So How’s it Going to Crash Part 2

Sure he Offers you the blue pill they always do. Head in the sand bullshit. You had better opt for the Red or you're gonna be hurting bad.

Sure he Offers you the blue pill they always do. Head in the sand bullshit. You had better opt for the Red or you’re gonna be hurting bad.

After gathering much information and compiling the data I can now deliver part two of what I feel may happen once the SHTF. There are still so many variances and pieces of the puzzle sitting on the sidelines that the outcome can change at a moment’s notice. I’m afraid the only accurate picture will be coming from the rear view mirror once it’s already begun to commence. Then for a brief period of time there will be clarity. Once that brief period of time passes the now acceptable misinformation deriving from the media will start to alter truth and replace it with fiction as most events of the past are mere remnants of what had actually occurred.

I’m going to attempt to put together a series of past, current and future events that I feel may accurately describe what’s going to unveil. Keep in mind that much of these events will have similar ramifications in other countries but to varying degrees. Remember America is just one gear in the transmission and I would suggest you’d be well served in understanding this PRONTO in spite of what you’ve been fed by various forms of what’s referred to as main stream media. Let’s explore the “so how’s it going to crash” question a bit more in depth.

The debts of most nations are simply unpayable. Debts are going to either be devalued massively or declared to be illegal. I have always felt purchasing Government debt quite possibly is the worst investment out there. WHY because it’s unsecured. When Governments cannot pay or simply refuse to pay, the holder of said debt gets nothing. There’s nothing tangible there and you’re basically screwed. In a nutshell those holding this debt receive nothing.

First and most common is devaluation. Remember from past posts currency is measured in units. When Governments devalue debt here’s what they are actually doing. Since debt is an amount of currency owed and currency is measured in units simply crash the value of each units worth as the amount of units owed still remains the same. Throughout history this has been a successful tactic for Governments to write off as much debt as desired yet never having to default on that debt. Those who hold those units of currency are actually the ones who get to lose their shirt.

A second favorite tactic of Governments who cannot repay debt is to determine a portion of the debt to be illegal. All of a sudden out of nowhere in the main stream media there appear articles and posts stating all or a large percentage of the nation’s debt is found to be illegal. France as of last week is trying to declare that up to 60% of their debt is illegal. If this thirty two page bill passes those holding that debt are shit out of luck.

This is one of my strongest reasons for believing that hoarding large amounts of cash is insane. Money is a medium of exchange and not a store of value. It doesn’t have to actually be worth something as long as the public’s confidence is there it will be accepted as a medium of exchange for products and services.

Mass Medias are keeping you on on the Blue Pill.

Mass Medias are keeping you on on the Blue Pill.

I apologize in advance if I offended any metal bugs out there that happen to be reading this. This also adds to my point that gold and silver are a hedge against Governments and not a hedge against inflation. The day of the metals (gosh sounds like a Terminator movie title) will come but after the crash and on the rebound side of what’s fast approaching.

It goes without saying that Governments will continue to raise taxes and on a more extreme note hunt down taxes and all other forms of revenue from its citizens in an effort to stay in power.  As long as the citizens will continue to put up with the abuse, the abuse has no end in sight. Perhaps this is one of the best examples I could provide of what is meant by united we stand divided we fall. Governments will continue stretching or passing the tax burden onto their citizens until eventually time and frustration causes a sudden snap much like a rubber band that’s been stretched too far.

There’s actually a term called the “rubber band effect” and at that time is when you start seeing a snap directional change unleashing large and violent protesting from the people. This continues and spreads to include unions. When Government can no longer fulfill their promises made to unions when it becomes blatant that benefits and pensions can no longer be funded is when you’ll see unions start taking on the appearance of what seems to be more of a local mafia than of a union.

Unions start to threaten the citizens of the cities that they’re located in with violence in an attempt to force citizens to take over and start funding Governments unsustainable promises. At this point is when you’ll start seeing the police taking on more of a military look instead of the traditional “protect and serve” peace keeping mode that once was the norm. REMEMBER the police are nothing more than a union. In spite of what you think about the recent change in the appearance and actions of police in your nation this is in no way what I’m referring to as it’s only the very beginning of what you’ll be witnessing. Like the old Bachman Turner Overdrive song “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”.

Currently Europe would be a prime example and if you’re looking close enough you see the US is starting to pick up steam and mirroring Europe. My turning point for rapid acceleration in violence is anywhere from last quarter of 2015 to mid-2016. This time frame is when the violence begins to take on that dreaded hockey stick graph upwards. Observe what actions the unions are taking!!! This will be you’re signal that there’s only a few more month left!!! After those few months is when it’s time to strap on the family’s helmets, adjust all the chin straps tight, wait it out and get in the game. It won’t be pretty a few months after unions start to turn on the people.

