter months, Las Terrenas attracts many tourists, especially from Europe.  There are great little restaurants and beach side eateries in Las Terrenas as well as a hand full of resorts and hotels that cater to tourists.

Las Terrenas and Samana are easy daytrips over from Cabrera, and we go over for a little laid-back recreation several times a year.  There is some beautiful mountainous land, winding road ways and beckoning beaches over on the Samana peninsula.  And although we can easily watch the humpback whales pass right by the malecon in the village of Cabrera, we sometimes also head over to Samana to watch them enter their breeding grounds in the Samana bay.  A number of tourist tour operators offer sightseeing boating trips right out to where the humpbacks are entering the bay.

As in Part One of this video series, my goal is to set you straight on some of the crazy myths about the Dominican Republic.  As you will see, the roads are in great shape, the people are friendly and it is perfectly safe for you to drive up on the north coast.

Part Two


Watch for part three where we drive around on the beach for a few minutes and head back over the winding mountain road from Las Terrenas back to Cabrera.  For now, it’s Barr in DR.


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