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We’re not geared to think in the higher levels of consciousness. For humanities sake I pray everyday that we learn how to and fast or this game is ALREADY OVER!!!

I’m consistently receiving emails or comments from our readers and I love it. First off I’d like to personally thank everyone that’s taken the time out of their already hectic schedule to do so. If you only realized the good you’ve already done by simply sharing a post or comment you would be amazed. People listen to your thoughts and comments so a big high five goes out to all who’ve made the effort to just help and be of service to others. Thanks to you it’s working!!!


Opening minds and possibly borders should be part of anybody’s plan B considerations. It’s what we had intended when we first put pen to paper and launched the DR Escapes site. But is it right for everyone? Of course it’s not and the same should be said about any plan B. This like so many other options you should be contemplating is not a one size fits all kind of scenario but for us and a growing amount of others it seems to make sense. That’s why I’m posting a recent comment from T.H. One of those high five’s goes out your way. Thanks T.H. Every so often I receive a comment that has the potential to help a lot of good folks who perhaps are still sitting on the fencepost of indecision. Pasted below is one that I feel has that potential to do a lot of good.


“Hi Barry looks like you have settled in to DR life have visited in January 2014 traveled around the country ,with my wife and kids, we really like the country and people and have been thinking about the possibilities of spending more time back in DR .I am a business owner in Canada, and am thinking about starting or buying into a Business in DR, can you give me some input on what the reason people come there and chose to be Expats  ,what are the benefits and is it more for Tax evasion from home country. Thanks.”

Hey expats.  Share some of your ideas in the comments.

Hey expats. Share some of your ideas in the comments.


T.H. Thanks for the great question. I’ll attempt to briefly address several reasons people choose to be expats. For most folks I found their decisions have little to do with escaping taxes or running away from anything. There are tax rules that apply in all nations and that varies depending on what nation you’re a citizen of so there’s no real escaping. However are there tax benefits by being an expat? You bet there are but that’s for another post. From the 200 plus folks we’ve met over the past two years listed below are some of their most common reasons for considering being an expat as well as for those who are now actually an expat.

  1. Made for a sensible plan B that could fit their needs and the needs of their family.
  2. Another popular answer was reallocating part of their portfolio into something of REAL value that can’t be wiped out by a couple of mouse clicks or currency devaluation in their home nation. (True if relocating or choosing to stay where you already are)
  3. Reallocating part of their portfolio into another country for obvious reasons.
  4. For many folks it was viewed as a favorable set of circumstances to have residency and or citizenship in a second country for both parents and their children. History proves this to be a fact and not solely an opinion. You can research that on your own but just consider WW2 the Roman empire or more currently the Ukraine. It provides families with what many refer to as that (get out of jail card) if ever needed.
  5. For others it was a much more cost effective healthcare.
  6. Wholesome foods of better quality than they are receiving back in their host nation.
  7. For families with children it was the eye opening experience seeing other children speaking 3 or even 4 other languages by the time they’re in their mid-teens. Realizing the disadvantage their own children will surely face in the ever growing international career world of the present and certainly in the future.
  8. A second point to number 6. Many parents witnessed firsthand how much more well-rounded and unafraid of others the children were when able to speak other languages and while growing up with kids from various cultures and ethnic origins. In general terms when being exposed to mixed cultures and other children from all parts or the globe fear in those children was clearly diminished.
  9. Still others realized how much of an advantage it might be bringing their skills learned in home nations and applying them in other countries or nations. I guess they experienced what I meant when I wrote in prior posts “what was on top will be on the bottom.” It’s only a paradigm shift and the worlds always had them and will continue to do so. Several 3rd world countries like the DR will be experiencing a growth boom as timing is everything.
  10. Yet another big one was to live in a country with a much less intrusive Government. For us it seems that so many we’ve met have all but forgotten what living free is even like. Sad but true none the less.
  11. There were those who prefer the tropical lifestyle to that of the frigid north. I guess those folks prefer their ice in a rum and fruit juice and have had enough of actually living it.
  12. Cost of living was also mentioned by several folks. It’s true once the onetime costs are exhausted the actual cost of living is way less than in most first world countries.
  13. Far superior quality of life without all the stresses of living in western cultures.

