Uninformed Verses Misinformed a Huge Difference

Might want to go for the red one.

Might want to go for the red one.

While I have a bit of time I thought my experiences of last week might make for an interesting post. Had met a wonderful couple here for a tour and really enjoyed their company. Honestly great folks who Liane and I were both genuinely sad on the day of their departure. Though yet again it confirms what I’ve known for over two and a half decades. “Those who read nothing are uninformed; however those who read newspapers are misinformed” and the second group believe it or not can be far more dangerous.

What rekindled the aforementioned? While enjoying dinner one night it was brought up during one of many conversations how the US had publically admitted a recent error in accusing Russia for something they apparently had nothing to do with… the downing of Flight MH-17. Remember or at least try to as it occurred over a week ago.

Apparently it seems that the main stream media sets the bar at about one week as a limit of time before the public’s memory fades into the abyss and I’ll prove it to you with the next couple of questions. First what business is it for the US to be involved in the situation to begin with? If you can create a half ass answer that satisfies you for the first question then answer this. After announcing they were wrong about the whole incident then why are they still there? Because it happened over a week ago so it’s lost in the public’s memory abyss that’s why. The main stream media has this science down to perfection and most haven’t even got a clue this mind control even exists and it’s dangerous VERY DANGEROUS!

They're doing an excellent job. Don't fool yourself for a minute and if you doubt it just goes to show you how successful it's working.

They’re doing an excellent job. Don’t fool yourself for a minute and if you doubt it just goes to show you how successful it’s working.

No more that fifteen minutes after the event occurred and already the talking heads you have in Government were on the main streams announcing they were positive it was ordered by Putin and solely systematized by the Government of Russia. Ask yourself how is that even possible in just fifteen minutes. Now you’d be well served to understand what follows. It’s important as to why I said what I did at the beginning of this post and why you best have your plan B in a state of readiness. Situations change from a sparks into raging infernos in under a couple of hours. Need I remind you of Ferguson St Louis as an example and that was over one single incident.

Less than three days later The Russians began releasing military grade satellite footage of what actually took place. The imagery clearly proved that there were not one but TWO Ukrainian fighter jets within three miles of MH-17. The US countered by stating they were going to release their own satellite images that will provide absolute proof the Russians did it. Still waiting folks nothing as of yet but it’s been longer than a week so the public’s already forgotten the statement. OOPS the US made their first big mistake.

Cockpit of the downed flight MH-17 Notice the Bullet holes.

Cockpit of the downed flight MH-17 Notice the Bullet holes.

Then the second blow of the classic one two punch combination hit the US squarely on its chin exactly three days after the incident. The Internet (YouTube) started releasing videos of the largest pieces of wreckage and guess what it revealed? They were covered in 30MM shell holes! Both incoming and exiting holes found on the same side of the plane!!! So that leans towards the fact they were fired on from two different positions during the attack. This is huge as it proves an air to air attack was used and not ground to air as the US stood so firmly on just fifteen minutes after the plane was downed. No wonder most pictures have been pulled off the internet already but I managed to have saved a few the day they were released.

The final piece of information that forced the US to go public announcing their mistake was the two planes that were on the Russians satellite footage. Both were SU-25’s and they’re equipped with guess what automatic 30MM machine guns! Game set match the US story was another of the many false flag attempts to start misery to stimulate its dying economy, dollar and in general it’s way of life.

Now don’t take my word for it search yourself it’s all over the news but NOT in AMERICA’S main stream media news. Spokesmen for the President were apologizing for their ERROR in both accusing Russia and for announcing that it was a BUK surface to air missile that took down the plane. Both of our guests were absolutely shocked that they didn’t know anything about this mistake. Completely unaware of the news coverage all over the world on international public news channels. Even all of the information and boots on the ground videos on alternative media’s came as a complete surprise.

Bullet holes in the outer skin MH-17. Impossible from a surface to air BUK missle.

Bullet holes in the outer skin MH-17. Impossible from a surface to air BUK missle.

Sure they knew all about Russia being accused as there both fans of CNN and FOX on a daily basis…but not a word was mentioned about the error and apology on any US news channel. A large percentage of misinformed folks were in favor of launching a counter attack on Russia. About 41% of the misinformed who were polled. Now you can understand why I feel it’s more dangerous to be misinformed than uninformed.

Hope this sheds a different ray of light on how dangerous it can become when you’re misinformed. Remember these are the same officials you elected but that’s just one more example of you being misinformed isn’t it? Just a few more examples where being misinformed caused tremendous personal losses are WW1 and WW2 Korea, Vietnam, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and way too many others to be mentioned in this short post. Losses for some of you perhaps, but never for those who you voted to represent you. It’s easy to be patriotic when you’re never on the front lines. Always your children never theirs if you haven’t already noticed. Making a bit more sense now?

To the elected it’s all just a big game. For them at the end of this game similar to a spoiled child who’s losing at snakes and ladders will swipe all the pieces off of the board and back into the box only to start it all over again. Some of us call this end of the game war. Why do we continue to let them do this time and time again? Easy answer. Because we’re all misinformed.

Just a few common facts that all these false flag events have in common. They were all backed fully by the misinformed public. They all cause tremendous bloodshed because of us being misinformed. The death toll amounted to millions of lives again by being misinformed. All these bleak windows of history are from the masses being misinformed. Misinformed by their very own elected Government.

People if you sit around and wait for news to arrive on your screen or local paper then you’ll be told what you’re supposed to be told. However if you spend the time to research the news then you’ll be exposed to a higher percentage of truth… but it takes both time and effort. Besides one of the biggest misunderstood words is news. News does not mean truth once again you’ve been misinformed and because of that believe it does.

Here are some examples of the definition of the word news from the Oxford Dictionary:

  1. Newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent events.
  2. Informal Information not previously known.
  3. A person or thing considered interesting enough to be reported.

Does anyone see the word truth there. That’s right it’s a story of sorts. You have come to accept it as truth and TPTB thank you for it.

Now I can’t say with certainty what happened and continues to happen over in the Ukraine. The evidence is piling up though that the western nations jumped to a wrong conclusion (on purpose) yet one more time. Already countries like Europe are having second thoughts about these US sanctions placed on Russia. If history is an excellent teacher then I’d say it’s only repeating itself.

What I can say with certainty is the following. Denial is one of the strongest emotions known to mankind. Much the same as time does denial separates cause from effect. It blinds us from understanding what is reality from what is the illusion of reality. Denial merges fact and opinion as if they’re one and the same. Living in denial blinds us from seeing vast differences between news and truth. But perhaps denials worst characteristic is allowing people to think with their hearts before first going through their heads and that’s a recipe for disaster.

People often ask me if I see things unfolding faster? I don’t. Much like no one ever wakes up to a fully grown oak tree in their front yard. Somewhere long ago a seed was planted. My seed of information gathering seemed to be in the mid-eighties. But in order for any seed to grow it must first rot…much like we’re currently seeing with our world unfolding the way it is. However once the seed transforms and breaks the surface it appears to be accelerating in its growth. But really it’s not. It was always growing at the same speed only beneath the surface where it remained unnoticed. Another problem with living in denial is nothing is ever noticed till it breaks the surface and becomes visible. Visible to the masses. Unfortunately all too often in history by then it’s just too late. Until next time this is Barry in DR.


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