2nd Passports And Residency In The Dominican Republic – Attorney Interviews

Immigration Attorney Licelotte Minaya

Immigration Attorney Licelotte Minaya

In a series of short video interviews we will learn a little more about the Guzman Ariza Immigration Firm and the various Dominican Republic residency programs.  If you have followed DR Escapes for very long at all you already know that we are big proponents of a 2nd passport.  We view the 2nd passport as an insurance policy against any kind of governmental policy that might attempt to restrict your travel or the movement of your assets across borders.

The first step toward a 2nd Passport is to establish residency in a foreign country and the Dominican Republic offers a favorable residency program that encourages expats to establish residency.  In this series of video interviews you will hear a top immigration attorney discuss the various programs and learn a little about why that firm is especially easy to work with if you are an English speaking potential expat.In this part 1 interview, Licelotte Minaya explains her role as head of the immigration services department in the Guzman Ariza law firm, and tells us a little history about the firm.

In this second part of the interview Licelotte Minaya will give us a quick overview of some of the residency programs and her ideas about the Dominican Republic residency programs.

In the third part of our interview with Licelotte Minaya we will learn a little about the logistics of moving through the Residency process most efficiently.

And in the fourth part of our interview, Licelotte will explain that it is never to late to change.  Whether you want to change the residency program you are trying to enter under, or even change the attorney you work with, it is probably never too late to make the change if it would work better for you.

If you have any interest at all in the possibility of a residency, citizenship or a 2nd passport in the Dominican Republic then I encourage you to click on that blue PassportDR banner in the upper right corner of this page.  This will enable you to get a free initial consultation with one of our immigration attorneys to help you figure out if a residency or 2nd passport is right for you.

For now, it’s Barry in the DR.

DARIA & CHRIS March 5, 2015 at 1:45 am

What would be the cost of becoming a natural residence?

Barry March 5, 2015 at 12:25 pm

The easiest way is to ask the experts. Go onto the DR escapes web site. From the front page just mouse over the large blue passport picture. Fill out the information form which is nothing more than name and best way to reach you. From there Maria Abreu will follow up and set up a time to reach out to you. Hope this helps.

Kelvin Johnson January 13, 2016 at 2:39 pm

Barry and his DRescapes team is AWESOME!! I really appreciate the work they are doing (and have done). Particularly, I’m grateful for the time he took from his busy schedule to meet with me personally over the Christmas holidays to discuss immigration issues. Barry is a great source of knowledge and has a strong network with various experts in the field immigration, real estate, and retirement planning. Hats-off to him and his team and I highly recommend joining DREscapes.com if you plan on enjoying a better quality of living (while you’re living).

Barry January 13, 2016 at 2:44 pm

Thank you Kelvin.

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