I suppose I could go on and provide you with more answers. I mentioned that this is not a one size fits all. These were just some of the more common reasons but for each individual the answers will vary. I’d like to ask that some of the folks we’ve spent time with comment on their own reasons for liking it or for not liking it. Hope this helps you in making your decisions and once again T.H. thanks for a great question. Until next time this is Barry in DR.

johnsteven September 20, 2014 at 10:29 pm

As an expat who has been living and working here for a number of years i would like to put across one of the many reasons for living here.
Today i took the guaga or little mini bus which is the local form of transportation from Nagua where i live and work to Cabrera, which is around 45 minutes. It was such a hot day and the bus was packed with many people going to different places ,everyone was talking and telling jokes, people were laughing .One lady asked the driver if he would mind making a little detour to make sure her daughter got to her location.No problem was the response.
What i am showing here is that people here bond together , they share and talk even though they do not know each other.I forgot how hot it was and packed when i saw this, i realised this is one of the reasons why i am here.That feeling of community.
Happy smiling faces and simple chit chat is so frequent here.I realise how lucky and spoilt i am when i can share these things.Regards jb

Barry September 21, 2014 at 12:10 am

Hey John, Yea isn’t it true. Here’s a quick story that lends to one of our biggest reasons for being in this atmosphere (simple sustainable way of life). Years ago we’ve relearned the value of everyday things and have also learned how to appreciate them.Two day’s ago a transformer blew up and of course needed to be changed. It was one of the large ones that provide power to several homes. Ede Norte the electric company had to ship one in from the Capitol. Two days without power and Liane and I didn’t even frown. Our generator will power the freezer and fridge but that’s about all it’s capable of maintaining. No lights hot water or anything else as far as amenities operated within the house. Candles lanterns and cold showers and it didn’t even dampen one hour of either of the two days. Yep a completely different look at life and ones surroundings is what’s available to anyone willing to actually change and not just talk about changing. Live in flow not force but it saddens me to say almost everyone from the western cultures seem to be crying about how they want to change their lives and enjoy the simple things but in truth they don’t have a clue how to change anything other than they’re location. Almost all of them merely bring all the same old baggage with them only to unpack it on a different shelf. Boy has media and Governmen* demoralized them along with their nation. Liane and I after over 200 visitors can’t say the same about the folks from Asia, Europe Australia and a host of other countries and nations we’ve been privileged to meet. It’s not going to be a pretty picture in the western nations come 2016 when the fairy tail reality brushes against an immovable force called reality. Hell their bitching now and nothings really happened yet.

mike September 21, 2014 at 3:48 am

Dear Barry and John Steven ; Apperently you men are ahead of the curve. I love sharing and open honest people , but its getting drained out of American society .

I had a neighborhood police men yell at me to get back when I walked up to him. — Im done — The USA has turned and will get even more into a PILE OF SHIT— there I said it.
Can it get more draconian Naz I ? no doubt about it!

My job will be done in late October , and the minute Im done Im gona email you Barry and you give me a date to show up for a group DR Tour. Id like to fly into Santo Domingo .
And Im old school , so if your part of something then you better bring something to the table and maybe DR fits.

Mike -not in DR and Im out…….

p s Thanks for the encouragement to , see ya soon Johny!

