The Day After The Smoke has Lifted and Why I’m Smiling

Think about it. Are things making sense. Has the quality of you life been  getting better or worse. Piensa en ello (think about it) Flexibility is a wonderful trait to posses. Barry in DR.

Think about it. Are things making sense. Has the quality of you life been getting better or worse. Piensa en ello (think about it) Flexibility is a wonderful trait to posses. Barry in DR.

Today I was filming some soon to be released new YouTube segments on Immigration. In between the segments with Maria and Elizabeth (Lili) I couldn’t rid myself of my curiosity to venture into town and observe the aftermath of yesterday’s strike. So off into Cabrera I went and drove down many of its side streets.

Most roads including the main highway (la carretera) had the usual aftermath of what burning tires and breaking bottles will do. Almost every electric meter in the area was either painted over or actually destroyed. For those who might be wondering destroying the meter will not limit the property receiving power so it’s a meaningful way of causing grief to the electric company and yet not inconveniencing the property owners.

One of many Blockades during yesterdays strike. There's a feeling of fear that comes from separation and a feeling of strength that comes from unity. Can you remember that feeling? You did once posses it a long time ago.

One of many Blockades during yesterdays strike. There’s a feeling of fear that comes from separation and a feeling of strength that comes from unity. Can you remember that feeling? You did once posses it a long time ago.

Here’s the best part though. The electric company has no way of back billing the power usage as their only means of monitoring is manually reading the meter count once a month. That’s what really hits the pocket book of the power company. They just can’t bill out the usage to the customer.

Anyone with a vision could see that the people were not going to take the abuse from Ede Notre any longer. They’ve reached what I’ve referred to in prior posts as that “rubber band moment” and this time the band snapped from being stretched too far.

For those who still don’t quite get what that rubber band moment really means be patient for a while longer. You’re going to be getting a firsthand experience of the mother of all band breaks within the next year or two and the breakage will be far worse than you can possibly imagine.

While in Cabrera I stopped to ask a few locals their thoughts about yesterday’s action and if they thought it would do any good. The common response was we’re taking action together and we will get our way. We are the people who support Ede Norte and therefore we are the ones who really have the control. We will stick together as one common force and within a few months Ede Norte will announce that policies have changed and agree to what is fair… fair for both sides.

I happen to think they have a good case from what I’ve seen in prior incidents when the people had enough. I’m confident this response is quite a bit different than most of my readers are experiencing where they’re currently residing.

Chilling under the shade tree.

Chilling under the shade tree.

After speaking to what I thought was enough people I parked on one of the side streets under a large shade tree. While sipping on cold water I thought about how I actually felt about the whole incident. I tried to view it from as non-biased a position as possible. Taking both sides into account I must have spent at least thirty minutes pondering.

I kept asking myself. Were the people right in how they acted or should they have taken a softer approach and let’s say discuss the matter again with Ede Norte? Perhaps get together and have a town meeting to discuss other options? Even consider a petition and delivering it to the mayor? Any of these options would have caused no damage in the town or to the meters. I still wasn’t done thinking it over but by now had finished my water.

Staring down next to the 4-wheel low shifter of my truck noticed one of my favorite cigars. HUM?? Might have to just ponder this a while longer. Since I was done with the YouTube’s there really wasn’t anything pressing I had to attend to. I lifted my head and scouted left and noticed a small colmado. That means cold beer! I took a quick jog across the street and back and was ready to think a while longer.

Half way through my beer and about a third into my cigar I asked myself… could the people have acted differently? Sure they could of. If they did would it have made any difference? Hasn’t in the past but I can’t answer if it would have this time. The one thing I could answer was the people were acting as one force against a corporation that they felt was abusing them. Of that I had no doubt and was in full agreement of.

Slowly I finished my beer and flipped on my favorite ball cap that I always have on the dash of my truck. Thanks Dave where ever you are. Put my empty bottle on the floor of the passenger side and all of a sudden this unexplained huge smile came to my face but why?

We love this country!!!

We love this country!!!

I’m parked under this beautiful tree and enjoying a wonderful breeze. Sitting in my truck with my favorite ball cap on… Once again thanks Dave. I’m Enjoying a cigar along with a cold beer which would probably get me arrested where you’re currently living. Yea I’m talking to you folks over there in the land of the free and that’s when it hit me yet one more time.

While all of these are good reasons to smile they weren’t my reason for smiling. What’s my reason? It’s the feeling of FREEDOM. The FREEDOM I experience each and every day by living here in the DR. I love this Place, I love this country and its people for us there’s no place better place to be. That’s the simple answer for the smile. Perhaps the DR is worth considering for you and your family’s future?

We Love this Place!!!

We Love this Place!!!

Perfect it’s not but what place is in the physical world of only five senses? Last time I researched it Eden’s not located at ground level but somewhere far above. Is the DR one of the best quality places to relocate or retire that in my mind there is absolutely no question a big YES!!! But is it right for you? That you’ll have to answer for yourself but only after an informed decision can be made. Experience is not learned on a laptop or in an all-inclusive.

For now I’m smiling and that feeling of knowing I’m located and placed my family in one of the best self-reliant countries waking up each morning FEELING FREE is more than most can say. As economies and trends continue to take their slippery slope downward perhaps the DR will be one of the more favored locations as it doesn’t take an Einstein to observe first world nations are rapidly changing and not for the better. By their very own design simply put they’re unsustainable just do the math and leave out the emotions. Until next time this is Barry in DR.

CAJUN August 7, 2014 at 9:48 pm

Barry, pretty “blue” shirt! Here in the states we have dem-good-old “SMART METERS” that our beloved power company installs……….talk about FREEDOM? LOL

Barry August 8, 2014 at 1:12 am

Thanks but I try to make it clear there’s no paradise including here. Now if your referring to being more sustainable In whats to soon arrive as being paradise there i agree 100%. Thanks

juan J.M. August 8, 2014 at 4:58 am

Greetings Barry. Again, your posts are uncanny and so refreshing. If it were not for the fact that I was just there in the DR having experienced pretty much what you just discribed, I’d say you were dreaming. But no, you were not dreaming. That truely is how life is “LIVED” in the DR. Back here in the “home of the brave” that feeling of real freedom is but a mirage. Freedom is the domain of the powerfull. The DR might not be Eden, but it surely does come close to being paradise. Having lived in the “states” well over 40 years, i’ve seen the “change” and I know that if we’re to have any “hope” of freedom, it’ll have to elsewhere. The DR seems like a most appealing choice. Most definitely. Whish I “were” there already. But soon enough. Always a pleasure reading your comments and “dreaming of my beautiful QUISQUEYA.” Godspeed and keep on keeping on Barry. For now, Juan J.M. in Apopka, soon to be in DR.

Barry August 8, 2014 at 10:35 am

Juan thanks. Just remember buddy paso y paso. You’re going to flourish here and since you know I say it straight know I rarely say that to folks I’ve just met. You my friend have the skills but still need to believe it yourself. Balance flow persistence in a moderate form of execution and if this life it what you want will work out well for you. Not without experiencing the startup and one time blues but once you’re beyond.

Don August 10, 2014 at 5:38 am

Reading your blog is like a breath of fresh air in a stagnant cage.

Barry August 10, 2014 at 9:16 pm

Don thank you for saying that. We really do try to view things from that light. God bless

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