Keep in mind as these events unfold we’re still not anywhere near of the demise of the US dollar. In spite of what many sites are bolstering the dollar will be the last currency to falter in the world of base currencies. By understanding that the world works in a cylindrical fashion as do all markets that’s the time you start asking intelligent questions. Questions like for the foreseeable future what other currency option has the volume to handle the worlds currency needs. Certainly not the Yuan as in-spite of all the media hype is still only about 8% of the world’s transactions and is not even remotely close to having enough volume and convertibility to be considered as a world reserve currency.

Second point do you really believe the world is ready to purchase bonds from Communist China… not a chance and the same can be said for Russia and its Ruble. Ask yourself the following know of anyone lining up to buy Chinese or Russian bonds… didn’t think so. Not yet and for the foreseeable future. Hype about the pipeline and Gazprom selling natural gas for Rubles, Yuan or even gold… fine but at the end of the day all of these various sources are still going to park and settle in the dollar WHY? Because nothing else now or for the foreseeable future has the VOLUME and CONVERTABILITY to cover the worlds volume except for the US DOLLAR.

Continuing on I’ll often hear… But the dollar is worthless… and it is but so is every other currency. Remember currency is only a medium of exchange not a store of value. Did anyone really believe that the dollar would remain the worlds reserve forever? Hope not or once again you’ve been thinking with your heart instead of you head. Of course it will eventually be replaced my whole point is not for a long time though.

My information gathering has led to the following thoughts…eventually you’re going to see a second currency. A second new currency will be introduced and will replace the dollar as the reserve. Introduced will be a new world international reserve currency. At this point is when the dollar will be dethroned and settle back into the pool of currencies thus losing its reserve status. All currently used currencies should remain in tacked and will be adjusted to this new world international currency. This new world currency will be used solely for international transactions. Domestic transactions will continue in the same currency it presently is using.

What is sad though is the US will be affected far more than any other nation in the world WHY? Because your lifestyle, the illusion of an economy you’re currently living in, pensions, social security, military strength and everything else in this matrix goes down the drain. Welcome to the real world Mr. and Mrs. Anderson. Knowingly or not you’ve just swallowed the Red Pill. Welcome to the real world and for most it’s gonna be a bitch. One world Government never going to happen one world currency never NOT going to happen.

SIDE BAR: Say hello to crypto cashless currency. This is for another post but for all of those who think crypto is less traceable… OK sure it is. It’s block chain tells me otherwise and is perhaps part of the reason the FBI is currently today one of the biggest customers in the crypto world of currencies. Crypto currencies are a way for Governments to trace and hunt down every single transaction for tax purposes. Yep the tip at Starbucks is no longer under the table. Last couple of questions you might want to ask yourself… what are these crypto currencies purchased in… you guessed it currencies. What are they traded back into after products and services were rendered… yep various currencies and last but not least at the end of the day what are all these various other currencies based off of and eventually settled in? The US DOLLAR and thus why the US dollar is not going anywhere anytime soon…period!

Returning from my brief sidebar lets continue to unfold “so how’s it going to crash”. Information gathered tells of a familiar story that may repeat. One more time we’re all going to see history repeating itself. Like so many prior nations or empires. The US will suffer from a loss of unity. That’s right I see the US breaking up into independent nations!

To better understand what’s meant let’s have a look at the history of the British Empire. If you’re one of the masses of good folks who are linear thinkers right about now you’re probably asking yourself what the heck is he talking about…? Britain is intact… and you would be correct. That is if you’re focused solely on the island of what is known as Britain. Britain however was once known as the British Empire. What collapsed was the British Empire not the island of Britain which remains intact. Mouse over and click on the highlighted British Empire to understand what is meant. You may be surprised as the former British Empire consisted of the 13 original colonies of what is currently known as United States of America, Canada, Australia, India, Egypt, Iran and a host of others. It was huge! So recapping what collapsed was the British Empire not the island. The various member nations of the former British Empire became independent. The island along with its culture survived. Similar to what recently happened to the breakup of the Soviet Union where Russia survived. The US will survive but not as one nation. The nation will be divided into areas by beliefs and values. The Bible belt… states for or against major changes like Obamacare are just a couple of examples and gun control might shift places like Texas to strike for independency but it’s coming.

