Government Now Attacking the Banks Unions Protesting in the UK

The two unions you need to fear the most.

The two unions you need to fear the most.

Recently I’ve noticed two significant turns in the path towards revolution. I feel it’s important enough to compile a brief post. First turn the Government’s attack on the banks has taken a significant spiral upwards. If you remember in prior posts I made mention to all who thought banks were getting away with mortgage fraud and the packaging of bundled loans labeled as triple “A” only to be realized that they wouldn’t qualify as junk rated would eventually get their day.

I continued mentioning this is similar to what I’ve been writing about when it comes to the metals. They too will get their day to shine only “today is not that day”. Slightly over a year ago Governments were not so desperate YET… to actually start hunting down money from their so called inside group of friends. The game still had some time left but time waits for no one and still is the only commodity that cannot be replaced once spent.

All over Europe there setting up to get into the game. You can't deny this any longer or you are merely living in denial. IT'S COMING!!!

All over Europe there setting up to get in the game. You can’t deny this any longer or you are merely living in denial. IT’S COMING!!!

Apparently that time is nearing its end as Governments are now starting to attack not only citizens but banks more aggressively. Appears the banks are no longer exempt when it comes to being part of the hunt for money. In a world of Government lions the banks just became another herd of zebras… and we all know what happens when hungry lions meet up with a herd zebras. They too will be preyed upon. Bear in mind this is all still in the very beginning stages! Things still haven’t even begun to decay compared to what soon arriving.

The second turn I want to make you aware of are unions. In an earlier post I cautioned to keep an eye out for the unions. In a recent post I mentioned watch the UNIONS! Nobody’s watching the unions and they are perhaps one of the most significant pieces of the puzzle according to past revolutions throughout history. No sooner do I mention it have look what’s currently developing over in the UK.

Seems that the British Government has invested in water cannons to control the protesting currently evolving. Care to guess who from… teachers, firefighters, civil servants just to name a few. And what do all of these protestors have in common? You guessed it they belong to unions and that’s what makes this so interesting. Remember police and military are also forms of unions. When it becomes their turn for a pension haircut as history proves watch the violence escalate… big time escalate! Rome China Europe and the British Empire ring any bells?

Keep Watch on those unions. Might be one of the best choices for your family's safety.

Keep Watch on those unions. Might be one of the best choices for your family’s safety.

You’d be well served to pay close attention to these two critical turns in the path towards revolution. I encourage you all to read each hyper link and pasted links below this short post. I’m very busy with folks here looking for those possible options and wouldn’t have made this post if I didn’t feel it a critical change of direction. Like one of the links mention Hundreds of Thousands Took to the Streets. Still see mid. 2016 when they’re taking this type of activity to your streets if you happen to be living in the US.

Got to go until next time this is Barry in DR



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