Barry September 21, 2014 at 2:16 pm

Hi mike ill be there and if you bring something to the table perhaps ill decide to take a hefty part of my time and help out. Get it its already changed only you’re still not aware of it. The world doesn’t give a shit about what westerner’s do. Americans still have that entitlement aditude that the rest of the world is waiting for them with open arms… Oh please come to our country so you can fuck it up like you did yours. Stop sounding like your doing us a favor OK. If it works it works if not it doesn’t no big deal to any of us either way as you need us a lot more that the reverse holds true and if it doesn’t work I’d suggest you get your ass in as many places as possible before mid 2015. They’re looking for people like you as you’re the tax fuel that can keep the motor running a bit longer. And remember for the last time Your Assets Will Become Your Liabilities When Your Nation is BROKE!!! I’d suggest you remember that and check a bit of history if you doubt any of what’s been said. Your time not ours is in a sharp decline. We grow food, we have plenty of water and have a mild climate with no chance of freezing we’re fine with a lot less and I don’t see the people here in the country all stresses out and full of shit both from western food or its prescription drug issues. Deal with it! Quote so if you’re part of something you better bring something to the table WTF!!

mike September 22, 2014 at 4:03 am

dear Barry, cant agree with you more . Mentality in US is borderline between ignorance and magnificence. Truly pathetic situation.
Complete Rome -act II

USA is 90 % canned news, weather, baseball , football , $50,000 poickup trucks , sex, ass, mind altering whatever it takes , status , on and on, they did a hell of a job here to destroy the sheep.

Whats the story in Cabrera on the 500,000 mosquito virus ? Has it hit you there?


Paul Pierson September 22, 2014 at 2:00 pm

Hey T.H. – Tax “evasion” is illegal in the U.S. However, reducing taxes every way possible is wise and a good thing! : ) Yes, tax reduction is one of many reasons my wife and I have recently bought property in Cabrera and are in the process of moving there. We intend to become permanent residents and join a growing expat community. We want to emerse ourselves in the culture and don’t want nor expect it to adapt to our old way of life. Cabrera is a lifestyle, it’s a culture, a refuge, a safe haven, a resting place to escape the rat race of the high tech, high stress, propaganda, false marketing, advertising, constant barrage of phone, mail and media advertising and sensationalism that drives the masses to spend and borrow into self destruction. The U.S. government uses the same tactics to gain control of and rob the citizens of their rights and resources not to mention ever rising debt and taxes in every direction. Beyond that…. No place on earth is perfect and there is crime, politics, corruption everywhere as long as people are present. However, Cabrera has a lot to offer. Regardless of what happens in the rest of the world, it has plenty of fresh water, natural healthy food and a culture that is not dependant on a huge infrastructure that is to massive to maintain with ever increasing taxes. Cabrera has a wonderful climate year round with a temperature that only fluctuates a few degrees annually, warm ocean, many nearby beautiful beaches within minutes, friendly people that are open to expats form any nation a lifestyle that is simple. Fresh Fresh foods and markets. Cabrera is not for everyone, it is changing and I imagine politics and taxes will change with time you can’t run to Wal-Mart in 5 minutes to get your every hearts desire. It is a major culture and paradigm shift but we believe for the better! Don’t take your culture where ever it is you decide to go, leave it behind or whatever reasons you are looking to make a change will follow you like the plague!! If you haven’t been to Cabrera, it’s worth a visit! Life is what YOU choose to make it! Best of luck

Dave September 29, 2014 at 5:35 am

Hi Paul. It’s been awhile. I love to read your views on things. It’s good to see you’re still planning the move. We should be there within a month. It will be a very welcomed “culture shift” for us.

I’ve always felt unspeakably thankful that the community in Cabrera is so welcoming. It’s that acceptance of outsiders that has drawn me there. There are few places in the world that I know of where a foreigner can feel that accepted.

Trying to change the rest of the world to fit our way of doing things and being insensitive to other cultures is what gave us the label “ugly Americans”. I don’t ever want to be that. We all have baggage that we have accumulated throughout our lives. I’m looking forward to the paradigm shift. Hopefully living there will allow us to rid ourselves of most of the bad baggage and replace it with a much better way of living. There are many benefits to moving there, but I think this one tops them all!

Keep in touch mi amigo. I’ll keep a light on for you.

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