More Immigration Options On Your Path To Your 2nd Passport

Guzman Ariza AttorneysYou’ve asked for more options on the path to securing your Residency and 2nd Passport in the Dominican Republic and we are happy to respond. Today I want to introduce an outstanding and responsive attorney that specializes in immigration law here in the Dominican Republic. I would not be exaggerating by saying that our expat families are very pleased with the level of response they are receiving from Licelotte Minaya of the Guzman Ariza firm.

Immigration Attorney Licelotte Minaya

Immigration Attorney Licelotte Minaya

My own experience and the experience of other expat families with Guzman Ariza has been very positive.  I have found that Licelotte Minaya, head of the immigration department of the Guzman Ariza firm, is realistic and not prone to overstatement.  She understands the need for clear, timely communication and she knows how to work expat cases through the Immigration bureaucracy . Licelotte knows exactly what our expats need and expect and she seems to know how to cut through the red tape of immigration, residency and citizenship like no other lawyer we have met. Other immigration attorneys seem to talk a good game, but simply do not seem to get the job done as efficiently as we would expect.  Impasses and delays seem to melt away and things just seem to happen when we are working with Licelotte and the Guzman firm. This is a welcome change for impatient expats.

I like the fact that the Guzman firm offers our DR Escapes family a hands-on concierge service.  One of the Guzman staff will be assigned to your account.  They will meet you at the airport, arrange for your lodging when you are in the capital and will escort you through the entire residency and immigration process when you are in the capital.

You would think that level of service by a top tier law firm would be more expensive than other less prominent immigration firms.  Not so.  In fact we have been able to nail down fixed fees for residency services that are up to $700 lower than fees that are charged with prior immigration specialists we have worked with.

In conversations with Licelotte, we learned about fast track programs that allow you to secure your permanent residency almost immediately and a very short path to citizenship and a 2nd Passport. Watch for future interviews as Licelotte explains that program. It does not take a big investment and most retirees on Social Security or most other retirement programs would easily qualify.

As always, if you simply click on the PassportDR banner on the top right of this page, we will give you all the contact details you need to get a dialog going with one of our immigration attorneys. I am more convinced than ever that a valid 2nd Passport is an essential tool in your survival toolchest.

DR_Man July 3, 2014 at 8:32 pm

I would love to get DR citizenship and the passport but the Spanish exam scares me (I suck at languages)! ;-(

Barry July 3, 2014 at 8:43 pm

Wouldn’t worry about it. By that time it’s no big deal what so ever.

DR_Man July 6, 2014 at 3:50 pm

Has anyone been denied DR citizenship/passport for failing the citizenship test?

It would be heart breaking to get that far and then not be able to complete the very final hurdle!

Barry July 6, 2014 at 10:44 pm

Go onto the site and click on the blue passport hot buttion. Fill out the information and send it. An immigration attorney will respond and why not ask the correct source these questions.

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