International Living Magazine – 2nd Passports Now In The Mainstream

There Was a Time You Needed a Ticket To Get In, Now You Need One To Get Out!!

There Was a Time You Needed a Ticket To Get In, Now You Need One To Get Out!!

I suppose when International Living magazine jumps on board regarding 2nd passports, you know that the awareness of 2nd passports as a strategic safeguard has hit the mainstream.

Consider this. International Living boasts 100,000 print subscribers, 500,000 e-letter readers and over 400,000 visitors to their website every month. International Living is routinely quoted in publications and news media such as MSN Money, The New York Times, The O’Reilly Factor (Fox News), The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Forbes Personal Finance, ABC News, Smart Money, AARP, The Dallas Morning News,,,, CNN Money Magazine (Retirement Guide),, San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Tribune among others. Probably 80% of International Living subscribers are American, and the majority are mature, affluent professionals in search of a luxury retirement or a more relaxed and fulfilling lifestyle.

Something Is Bad Wrong

Something Is Bad Wrong

So why is a mainstream magazine like International Living finally talking about 2nd passports and why are they now promoting thick books advising savy Americans to seek a valid 2nd passport? Why now? Do you think it has anything to do with the handwriting on the wall? Do you think some of the mainstream media are finally awakening to the reality that it might not be such a bad idea to have a backdoor key out of your home country in times of crisis or financial collapse? Or maybe they are looking forward a bit to the potential cost and tax advantages of offshore living? Or maybe they are just promoting 2nd passports because they understand that the offshore lifestyle can be pretty optimal for the typical American stuck in the rat race at home and they understand that there are special benefits for expats who choose to become permanent  residents and citizens with a 2nd passport.

Heck, we have been talking about the need for a 2nd passport for several years now on the DR Escapes blog. We have even chased down some of the best immigration attorneys to make it relatively painless for you to grab your own 2nd passport in the Dominican Republic.

But before we get into the painless immigration and 2nd passport program that we have lined up for you, let me first summarize just a few of the reasons for “why now” given in the huge 870 page book promoted by International Living to explain 2nd passports in gross detail.

When They Invalidate Your Passport

When They Invalidate Your Passport

To paraphrase a few ideas in this book, never before in the history of the United States have ordinary people had more of their income stolen through taxes, fees and assessments to support the myriad of lawyers, bureaucrats and government workers that have become fat and happy implementing harsh and unnecessary laws and regulations designed to oppress and harrass the citizens.

Never before have people’s God-given rights and civil liberties been so eroded… their personal privacy so violated… all in the name of national security. Yet, you and I, and any other intelligent person, knows that automobile accidents kill or injure thousands of times more people in the United States each year than acts of terrorism. Yet they use this remote threat as the excuse to tromp all over personal rights and freedoms.

A very wise man, Benjamen Franklin, said over 200 years ago…

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety,
deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Well, it looks like it is up to you whether you will take the necessary steps to preserve the liberty and freedoms for your family because I do not think you can count on anyone else to look out for you, certainly not the government. And one of the ways to start to do that is to grab “nationality and travel insurance” in the form of a 2nd passport from another nation.

Now, about immigration into the Dominican Republic.

We have several years experience now in watching Americans, Europeans and Canadians wrestle their way through the immigration system here in the Dominican Republic.  While the process is not insurmountable or even particularly difficult, we have seen that it is not easy or familiar for most expats.  The language is foreign as are some of the procedures.  Without an inside track or guide, the delays and bureaucracy can feel like an impossible hurdle.  Add to that the difficulty in coordinating schedules.  Most of the expats we meet only live in the Dominican Republic part of the year, and some of them don’t live in the Dominican Republic at all, yet they still want to grab residency and ultimately a second passport.

Good news if you fall into that majority of expats.  We have identified an immigration firm that understands how the Dominican immigration system can be frustrating for expats accustomed to the way things are done “back home”.  The key to a smooth, fast and frustration-free immigration is having a knowledgeable insider take your case and shepherd it through every step of the process.  Except for a few isolated days in the capital, these immigration specialists can handle the whole thing for you.  A dream come true.  You can secure your residency and the benefits it affords and decide later whether you want to live in the Dominican Republic full or part time…. or not at all.

Watch for our interviews with immigration attorneys, and seriously consider whether now is finally the time for you to take your own future in your hands.  There is a reason the mainstream media is discovering the value of 2nd passports.  Don’t wait until the doors shut on this opportunity.

For now, it’s Barry in the DR.


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