Honey in the DR Might be a Sweet Deal

Organic Honey is one of the best Antioxidants we have on the planet. BEWARE most of you are buying CORN SYRUP brought to you by by the masters of poisoning.

Organic Honey is one of the best Antioxidants we have on the planet. BEWARE most of you are buying CORN SYRUP

Hi Guys, Finally have a bit of free time. I was thinking with so much negativity that’s occurred over the last two weeks what positive subject could I write about. As you all know Liane and I live in the world of flow and knowing this understand the ideas will arrive when they’re supposed to. A couple of hours later out of the blue abyss where all good ideas emanate from the subject arrived. In the DR the Business of organic Honey Might be a Sweet Deal.

The last of our visitors left on Thursday. From a great group of five folks the subject of what can I do here came up as it always does. I mentioned a few ideas and not the first time was the business of organic honey being exported to other nations. Europe would be my choice followed by Asia. The prices there are outrageous for the commodity and their laws are nowhere near as strict as is when dealing with the US.

One particular visitor was about as out of the box as they come when thinking of original ideas of creating wealth…wealth to be shared and not horded as I later found out. Out of respect I’ll never mention names but this guy was vibrating at very near frequencies as do I so naturally I wanted to spend as much time together as possible. While the group was all together I mentioned while I never did the actual study the business of exporting honey seemed to be a possible idea that had some legs to go somewhere.

Raising bees does not require a lot of land. It's inexpensive and just may be an excellent way of making a living.

Raising bees does not require a lot of land. It’s inexpensive and just may be an excellent way of making a living.

I added one should also think about what else could grow along side of raising the bee’s that would represent a symbiotic relationship? Since you want to keep the bees near the property the best way is providing them the flowers to pollenate next to the hive boxes.

Several choices came to mind one which was vanilla. This would create a dark and rich flavored honey sure to be welcomed by both markets. On the other side check out what those same two nations are currently paying for organic vanilla but do this while next to a chair. The results may shock you!

There are several ways to create a living. While most of the western nations have been taught to trade time for money it’s been my understanding learning how to leverage time for money would yield superior results. But to do this you must create and then fill that niche opening. That’s a tough thing to imagine for those who’ve been trained to “educate then participate” as in finding a job.

A person educated only at school is an uneducated person.

A person educated only at school is an uneducated person.

I’ve always known there are several ways to look at things, all things. Some might be considered negative and others positive but in the end they’re all just different angles of viewing the box. For example I was in my early twenties when I discovered two important lessons in life.

First lesson: I was either too stupid or stubborn to understand what the word no meant…so I went ahead and did it anyway. Second lesson: By the age of 23 found out that I was totally untrainable. While you’re smirking just pause for a moment and think out of the box for a bit. Some very useful skills were discovered by thinking in such a manor.

I remember one of the smartest people I’ve ever met once said and I quote: Many things will capture your interest few will capture your heart PERSUE THOSE! Later in life I understood why. By doing so you’ll never be wrong even if things don’t work out the way you’d hope they would. Since there’s no right or wrong only choices I had learned by understanding this wisdom I merely just make another choice. Regret is the undesirable effect if procrastination was used as the cause. That’s something I don’t feel I will ever suffer from.

If one has to go I could think of worse ways. At least let it be quick.

If one has to go I could think of worse ways. At least let it be quick.

While I hope this doesn’t happen. I can say if the Brugal truck were to take me out tomorrow while 57 is young in years my experiences in that time frame would allow me to say with complete surety. I’ve done more in those 57 years than 99% of the people on this planet will in their entire lives. Now go ahead and ask yourself the same question… did you… what’s your answer?

Another point of interest I’d like you to consider is this. Whenever people say you’re crazy that should be your first clue that you’re on the right track. The masses are always wrong and history backs me up on this one to the nines. So when people are busy telling me this or that and how it can’t be done or it won’t work POOF out comes that not understanding what no means and I’ll counter by saying something that goes like this.

Thank you I never thought about it that way if I just want to pass them off… but if I choose to piss them off will reply with the following. At least be courteous and don’t interrupt me while I’m doing it… and watch for their facial expressions. I always enjoy folks telling me that they only have ten to twenty years left before retirement. Sounds more like a jail sentence than a way to live but then again choices right?

Well one more idea of a good business just got scooped up. Yes there will be a new Italian restaurant opening up in September and yet another DR Escapes family decided to go ahead with the opening of the BBQ Barn later in the winter. Supposed to be featuring the best BBQ recipes from what I’m hearing. This is exciting as competition creates business.

So you can either choose to talk about plane wrecks and war or you can use your thought time to create a better and more positive lifestyle. Either way it’s up to you and both are just choices we all make in our lives. Possibly the most important question you have to solve is this. Do I live in a friendly or hostile universe? Either way you choose to answer is the path your life will follow. Until next time this is Barry in DR


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