Another important collapse to consider was the British pound sterling. The pound was acting as reserve before the dollar. After WW2 is when the dollar took its place to become the new reserve currency. I can’t help but wonder if the Brits felt as if their currency would remain the reserve forever or were they smarter than that?

What caused the switch in reserve currency to the dollar… you guessed it massive debt. Debt that could never be repaid. Now ask yourself “How did Britain reduce its massive debt?” If you picked my first of two favorite Government choices you’d be correct. The debt was devalued by the collapse of the value of the British Pound. Once again it’s that important to understand. CURRENCY IS MEASURED IN UNITS!!!

The breakup of the British Empire led to the remainder of its demise. What followed was the devaluation of the outstanding debt, loss of territory followed by loss of the reserve currency status and presto you now have the island of Britain. Game Set Match! What remained is only a fraction of what was once a great empire. I feel the same fate is what lies ahead of a once great United States of America unless people come together.

It’s important to realize that the fall of the British Empire was in no way a Mad Max or Armageddon type of scenario. This is where I’m afraid the various wild cards take control and no one has certainty. I know this is perhaps the one area where most folk’s interest are concentrated. What I can say is for sure violence will take hockey stick curve upwards but to what degree, I or anyone else can’t say with accuracy.

From what I understand there needs to be several elements to unfold before Mad Max appears and takes center stage. First governments keep raising taxes on an already morally and economically beaten population. Second Governments start hunting down their own citizens. Governments start looking for capitol claiming it to be illegal. Whether this is true or not no longer matters. Third through taxation and laws Governments start crippling the nation’s growth in efforts to just maintain their own power, wealth and lifestyle. All in a plan to keep a high percentage of its citizens dependent on them and thus in need of assistance  insuring a change in Government is all but impossible. At least until that rubber band snaps.

I’m aware most of you already know that this is well underway but the last and by far the most important piece of the puzzle is what follows. That piece of the puzzle is all of you my friends…surprised don’t be. You see you’ve always been the only chance of stopping this from happening. Likewise you’ve also always been the only chance of it happening. You the citizens are the power and always have been. If you continue on your same selfish path of divided interests you will see this Mad Max appear before long. Continuing on this same divided path of self-interest and I’m afraid the war is already over and they won. Sorry but truth is never very popular.

However if you start realizing that you’re all one despite your differences as people. Sure you’ll go through hard times as there’s no way of avoiding these times. It’s already way too late for that but together as a nation under God will make it through and learn from it. The rebuilding of a better nation a nation that’s no longer spoiled beyond belief and living way above its means will be the end product.

Unity will be the new law of the land because you’re looking after each others backs. You’ve always had and still have the power. It’s their illusion you’re seeing and worse believing that you don’t and for the most part are helpless. Alone yes you’re helpless together you’re unbeatable. How this goes is entirely up to you but if you can’t come together let’s just say Mad Max would be viewed much the same as a Disney movie in future teachings when comparing to what’s going to unfold.

In closing I feel it wouldn’t be right if I left this last part out. As Governments decline so does security. Police and military become criminals. Look how the armies of Rome acted upon the citizens once they found out pensions were UN-backed and not going to be funded. Remember police and military are nothing more than unions. Therefore when pensions are in jeopardy these groups will restructure and take on the resemblance of a mafia hunting down alternate pension resources. Threatening and hurting people, destroying cities pillaging and raging their own form of gang violence are not uncommon… but remember they’re trained for these activities and they have the weapons to carry out these missions to the fullest. Remember keep your eyes focused on what the unions are doing. Perhaps one of the most important yet to date unmentioned clues out there.

Sorry for the time in getting this out. Information gathering takes time and those of you who’ve already met or spoken with me understand how busy I’ve been. Would like to read some of your views and remember no one knows anything for sure. Until next time this is Barry in DR.



Tbob June 29, 2014 at 11:23 am

So where do you stand on investing in mining shares in all this? Lets say you have your physical gold/silver already, is it a good idea to invest some cash in the mining shares? Or is it better to just stick to the bullion?

Great article.

Barry June 30, 2014 at 10:25 am

TBob thanks for the comment. So here goes the same BS disclaimer that even the so called experts give. I’m not a financial adviser and anything either expressed written or implied should not be considered any form of investment advice. I couldn’t resist. I’ve always been amused when I read that especially when it appears on a financial site. No one can answer that question but you. Everyone’s tolerance for risk verses reward is different. All I can say is spreading the foundation makes for a stronger structure. The percentages and locations varies for each individual being. Good luck at the crap tables.
PS I’m a fan of the real thing though.

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