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On a past post I announced that we have added another immigration attorney to our family of expat advisors. In today’s post I will very briefly interview Licelotte Minaya of the Guzman Ariza law firm. As you may recall from my earlier post you might recall that the Guzman firm offers personal service to our expat readers at a very reasonable cost.

I know many of my readers do not yet speak fluent Spanish and it can be a daunting task to muddle through the residency and immigration process unless you have a guide to lead you all the way. That is exactly what our expats are finding with the Guzman firm. As you will hear in her video interview, Licelotte Minaya knows first hand the road blocks a foreigner can face in their pursuit of residency, citizenship and a 2nd passport in the Dominican Republic.  Licelotte know expats expect frequent communication and careful followup… and that is exactly what she offers.

We have personally seen long-term delays, hopeless red tape and unexplainable snafus simple melt away. Stalled immigration cases have once again been accelerated and are moving forward at a rapid pace.

In a future video interview, Licelotte will explain all the fast track residency programs and exactly how a person or family of average means can get on track for an invaluable 2nd passport.

There really is no reason not to explore whether residency and a 2nd passport makes sense for you.  We have persuaded the Guzman firm to offer you a free initial consultation as a member of the DR Escapes family.  All you need to do is click on the blue DRPassport banner in the upper corner of this page to schedule your free initial consultation with one of our immigration attorneys.


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